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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Apr 23, 2008 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
- Theatrical Version: 90:41 min without ending credits (96:00 Min. incl. ending credits) in NTSC

- Extended Cut: 115:00 min without ending credits (120:19 Min. incl. ending credits) in NTSC

- 76 changes, including
* 36x alternative footage
* 19 recuts
* 4 scenes with additional footage in the Theatrical Version

- Difference: 1459,2 sec (= 24:19 min)

Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Director's Cut

The movie

It was just a matter of time before the Bio-Pic genre would get its own parody. That "Walk Hard" refers to James Mangolds Johnny Cash-Biography "Walk The Line", is easily recognizable.
The script was written by Judd Apatow, well known since "Knocked Up", "Superbad" and The 40 Year Old Virgin".
John C. Reilly plays Dewey Cox: Traumatized since his early childhood through the accidental bisection of his talented brother via machete (!), he becomes a celebrated world star elating tons of hysterically shrieking female fans for decades.
LSD-trips with the Beatles (Jack Black as Paul McCartney and Jason Schwartzman as Ringo Starr) as well as an affair with the singer Darlene, leading to ambiguous songs like "Let's duet", also just have to be in there.

What's enjoyable, is that the film does not aim for the usual corny jokes, but rather drives all the typical melodramatic moments of its idols to the edge of absurdity with a great eye for details.

The Extended Version

Alongside the Single-Disc-Edition with the Theatrical Version, a 2-Disc-Edition including the Theatrical Version and an alternative version called „American Cox – The Unbearably Long Self-Indulgent Director’s Cut“ was released. With a new running time of two hours, 24 minutes of footage have been added.

Many of the songs are longer now and also the 70s part is extremely extended now. Only in the Unrated we get to know Dewey's third wife, the Model Cheryl Tiegs.
Some scenes have been put into a different order or are used both extended and cut in completely new montages. A bit more naked skin can be seen, but just like various dialogue extensions you just can't tell whether these parts had to be cut for the Theatrical Version. The Theatrical Version got an R-Rating - so there was no need to tone anything down for a PG-13 audience.

Which version is to be preferred, one can't really tell. The Unrated DC has its advantages but the two hour version might be to long for some people. Also, some changes are a matter of taste.
For example the furiously discussed appearance of Bert (Tyler Nilson) or rather his penis, where one definitely can assume censorship through the MPAA. In one scene Dewey phones his wife rom a hotel room in which a wild orgy took place - we see the lower half of a man called Bert and his penis, asking Dewey a question (Bert is asking, not the penis). The Theatrical Version plays with the conventions of the mainstream cinema - before the penis shot we see Bert from behind and his bare ass is showing. This is a typical method of presenting "full frontal nudity" without actually showing genitals. Then, unpredicted, we see a short shot of Bert's front nevertheless. In the Unrated, Bert presents his little friend both times, so the moment of surprise (and a good amount of the gag) is gone.

Regardless, the US-2-Disc-Edition is a good choice for everyone interested in the movie, for it contains both versions as well as a good amount of bonus material.

The time indexes are arranged in the following order:
Theatrical Version (Unrated Director's Cut)
05:33 (05:33-05:40)

Dewey's mother is seen a little bit longer (7 Frames) and the music starts in the Off already, followed by a close-up of a hand on the guitar. The front view of the blues man is longer.

7,4 sec

05:40 (05:47-05:51)

After the words "I'm a gambling man" we see the player a bit longer and the following shot of little Dewey talking to the barkeeper starts earlier.

3,5 sec

05:45 (05:56-06:02)

Little Dewey walks across the room longer. The following camera movement is seen a bit earlier - in the R-Rated from the moment on where he passes the column.

6,4 sec

05:47-05:49 (06:04)

This time the R-Rated shows a longer shot of the two blues players as a second "I'm a gambling man" is sung.

+ 1,8 sec

05:52 (06:07-06:12)

Four additional frames of little Dewey, then we see the musician sing "Lord, I gamble from door to door". The following shot of the hands on the guitar starts two seconds earlier.

5,1 sec

Alternative footage
05:54-05:58 (06:14-06:32)

In the R-Rated the song is over now. We see Dewey nod his head one time to the music.

The Unrated shows ten more frames of the guitar, then another shot of the guitar as the music plays faster. The camera moves up to the player, then follow a medium long shot and a shot of his feet. Last, we see the second musician and only then an alternative shot of Little Dewey.

13,5 sec.

05:59 (06:33)

The musicians are seen 5 frames longer.

0,2 sec

06:47-06:48 (07:21)

The close-up of Dewey's fist guitar practice is longer in the R-Rated.

+ 1,4 sec.

