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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: May 07, 2008 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Release (PG-13) and the Director's Cut (Unrated). Both version were represented by the German DVDs (Buena Vista/Touchstone).

Four years after the first DVD release the Director's Cut with 9 Minutes of more footage has been published. A large part of these extensions are additional shots of the final car chase between Memphis Raines and the police. Other than that there's more dialogue with vulgar content. The most relevant change concerns the character of Kip. In the theatrical cut he's just a loser while in the unrated version he's one step shy of being a complete social wreck. Last to mention are some exchanged shots of a love making couple.

Running time of the Theatrical Version 1:53:07 min. with credits
Running time of the Director's Cut: 2:02:14 min. with credits
Edited scenes: 45
Alternate scenes: 7
Running time of the edited scenes: 598 sec.

Since the DVDs used for this comparison are from Germany all time specifications are in PAL. Aside from that all dialogue in this cut report has been re-translated into English from the German comparison and thus may differ from the original spoken dialogue in the film. Some of the pictures used still have German subtitles in them.

The translator
Theatrical Version
4:48 min.
Scott Caan (as Tumbler) performs a different hand motion when talking about methods of masturbation.
0 Sek.

Director`s Cut
4:48 min.
Tumbler talks about his latest masturbation method with a more definite hand motion. William Lee Scott (as Toby) asks what it's good for. Tumbler tells him. Will Patton (as Atley Jackson) is flat out annoyed by this pubertal conversation.
11 sec.

5:06 min.
Atley worries about the car thiefs taking so long to return. Tumbler and Toby make fun about his nervousness.
12 sec.

5:24 Min.
Giovanni Ribisi (as Kip Raines) stops the stolen Porsche at a red light and talks to the couple at the other lane. He provokes the driver by calling his female passenger a prostitute. The theatrical version is less offensive in this scene.
14 sec.

5:41 min.
After the take-off at the traffic light this shot is missing.
1 sec.

5:46 min.
Again shots are missing. Kip screams ecstatic and his passenger tries to slow him down. Some quickly edited material of the rqce is missing as well.
13 sec.

Theatrical Version
9:46 min.
The Director's Cut presumably resorts to alternate material. This can be observed in comparison of this scenes.
The hair of the woman in the background waves in the wind.
0 sec.

Director`s Cut
10:19 Min.
Here the two extras on the left side are gone and the hair of the woman isn't waving in the wind.
0 sec.

10:21 Min.
Atley Jackson wants to talk to Nicolas Cage (as Randall "Memphis" Raines). Before he skips to the point he whistles a song (by the way: here the two extras enter the frame on the left side).
15 sec.

Theatrical Version
16:16 min.
Kip and his brother Memphis arrive at Kip's place. Kip fixes some breakfast. They talk about old times. Kip's place makes a sleazy impression.
95 sec.

Director`s Cut
17:04 min.
The brothers arrive at Kip's place as well. Kip goes straight to the fridge to get a beer. They talk about old times. Mamphis looks around the shabby and run-down apartment. Kip appears to be a total wreck here.
174 sec.

24:48 min.
Memphis visits Robert Duvall (as Otto Halliwell) at his garage. He's just doing a paint job on a hot rod.
6 sec.

24:58 min.
Memphis walks through the garage. Otto's still painting the car of Frances Fisher (as Junie Halliwell).
10 sec.

25:21 min.
Memphis and Otto hug each other longer.
5 sec.

25:35 min.
A shot of Junie makes it obvious that she's not too happy to see Memphis again.
1 sec.

25:41 min.
Otto accuses Memphis of only sending him two post cards in six years.
24 sec.

37:58 min.
Memphis discusses something with Vinnie Jones (as The Sphinx) and Chi McBride (as Donny Astricky). Otto joins in and welcomes them both. They then go on talking.
42 sec.

Theatrical Version
35:22 min.
Kip and his friends arrive to join Memphis' crew. In this version alternate material has been used.
3 sec.

Director`s Cut
38:55 min.
The close-up of Kip after saying hello to Otto is missing. Aside from that the welcoming of Kip's guys is longer.
38 sec.

50:47 min.
Memphis talks to Atley about the grand theft and risks involved.
Atley:"So, you're gonna do this? I mean, 36 hours isn't much time, you know? Calitri's planning the death of your little brother. I ask myself if it was a good to idea to bring you in on this. Bring you back to all this shit."
Memphis:"He's my brother. Of course it's been the right thing to do. Keep Calitri off my back. We're gonna do this my way."
Atley:"You still remember how it goes?"
Memphis:"Sure thing. I remember it like today's breakfast. My method works. They never busted me."
Atley:"But it's never been this many cars."

