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original title: Long xiong hu di


  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Apr 14, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut French DVD by Metropolitan and the uncut German Blu-ray by Splendid

- 13 cuts
- Difference: 996.6 sec (= 16:37 min)

This Jackie Chan classic also got its own cut in France. With almost 17 missing minutes compared to the Original Version from Hong Kong, this one contains even more cuts than the Export Version available on the US DVDs and Blu-rays. Some of the footage missing in the Export Version is actually in the French Version but most of the cuts are equal, except that even more footage has been cut for the French release - when there are two smaller cuts in the Export Version, there's a bigger one in the French Version which also lacks the part in between. Furthermore, several other plot scenes have been cut.

Please note: Because the recent French DVD used for this comparison was restored, the restored uncut master was used and cuts were made. As a consequence, there's a slight chance that the footage missing in the Export Version but available in the French Version was acutally missing in the original French Version on VHS. Smaller differences regarding the cuts cannot be ruled out either.

There are many uncut releases available, e.g. the more recent French DVD contains both versions including a French dub. The German, the French and also the Hong Kong Blu-ray are't worth it though because it's simply an upscale. One might as well stick to the UK DVD, the French DVD or the Hong Kong DVD with the same quality. The US Blu-ray contains the movie in actual HD though.

But I digress... In the following comparison, one will get details about the version which the most cuts worldwide.

Time index refers to
French DVD in PAL / German Blu-ray
Several logos right before the actual movie starts - a few more in front of the German Blu-ray / Original Version.

German Blu-ray 4.9 sec longer

Französische DVDGerman Blu-ray

13:38 / 14:18-16:29

During this block of scenes, there are several cuts in the Export Version as well. But for the French Version, one took the easy way and simply cut the entire 2 minutes which contains a much longer discussion between Jackie and Alan. The subject is the relationship with Laura. In the end, they make up.

125.7 sec (= 2:06 min)

15:59 / 18:56-19:30

Identically equal to the Export Version, a part of the conversation between Jackie, Alan and their employer is missing.

32.5 sec

16:52 / 20:25-20:43

Also known from the Export Version: a missing conversation about the security measures in the mansion.

16.7 sec

19:58 / 23:56-25:29

After Alan shut the door, the scene ends in the French Version.
Actually, Jackie opens the door again and argues about Laura and if it made any sense to just steal the armor. After that, Jackie goes into his room and has a dream about being chased by a car while Laura and Alan are standing nearby. Jackie falls out of bed and wakes up.

The Export Version also contains two cuts here. But in the French Version, there is simply one bigger cut instead.

89.1 sec

22:27 / 28:05-28:35

The first scene ONLY missing in the French Version.
Alan promises to take care of May. Jackie adds they could only guarantee May's homecoming but not her integrity. May looks upset about it and the final distance shots smoothly fades to the foloowing scene.

28.9 sec

24:54 / 31:08-32:54

After the song, an entire scene in the evening is missing. Alan is a littly gloomy, Jackie is screwing around with a rather unusual spread resp. he offers some to May who wonders about its taste and Alan points out that the cheese is already spoiled. Jackie mischievously explains he didn't have any and May regurgitates the cheese.

101 sec

39:08 / 47:44-48:12

Cut known from the Export Version: the sect leader keeps talking to his followers before Jackie and Alan mingle.

27.3 sec

41:25 / 50:35-51:18

And another cut known from the Export Version: the sect leader starts hitting on May earlier. They have some wine, then he slowly starts to kiss her.

41.3 sec

43:10 / 53:07-53:28

Once again, a cut known from the Export Version: the sect leader tumbles around wasted. Then he falls on the bed.

19.8 sec

47:16 / 57:45-60:18

A longer conversation in the evening is missing and so is a scene with Alan and Laura who is still tripping.

May puts the phone away and says she had organized flight tickets. Jackie calls it a day and Laura gives him a little kiss absentmindedly.
Jacke remains reflectively and talks to May. She's expecting him to kiss her, Jackie can't restrain himself and asks how much it would cost. She slaps him, he apologizes. Then Alan in bed, Laura asks him to show her the Armor of God now. Alan is surprised but he gets up anyway.

147 sec (= 2:27 min)

47:47 / 60:50-61:05

Cut in the Export Version: Jackie and Alan keep talking about whether Laura behaves differently.

14.7 sec

50:04 / 63:29-67:28

Major cut in the Export Version.
- Jackie approaches Laura, they take a seat on the bed. Laura comes out of it which makes May slap him again.
- Jackie keeps talking to Laura. He wants to know why she was there. She clings to him but he stays strong. Laura goes to bed.
- Alan comes in and wants to know where Laura is. Jackie doesn't tell him that she is with him but Alan gets suspicious and wants to take a look in the bathroom. Jackie says it was May. Then they have a talk about the affair that apparently just started.
- Then May herself suddenly enters from the hallway and Jackie keeps lying. He explains the two bathrooms were linked. Now, both of them are too confused to actually see through Jackie's lies. May leaves.
- Jackie pretends to look for Laura. Alan wants to grant him some time with Laura and pushes him to the door of her room.
- Laura is packing up, Jackie maliciously gives her a hand. She leaves the room in anger.
- Meanwhile, Alan doubts Jackie's comment about the linked bathrooms in the hallway.

229.9 sec (= 3:50 min)

56:35 / 74:16-76:24

Jackie is yanking Alan's chain. He says he was the only one to save Laura, nobody ever talked about him being involved. After a rather dramatic speech, Alan managed that Laura takes his side. Now, she intends to save Alan as well. Jackie applaudes him after more claptrap. Finally, he frees Alan.

122.8 sec (= 2:03 min)

When the German Blu-ray (Original Version) by Splendid ends, there's a reference to the 4 year-old master.

6.5 sec