Alternative footage
06:50-06:58 (07:23-07:33)

The R-Rated cuts to two musicians, one of them saying: "Yeah, just like that!"
Little Dewey sings "I done a bad thing"

The Unrated first shows Little Dewey bending his head to the side.
One of the musicians looks ardent, the other one says: "That ain't bad!"
Now he sings "I done a bad thing" in an alternative shot.

Unrated 1,5 sec longer

07:08-07:10 (07:43-08:12)

The R-Rated only shows the middle part of a shot of Little Dewey playing, before the musician says "It's not bad for your first time"

Little Dewey plays much longer in the Unrated, including inter-cuts to the two admiring musicians. Here we also see the shot from the R-Rated, admittedly a bit longer at the beginning and the end.

His lyrics: "I done a bad, bad thing. Cut my brother in half. My mama's gonna cry. Somewhere the devil's havin' a laugh."

Unrated 27,5 sec longer
=> Counted as two cuts because new footage was shown before and after the identical shot from the R-Rated.

07:12-07:13 (08:14)

After his accolade, the musician is seen a bit longer in the R-Rated.

+ 0,8 sec

08:13 (09:14-10:08)

The R-Rated already shows the dance of Delilah Montgomery, the Unrated adds Dewey's parents entering the hall. Then the presenter greets the people and we see the first contestant.

Pa Cox: "I don't know what we're doing here at this high school talent show."
Ma Cox: "We're here to see our boy, that's what we're doing here."
She starts to sway and a man is not far from catching her, asking: "You all right, ma'am?"
Ma Cox: "I'm fine. Just my vertigo acting up again."
The man asks: "What's vertigo?"
Ma Cox: "Just a little dizziness is all."
Relieved, the man turns around again, while Ma says to Pa: "Ain't nothing terrible ever came from no dizziness."

The presenter walks on stage and announces the first contestant, inter-cuts to the audience.
"Testing, testing. Crawdad, crawdad. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the annual talent show. We're gonna get this going here with the juggling talents of Johnny McGraw."
Johnny juggles with some balls. After that we see the dance from the R-Rated.

53,9 sec

12:18-12:21 (14:14)

The R-Rated shows the singer (Bobby Shad) 3 frames longer, then a shot of the dance floor.

+ 2,4 sec

12:23-12:31 (14:16-14:51)

The song and the dancing people are heard much longer in the Unrated. The four following shots from the R-Rated are in the Unrated as well, but in a completely different order and in between several new shots. They are recapitulated here for lucidities sake.


- Shot of the Doggy style-Dance
- Short shot of Bobby Shads singing "Come on!"
- Shot of a dancer stopping in front of the face of her partner after a spread legged handstand - and he puts his face right there
- a man presses his partners face to his crotch area to the rhythm of the music
(All four parts are in the Unrated in a different order but in exactly the same length; nothing has been extended.)


- Short shot of the singer singing "Come on!"
- Dewey stands in the door, clicking his fingers to the music
- A woman on the floor, crawling through a man's legs
- Bobby Shad from behind saying "Play it for me, daddy!" and the camera moves to the piano player having his way with the piano
- camera movement over the dance floor
- Bobby Shad pointing into a different direction: "That's a sexy look right there."
- Shot of the Doggy style-dance
- A man lifts his partner up repeatedly; the singer from the Off: "Oh, I like it, I like it."
- a man presses his partners face to his crotch area to the rhythm of the music
- Front shot of the band
- Shot of a dancer stopping in front of the face of her partner after a spread legged handstand - and he puts his face right there
- Shot of the stage; in the foreground a woman is passed to another man headfirst and his face is also introduced to her butt
- Two shots of Bobby Shad and the band

Unrated 27,1 sec longer
=> Counted as four cuts because new footage was shown before and after the identical shots from the R-Rated.

Alternative footage
12:35-12:36 (14:55-15:01)

After Dewey has gone back to his work, another scene has been added.


Bobby Shad gets ready for the Finale and goes down on his knees.


The song lasts longer and again we see the woman on her partner's shoulders. Bobby Shad says "Let's take them home, fellas" and we see him from the side, before Dewey sings along much earlier than in the R-Rated (also, a man with a hat walks through the scene).

Unrated 4,9 sec longer

13:34-13:35 (15:58-16:05)

The Unrated interrupts Dewey's recording ten frames earlier, in exchange two sentences from his wife Edith have been added:
"I am tired of hearing about your dreams, Dewey Cox. You are a selfish dickhole."
Cut to Dewey as the next sentence start from the Off, while in the R-Rated we hear the sentence right from the beginning.

Both change over shots are a bit longer in the R-Rated, but since it is hardly noticeable there are only screenshots of the new footage .

Unrated 5,4 sec longer

13:47 (16:17-16:39)

After the sentence "I think I'm doing okay for a 15-year-old with a wife and a baby" the job at the slaughterhouse is mentioned in detail.