77 sec.

59:31 min.
Delroy Lindo (as Det. Roland Castlebeck) asks Kip what he's doing all day long.
13 sec.

1:05:33 min.
Memphis asks Kip if he's scared. He says no. Memphis can't understand his brother's attitude and tells him that they're all doing this for him. Kip doesn't care and walks out on his brother.

Memphis:"You scraed?"
Memphis:"strange, you know? Donny's scared. Everyone's scared but you."
Kip:"What happens happens."
Memphis:"That's a good attitude, man. Really...but not for stealing cars. This is all about saving your ass! And you take it as serious as getting shitfaced!."
Kip:"Let's go."
27 sec.

1:17:11 min.
Angelina Jolie (as Sara `Sway` Wayland) asks Memphis if he's seeing someone. He says no but points to their former relationship.
6 sec.

Theatrical Version
1:12:46 min.
Sway and Memphis sit in the car and watch the lovers they are snatching the car from. In the Theatrical Version the couple isn't that revealing.
0 sec.

Director`s Cut
1:18:38 min.
The Director's Cut shows the woman in a g-string throughout the scene. Because only shots have been exchanged there's no time difference.
0 sec.

1:20:15 min.
The lovers proceed to bed. Sway goes to the Lamborghini and opens the locks.
7 sec.

1:31:32 min.
A close-up of Memphis is missing.
1 sec.

Theatrical Version
1:25:16 min.
The shot of the Mustang's pedals is different.
0 sec.

Director`s Cut
1:31:35 min.
The pedals as well, but from a different angle.
0 sec.

1:31:38 min.
Here a close-up of the Mustang speeding by the camera is missing.
2 sec.

1:31:45 min.
Another close-up of the Mustang.
1 sec.

1:31:48 min.
Another close-up of the Mustang, followed by a close-up of Memphis and a long shot of the car.
1,5 sec.

1:31:59 min.
A long shot from above of the Mustang racing through the traffic.
2 sec.

1:32:11 min.
Mamphis takes a left turn and drifts a lot. Castlebeck and his partner can hardly follow.
5 sec.

1:32:28 min.
Another shot of the Mustang and a close-up of Memphis.
1 sec.

Theatrical Version
1:26:42 min.
Memphis drives in reverse to escape his pursuers.
1 sec.

Director`s Cut
1:33:14 min.
Same scene but a different shot that lasts a little longer.
1 sec.

1:33:21 min.
Memphis is still driving in reverse.
1 sec.

1:33:32 min.
Interesting shot of the Mustang's wheels.
2 sec.

1:33:39 min.
Bird's eye view of the street.
2 sec.

1:33:44 min.
Now the police cars join the chase.
5 sec.

1:34:09 min.
Memphis takes a look in the rear-view mirror.
2 sec.

1:34:22 min.
Memphis speeds through the traffic without his pursuers.
6 sec.

1:34:42 min.
Two cop cars picked up on him again.
13 sec.

1:35:10 min.
The Mustang drifts heavily to the right in the drain.
2 sec.

1:35:28 min.
More shots of the car and the pedals.
1 sec.

1:35:35 min.
The helicopter flies by. Then there's a shot of Memphis followed by a shot of the Mustang.
1,5 sec.

1:35:40 min.
Shot of the Mustang's front.
4 sec.

1:37:35 min.
Memphis leaves the drain.
12 sec.

1:38:45 min.
The police doesn't let up and keeps chasing Memphis.
20 sec.

1:39:23 min.
another shot of the Mustang's front.
1 sec.

1:39:23 min.
Here the BMW of Castlebeck comes into frame.
1 sec.

1:39:46 min.
A cop car crashes into the shovel of a digger.
2 sec.

1:39:53 min.
Memphis speed through the harbor.
15 sec.

1:40:21 min.
Memphis still races through the harbor.
4 sec.

1:40:37 min.
Memphis takes a hard right turn. Close-up of the Mustang.
2 sec.

1:41:16 min.
Memphis still tries to lose his pursuers.
46 sec.

1:42:58 min.
Otto radios Memphis and asks where he is.
24 sec.

1:53:28 min.
Memphis and Sway stop kissing. Sway licks her lips.
5 sec.