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Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

original title: Alex Kidd: Tenkuu Ma Shiro


Internationale Version
Region: Worldwide

JP Version
Region: Japan

Release: Sep 10, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: DaxRider123
Alex Kidd:
Alex Kidd is a videogame character created by Sega. Alex Kidd appears to be an ape-like boy with huge ears, a red jumpsuit, and huge fists. In the original game you find out that he's an orphan who lives on the planet Aries (aka Miracle World) on a mountain. There he trains the so-called "Shellcore Technique" which allows him to alter the size and hardship of his fists by sheer force of will; he then is able to break rocks with his bare fists. Alex Kidd was the protagonist of several different games on many different consoles. His popularity was at its peak when the first game - Alex Kidd in Miracle World - was released in 1986. For a short while he served as an unofficial mascot for the Sega Corporation; as most of you might know, he was later replaced by Sonic.


Alex Kidd in Miracle World
- 1986 Master System
- 2008 Wii Virtual Console

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
1986 Arcade Version
1989 Master System
2009 Wii Virtual Console

Alex Kidd BMX Trial
1987 Master System (Only released in Japan!)

Alex Kidd: High-Tech World
1989 Master System

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
1989 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
2007 Wii Virtual Console

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
1990 Master System
Wii Virtual Console

- Altered Beast: The names of Alex and Stella (Alex' girlfriend from the arcade version of "Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars") could be read on the tombstones in the first round.
- Kenseiden: In level 3: Next to the pit filled with lava you can see Alex' face.
- Shenmue: Alex appears several times as a toy (in the game it's a collector's item). In the sequel Shenmue II (Dreamcast/Xbox) Alex had his first appearance on a console which was not made by Sega.
- Segagaga: In this game, Alex works in a videogame shop.
- Sega Superstar Tennis and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: In these games he's a playable character which you have to unlock.

Comparison between the shortened International Mega Drive version and the uncut Japanese Genesis version.
During the rock-paper-scissors game, the loser in the censored International version is hit by a huge weight. In the Japanese version, however, the loser loses his clothes.

Alex loses:
International VersionJapanese Version

Alex wins:
International VersionJapanese Version