Edith: "But, sweetheart...I thought you liked working at the slaughterhouse for my daddy."
Dewey looks into the camera, saying "I did", followed by a change over to his work.
Edith's father with hammer in his hand and blood splattered in his face: "You got a real talent for this, boy. Someday this is all gonna be yours."
Back in the apartment, Dewey: "It's just, as much as I loved it, Edith, I want more than that."

The following shot of Edith starts 0,5 seconds later than in the R-Rated, for continuities sake. The sentence, however, is the same.

21,7 sec

13:51 (16:43-16:57)

After Edith's "Ain't no musician ever made no money" Dewey contradicts her in the Unrated.
Dewey: "What? Of course they do. Plenty of them do."
Edith: "Name one."
Dewey thinks: "Slim Whitman."
Edith: "Who the hell is Slim Whitman?"
Dewey: "All right. Frank Sinatra."
Edith: "Who the hell is Frank Sinatra?"

Here too, Edith is seen a bit longer in the R-Rated.

13,2 sec

Alternative footage
14:13-14:15 (17:18-17:32)

In the R-Rated, the shot goes on after Edith's "...if it never rains" and Dewey says: "Edith, you listen to me."
The following shot of him is seen a bit earlier than in the Unrated, which kicks in at his next spoken word.

The Unrated shows Edith trying to convince Dewey again, she turns around crying.
"Dewey, you have got to give up your dream. Dreams don't come true."
Dewey grabs her arm and turns her towards himself - the following sentence is in the R-Rated as well.

Unrated 12,6 sec longer

Alternative footage
16:35-16:37 (19:52-19:56)

Before Dewey's first "Negro" sentence, the R-Rated shows Bobby Shad and the frightened club owner, while the Unrated shows three Jewish record label bosses, one of them saying: "This is racially insensitive."

Unrated 1,4 sec longer


Alternative footage
16:57-17:02 (20:16-20:21)


The couple is seen longer, as they start to dance. Then follow the tree Jews, the following shot of Dewey is seen two seconds earlier than in the Unrated.


Bobby Shad asks the club owner: "Is he playing "Negro Man"?
He confirms: "He is playing "Negro Man."
Bobby a lot angrier: "He's playing "Negro Man"."
Owner: "Yeah, "Negro Man"."

No time difference

Alternative footage / Recut
17:10-17:16 (20:29-21:14)

Again the song is much longer before it comes to the meeting with the Jews. The first shot from the R-Rated is also seen in the Unrated later (and shorter), the rest consists of alternative footage.


- Side shot of Dewey, than a camera movement to the club owner and Bobby
- Dewey in a front shot
- The dance floor from above


- A musician from the band and Dewey
- A black viewer says: "Yeah, come on, Dewey."
- Dewey from a different perspective
- Several shots of people dancing
- Side shot of Dewey like in the R-Rated, but interrupted before the camera movement
- The Jews are shown, one of them clapping to the rhythm
- Front shot of Dewey, than an older dancer
- Dewey starts to play he piano as the crowd keeps celebrating
- The club owner, with an angry looking Bobby behind him: "Now, that's what I call winning over an audience. Go, Dewey, go."
- Two more shots of Dewey on stage

Unrated 38,8 sec longer
=> Counted as two cuts because new footage was shown before and after the identical shots from the R-Rated.

17:48-17:49 (21:46)

Dewey is seen longer singing "That's Amore".

+ 0,4 sec

17:57 (21:54-22:19)

Dewey sings the unbearable song much longer.

First, he is seen from the front for two seconds, lifting his other arm, then a shot from behind and another one from the front.
One of the Jews begs "Please, I can't anymore", another one is muttering in his mother-tongue.
The producer answers "That's what I was gonna say" and we see a bit more of the miscarried performance.
Then the band stops at the word "Amore", dragging it on endlessly.

24,7 sec

18:08 (22:30-22:37)

The producer adds a "That's just a terrible, terrible...terrible, terrible 'That's Amore'", before Dewey reckons that this might have been the wrong song.

6,8 sec

23:11 (27:40-28:44)

The R-Rated shows the concert with Elvis as main act right away, after Edith has walked through the door. In the Unrated, however, we first get to see a longer dialogue between Dewey and Edith concerning their future, while Dewey only thinks about his song-writing.

Edith closes the bathroom door behind her, crying; Dewey from outside: "Edith! Don't you go in the bathroom. Edith, please."
Edith: "Mama said there's a lot of evil on the road. Temptations. They'll make a man do evil things."
Dewey: "Edith, that is ridiculous. Is that what this is all about? There ain't no evil out there. Come on, now, cupcake, open the door."
The door opens and Dewey talks at her: "Edith. My beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel."
He presses her mouth together while talking.
"You know how much I love you. You and this fast-growing family of ours is the only thing that matters to me. You understand that? Heck, life without you would be like no life at all."
Exalted, he repeats "Like no life at all...", gets up and asks euphorically "Where's a pencil? Where's a pencil?"
Edith screams in anger.

