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Uncut & Uncensored US DVD "Season 13"

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13.17 Fighting Irish


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 17, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter taken from the US DVD set "Season 13 (Volume 14)"

3 differences, two of them with alternative footage
Difference in running time: 32.9 sec

The next DVD set, which is available in the US since December 8, 2015 contains all the episodes of season 13. As was the case with previous box sets, some episodes are longer or uncensored compared to the than the original TV broadcasts but less than before. Several episodes are identical or nothing more than a beep was removed.

Episode 17 ("Fighting Irish") is about half a minute longer which mainly results from a new scene with Peter searching for Liam Neeson. The most interesting aspect is the difference towards the beginning: The sexual innuendo between Quagmire and the Fish is more explicit.

The final episode number 18 only has one difference. In the 20th minute, a sentence was partially beeped: "Holy shit, that's awesome!"
Alternative Sequence

After the fish was brought back with his mouth opened, Quagmire only on the DVD turns to him and opens his pants. He comments this by saying: "Yeah, that's right, I'm weird."

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version


Peter has a first idea to catch Liam Neeson: He wants to start a black jeans sale.

Peter: "Okay, this is the one thing Liam Neeson can't resist. A black jeans sale! Black jeans here! Get your black jeans. Good for nowhere! Black jeans! Neither work nor play! Black jeans! Wear 'em once, get made fun of. Come home from school crying, Black jeans. Yell at your mom, get no dinner. Black jeans! Don't be the only one at the Rush concert without your black jeans. Always out of season! Be the dressiest guy at a coal miner's funeral. Black jeans!"

26.1 sec

Alternative Sequence

On the DVD, another kid brought something and Lois is against it.
Lois: "Oh, Sanjay, another pungent lunch. Let's put in on the sill and let it off-gas for a while."

In the TV Version the previous version instead is a little longer. The following shot is different towards the beginning: On the DVD, Landon immediately eats his sandwich.

DVD Version 6.7 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version