64 sec

23:17 (28:50)

The singer talks into the telephone receiver for eight frames longer.

0,3 sec

23:19-23:21 (28:52-29:07)

The R-Rated shows him a bit longer singing "Oh, you sweet thing" into the receiver, before Dewey says "How are we supposed to follow that?"

The Unrated, however, already shows him during his first words, before we, including an inter-cut to the audience, get to see more of his performance.
His lyrics: "Do I what? Will I what? Oh, baby, you know what I like. Chantilly lace and a pretty face and a ponytail."

Unrated 12,1 sec longer

Alternative footage
23:29-23:33 (29:15-29:29)

The R-Rated shows Buddy Holly (Frankie Muniz) saying "I'll pick it back up. You got nothing to worry about" in a closer shot, Dewey's "Oh, thank you" is seen here already.
The following shot starts one second earlier than in the Unrated.

The Unrated shows more dialogue between the two musicians.

After buddy says his sentence, before he continues in a closer shot: "I really like that 'Walk Hard' song."
Dewey: "Oh, thanks. I like that 'Peggy Sue' song. It's my favorite Buddy Holly song."
Buddy: "Thanks, Dewey. I'm awful proud of that one."

Unrated 10 sec longer

Alternative footage
23:43 (29:39)

The R-Rated shows the man announcing the order of events for he evening a bit earlier, whereas in the Unrated we see seven more frames of Dewey before jumping to that part of the shot from the R-Rated.

No time difference


24:06 (30:02-31:02)

After turning around shocked, Dewey immediately talks to Elvis after his performance in the R-Rated. In the Unrated, he doubts his abilities in front of he door and is more or less successfully cheered up by a vision of his dead brother.

Leaning on the wall, he whimpers: "What am I doing? I ain't good enough to follow Elvis."
His brother Nate appears: "What are you talking about, Dewey?"
Dewey: "Nate. Nate, is that you?"
Nate: "You can do it, Dewey. I know you can. I know because I'm your brother, and I believe in you."
Dewey: "But, hell, ain't nobody can follow Elvis."
Nate: "Wait, did you say Elvis?"
Dewey: "Yeah."
Nate: "Elvis Presley? The King of Rock 'n' Roll?"
Dewey: "Yeah, Elvis Presley."
Nate: "He has nine number one hits."
Dewey: "Nate, I understand that."
Nate: "He has 50 million fans."
Dewey, getting angry: "I'm aware of that, Nate. That's why I'm out here. I'm having a crisis."
Nate: "Holy shit."
Someone comes through the door to remind him of his upcoming performance: "Dewey! The big fella's on his final encore. Are you ready?"
Dewey: "Yeah. I'm ready."
He walks towards the door and turns around one more time to the spot where Nate has been standing.

59,9 sec

Alternative footage
24:20-24:22 (31:16-31:38)

The R-Rated shows Elvis talking to Dewey: "Listen to this, right now."

The Unrated adds more monologue from Elvis before that.
"Well, sometimes you have to go all out when you're the King. Because there's only one man who's the King. God picks him, hand-plucks him. One night, God looked down at all the millions and millions of people, man...and he decided which one was the best, and it was me. He plucked me from all those millions and millions of people, man."
Dewey answers in the affirmative and we see Elvis in a different shot, saying "Listen to this, right now".

Unrated 19,7 sec longer

24:37 (31:52-31:59)

A bit more from Elvis after Dewey said "You're the king!".

We see the band, Dewey at a loss and Elvis, who is mumbling: "On to Memphis, they want a nice little honey and a little bit of June bug."
Dewey and a band member are looking at each other puzzled, but nevertheless agree to what Elvis said.

7,5 sec

Alternative footage
24:53-26:12 (32:16-32:51)

In the R-Rated, Dewey sings the song "Oh my darling" and smokes a joint afterwards.
In the Unrated, he first sings "Walk Hard" and after the smoking we see his "Oh my darling".

After he has smoked marijuana he sings the slow song from the R-Rated - in an extended version, including inter-cut to his excessive life.


- The hall from above, Dewey: "How y'all doing? My name is Dewey Cox."
- We see the audience: "Hey, listen, folks. I'd like to play a..."
- Dewey in a close up: " I wrote for a very special lady. I'm talking about Mrs. Dewey Cox."
- Alternating shots of Dewey and the audience.


- Dewey walks on stage and greets the audience: "How y'all doing?", then we see the audience itself.
- Sam starts to play and already Dewey's first words cause the female audience to jump up screaming.
- Again, we see the ardent band members.

R-rated 44,4 sec longer

Alternative footage / Recut
28:00 (34:39-37:11)

Now follows Dewey's performance from the R-Rated in an extended version, with inter-cuts to his drug-affected party life.

- The hall from above (shot is different from the R-Rated): "Hey, listen, folks. I'd like to play a song I wrote for a very special lady."
- Close-up of Dewey: "I'm talking about Mrs. Dewey Cox."
- The Song is identical to the R-Rated until "I don't know why", where Dewey is seen in a close-up
- earlier cut to the audience in the Unrated, both versions are identical again, as the swooning girls are seen.
- Lots of alternative footage now. First a closer shot of Dewey, than right over to a scene of him dancing with a half naked woman.
- Short shots of Dewey on stage, then passing a blunt around to a bunch of women, then on stage again.
- Both versions run identical as he sings "A life without you" while lifting his hand to the camera - in the end, the R-Rated is a bit longer, because Dewey ends the song.

- The Unrated shows the pretty dancers and Dewey winking to the blond one.
- The song goes on a little quieter, as she drops something and Dewey helps her out - the next shot shows the room with a lot of clothes all over the place and both are having their way with each other.
- Another woman drops something, Dewey helps out and...oh my! Kinky sex games!
- Now a male band member gets to know Dewey's "Can I get that for you?" scam.
- Dewey in bed with a woman - the camera moves away and there lies the band member.
- Dewey sings the last line on stage.

152,3 sec
=> Counted as four cuts because new footage was shown before and after the identical shots from the R-Rated.

Alternative footage
28:39-28:48 (37:50-38:06)

After Edith's "Just taking care of the kids" we see alternative footage. In the Unrated, we are already introduced to Bert and his "friend"..


We see Edith a little longer, then cut to Dewey as Bert walks on screen (butt shot).
Dewey looks up to him and greets him, while we still hear Edith talking.
Bert asks: "You want a cup of coffee or something?"
Dewey interrupts the conversation with Edith: "No, thank you!"


Earlier cut to Dewey, before Bert's penis enters the screen from the left.
Dewey answers Edith, before he notices what lurks next to him: "Oh, brother. Can you believe it?"
Bert asks: "You want a cup of coffee or something?"
Dewey interrupts the conversation: "No, thank you! Will you give me a minute? I'm on the phone here."

Unrated 7,3 sec longer


Alternative footage
28:59-29:03 (38:17-38:19)

The R-Rated cuts to Dewey earlier, since Bert's lower half has not appeared yet. The Unrated stays with Edith until Bert is standing on screen. Due to that the marked part of the next sentence is missing in the Unrated.

"Oh, now, that is crazy talk, Edith. Come on. You know I'm just the same old Dewey."

R-Rated 1,9 sec longer


30:37 (39:53-39:57)

After the flashback of Ma Cox falling, Pa Cox says "The vertigo, it won in the end."

4,4 sec

Alternative footage
31:08-31:09 (40:28-40:45)

The R-Rated shows Dewey standing in the hallway a bit earlier.

The Unrated shows him with tears in his eyes, summing up the events: "Damn you, God! How could you let my mama fall out a window? And then let a radio hit her on the head?"

Unrated 15,5 sec longer


Alternative footage
31:42-31:43 (41:18-41:19)

The R-Rated shows the guitarist unable to keep up wit Dewey, while the Unrated shows a long shot of the whole band.

No time difference


Alternative footage
44:25-44:26 (54:01-54:15)

During the song "Guilty as charged" two trumpeters are shown in the R-Rated, before Dewey is seen a bit earlier.

The Unrated first shows Dewey calling a radio station while having sex.
"Hey, Jerry, I'm a long-time listener and a first-time caller. Yeah, I just wanted to say I love the show, keep it up. Am I on the radio right now?"
The cut to Dewey and a band member playing.

Unrated 12,7 sec longer

48:54-48:55 (58:43-59:02)

While the sex between Dewey and Darlene is only insinuated in the R-Rated, the Unrated shows the sex between the two (flamboyant body doubles).

Unrated 18,6 sec longer

Alternative footage
49:08-49:19 (59:15-59:41)

In the Unrated it takes a little longer for Darlene to find Dewey and she talks with different people.


Dave answers "Ah, I think I saw him in the barn with that long-haired guy."
Theo: "Oh yeah, he was talking to Charlie, Charlie Manson."
Sam comments: "His music is horrible. But, he's a really nice guy."
Theo: "Yeah, couldn't be nicer."
Darlene walks off.


Dave, in a closer shot: "I think I saw him in the barn with Wavy Gravy."
Sam and Theo go on to discuss and Darlene walks off: "I saw him by the creek talking to Donovan."
- "No, I think he was painting a portrait with Joni Mitchell."
In the house she runs into Jerry Garcia, standing in the door with his guitar.
Darlene: "Jerry Garcia, brother, have you seen Dewey?"
Jerry Garcia: "I think I saw him in the study, Sister Darlene."
Edith: "Thanks, Jerry Garcia."
Two children run across the lawn and Jerry says: "Hey! Casey, Jones, watch your speed."

Unrated 14,7 sec longer

57:42 (68:04-71:17)

After Dewey on the trampoline has told Schwartzberg that it is private matter, there follows a long extension in the Unrated. We see more of the studio recordings and a discussion with his father after he has invited the whole family to dinner on the trampoline.

Dewey and Schwartzberg go to the studio in the middle of the woods. Dewey: "I've got this sound in my head and it's trying to get out. I can't find it on this human plane of existence. I've got to keep searching. But I'll tell you what,I'm gonna find it."
Dewey walks through the room and greets the people before giving a little speech: "All right, everyone. Thank you. I've just been outside, I had a little bounce. What we're going to do is run through the entire piece in our minds, silently. And...begin."
During this we see Schwartzberg and the skeptical band members.

Dewey, family, band and friend are sitting on the trampoline and Dewey gives the dinner speech:
"As we sit here together on Thanksgiving...on our beautiful trampoline...I think we should take a moment to think about what it's like to be a turkey."
Then he starts to imitate a turkey: "Gobble, gobble, gobble. Gobble, gobble, gobble. "Hi, I'm just a little turkey.""
His dad has had enough: "Just cut the damn bird, boy."
Darlene tries to settle the dispute: "Dewey? Can we just enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner?"
Dad continues to criticize: "You think you're so great sitting there all drugged up...on your trampoline. You're the black sheep of this family. You call yourself a Cox. Until you get right with'll never be nothing but a big, black Cox."
(During the last words the black Sam is seen beside him, looking angry.)
Dewey stands up and says: "Nothing I do will ever please you, will it? We're both Cox, Pa. Both of us are Cox. I've got 137 musicians waiting on me. You'll have to excuse me."

Two animals in the studio, then the recording from above. The band and Darlene are sitting in the adjoining room.
Dewey sings.
Theo: "This is not a good song. It's like five songs on top of each other at the same time."
Darlene defends him: "Just let him work it out. Masterpieces take time."
Theo: "Do you hear that? That goat's been singing more than I am on this damn song."
Sam hits the gong.
Dewey comes in and the studio manager talks to him: "That was beautiful, Dewey. It was perfection. Yeah, even the goat was perfect."
Dewey: "Yeah, the goat was good. Were the strings tangy enough?"
Studio manager: "Oh, they were tangy. They were very tangy."
Sam: "Unbelievably tangy."
Dewey disagrees and starts to give orders: "No, guys, the strings were not tangy! They were salty! Am I crazy? Let's do one more time. Okay, strings, lean into it. I want it really tangy this time. Now, Mike, you're flatting. Bushmen, make it sound like you're in the fucking bush, okay? Back off the goat on the second pre-chorus. I wanna hear his heart, not his soul. Sam, go back to that thing you did yesterday on the bridge."
Sam: "What did I do?"
Dewey: "It sounded like velvet pancakes."
Sam: "Yeah, right."
Darlene asks the studio manager: "What on earth is a velvet pancake?"
Studio manager: "It's the LSD. I think it's having an effect on him."
After Dewey has called on the band to try one more time, the studio manager says "'Black Sheep', take 112" and the song also heard in the R-Rated begins.

193,3 sec

Alternative footage / Recut
57:44-58:30 (71:20-72:56)

Already the first camera movement is interrupted in the Unrated. A longer passage of alternative footage follows.

The shots are similar in the beginning - the Unrated shows Dewey a bit earlier, then of several shots the first part has been used in the Unrated and the last part in the R-Rated.



A piece from the scene above has been re-integrated in differing order.

First we see Sam hitting the gong and the studio from above.
Darlene and the band are listening, Theo: "This is not a good song. It's like five songs on top of each other at the same time."
Dave: "Not even a song. It's some kind of concerto."

Dewey is seen recording, then the goat is led through the room.
Cut to Dewey, the song ends.
Darlene defending him: "Just let him work it out. Masterpieces take time."
Theo: "Do you hear that? That goat's been singing more than I am on this damn song."


Many additional scenes with the music in the background - Dewey on the trampoline or in between his musicians.
He even tries to teach the goat its lyrics "Like that, with some urgency. Not, "I'm in the yard. I wanna go outside." Like, "I'm about to die." Like that."
His wife is having a baby while he directs everyone around in the studio. He holds her hand, saying: "Are we recording this? Well, we should be. Get a microphone."
Then a naked woman is wiretapped and the band members repeat a single word from the song.

Unrated 50,4 sec longer

Alternative footage
64:51-65:44 (79:16-79:43)

After Nate's "You need to start writing songs again" the Unrated contains an additional scene before Dewey walks along the beach.

Dewey stands on the wall and thinks about his life for quite some time now.
A man comes over to Sam and asks: "Is he almost done thinking about his life?
Sam: "He just reached the '70s."

Both versions continue with alternative footage. Some of the additional shots from the R-Rated have been integrated into the Unrated later (66:46-67:05 (81:34-87:04)).


Dewey is jogging along the beach and "Malibu, California, 1976" can be read on the screen. Closer shot of Dewey.
Dewey in the house preparing fruit for himself. After we have seen the recollection of his success on the wall he despairs while playing guitar and piano, shouting: "Why can't I write a fucking song anymore?" before smashing both instruments to pieces.
Even the many women in his bed don't inspire him, so he starts to write in front of a picture of Darlene on his couch.
He takes an instrument and starts to sing "I had it all..."
After repeating that several times he finishes with a loud "And then I fucked up!" and smashes that instrument as well.


Dewey is jogging along the beach. He lights a cigarette that he had taken from behind his ear.

R-Rated 26,6 sec longer

66:06-66:07 (80:05-80:09)

After "May I make a suggestion?" the R-Rated shows Schwartzberg saying "I got a call from CBS".

The Unrated lets him make another suggestion before both version are running synchronous again.

Schwartzberg: "Are you familiar with the 'Donny & Marie' show?
Dewey: "The television show?"

Unrated 3 sec longer

Alternative footage
66:09-66:16 (80:11-80:46)

The rest of the conversation is different because the "Donny & Marie" show is not mentioned in the R-Rated. Dewey tries to make demands but of course agrees in he end.


We see Dewey earlier than in the R-Rated and hear Schwartzberg from the Off: "They wanna do a show - with you."
Schwartzberg touches his own heart: "Television, Dewey. It's the way into people's hearts."


Schwartzberg: "They wanna do the same kind of show with you."
Dewey: "I'm a serious musician. I'm not some TV personality."
Schwartzberg: "Well, why can't you be both? Look at those goofy bastards on 'Hee Haw'.
Dewey: "Well, I do love 'Hee Haw'."
Schwartzberg (different shot than the R-Rated): "Television, Dewey. It's the way into the people's hearts."
Dewey: "All right. You call them back today...and you tell Mr. CBS...that I will do it if I have total creative control."
Schwartzberg: "Dewey, you can't have any creative control."
Dewey does not hesitate for long: "Okay. All right, let's just do it then. Fuck it, let's do it. I'm bored."

Unrated 28,1 sec longer

Alternative footage / Recut
66:42-66:45 (81:12-81:33)

The shot of Dewey is interrupted earlier in the r-Rated, then we see the band and hear Dewey's last line.

The Unrated shows a longer shot of Dewey singing.

Unrated 17,8 sec longer

Alternative footage / Recut
66:46-67:05 (81:34-87:04)

Giant insertion about Dewey's life in the 70s including his third marriage with the singer Cheryl Tiegs.
Parts from the cut at 64:51-65:44 from the R-Rated have been re-integrated.


The picture freezes and "The Dewey Cox Show" fades in.
Commentary: "Stay tuned! When we come back, Cox sings David Bowie!"
Short version of Dewey's "Starman" including shots not contained in the Unrated.
The writing "with the Swinging Cox Dancers" fades in.
Commentary: "We'll be right back with more Cox after this"


Dewey moves around and grins into the audience, then speaks: "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the show. We've got a great one. To get things rolling, I'd like to bring out my first guest...a model I think is pretty super: Miss Cheryl Tiegs."
She comes on stage and Dewey greets her: "Well, hello, Cheryl. Don't you look lovely tonight."
Cheryl: "Well, thanks so much, sir. So do you."
Dewey: "Cheryl, you know, you remind me of a 1977 Corvette."
Cheryl: "Why is that?"
Dewey: "Because you're a beautiful new model."
The audience howls, Dewey: "Just kidding."
As the audience settles down: "Would you do me the honor of joining me for a song?"
Cheryl: "Well, I thought you'd never ask, Mr. Cox."
They sing a while, then bid farewell to the audience: "Good night, everybody. We'll see you next week."
Backstage they start to make out furiously.

Close-up of Dewey's mouth saying that he's ready. Now we see him in the studio recording "Who wants to party?"

We witness a party in Dewey's house; he is greeting Patrick Duffy.
Duffy: "Whoa, Dewey. Great party, great party."
Dewey: "Thanks, Patrick Duffy from 'Dallas'! Listen, mingle, enjoy yourself. Have sex with anybody you want."
Duffy: "Well, can do."
He walks on and meets a blond woman "Oh, my God, your show is such a hit. You beat 'McCloud' last week."
Dewey: "Well, thank you, Morgan Fairchild, but I never pay attention to the ratings. Just kidding. We're gonna take a shit on 'Donnie & Marie'."
Another blond woman walks towards him "Hey, you. Are you gonna save a dance for me, Dewey?"
Dewey: "Well, you bet, Cheryl Ladd from 'Charlie's Angels'."
Cheryl approaches from behind, Dewey: "Hey there, Little Miss Cox-Tiegs. Have you met my new wife, Cheryl Cox-Tiegs?"
Cheryl says "We've met, yes" and the two women make eye contact.
Dewey: "Isn't that funny? You're both named Cheryl."
Cheryl Ladd says "We're aware of that" and both walk off.
Dewey is amused about that, hen we see him dancing with two other girls.
Now he sits at the piano, exclaiming: "I don't know what they're talking about with this energy crisis. Because I have plenty of energy, all right? I am loaded with energy. Look, I gave up politics a long time ago. You know, let somebody else march. I wanna play Frisbee. I'm on the beach. I'm not marching on the beach."

Another happy disco performance.
Backstage Cheryl Ladd kisses him "Do me, Dewey!"
Dewey: "I can't, Cheryl Ladd, I'm married to Cheryl Tiegs."
Cheryl: "Oh, I should've been your guest star last week instead of her. It could've been me."
Dewey repeats the sentence, having an idea for a song title.

He sits in a room with a guitar and a piece of paper wit a bit of text on it (a bit earlier than in the R-Rated). The camera moves up and he sings "Stay in it, stay in it..."
The next shot starts earlier than in the R-Rated and Dewey sings desperately.
"It could have been meeee...meeee...meeee...rocky road" - now he gets to "Walk Hard" again and and curses "No!" like in the R-Rated.
While in the R-Rated he screams "Why can't I write a fucking song anymore?", he shouts "No! You're repeating yourself!" furiously and the "Why can't I write a fucking song anymore?" is heard, as he smashes his guitar on the floor - this shot is remarkably longer in the end.

Now we see him during a disco performance with roller blades.
After that he is standing in the room with his wife, saying: "I'll tell you, I've never been so truly satisfied. Living here in this beautiful beach house with you, my beautiful Cheryl Cox-Tiegs. The ratings are great. These are the salad days. Yeah, I've been looking for something my whole life, and this is it. I'm finally truly satisfied."

Than follows the "Starman" bit, only longer and with alternative footage.
Then a conversation with a rather confused man: "You are not going home. You are sleeping in the guest room. Forever. Because you're the only one who stuck around. Everyone else got sick of it and left but you stuck around, which means you're my friend."
After a bit of performance the shot of Dewey breaking down on the piano and knocking it over has been integrated - being a bit longer than in he R-Rated. Then we see Dewey and the camera moves over to Darlene's photo in his hand.
The shot is interrupted and we see Dewey dance.
Dewey knocks the instrument over - the shot is longer; Dewey walks off.

Unrated 310,7 sec longer
=> Counted as seven cuts.

70:16 (90:15-90:38)

After the interview we see Dewey lying in bed with three women but he's not in the mood.

Dewey: "I'm sorry, I must be tired from the show or something."
The women calm him down: "It's okay."
Dewey: "No, it's not okay. I should be able to do this."
One woman says "We're in no rush", the other asks: "Should we get an American Indian woman?"
Dewey: "No, that won't help. I mean, it should already be pretty exciting. There's three of you."

23,2 sec

Alternative footage
73:55-74:00 (94:17-94:40)

More dialogue between Dewey and his bisected father.


Pa Cox in a close-up: "Dewey, I love..."
Cut to Dewey; Pa starts over: "I love..."


As we see the father, Dewey says: "You're gonna be fine!"
The bisected body is seen; Pa Cox: "I reckon you're probably right. Now, go call the doctor...and bring me some ice, a lot of ice."
Dewey repeats: "Some ice..."
Pa Cox: "And a tourniquet. Don't forget a tourniquet."
Dewey: "All right, ice and a tourniquet?"
Pa Cox repeats it and says: "And you know those three words you always wanted to hear, Dewey? Well, here they are."
Front shot: "I love..."

Unrated 18,9 sec longer

Alternative footage
74:06-74:07 (94:46-94:49)

Different shots as Dewey shakes the upper half of the body.
In the R-Rated he says "Come on!", in the Unrated he says "What was the third word?" before the "Come on!".

Unrated 2 sec longer


Alternative footage / Recut
74:11-74:15 (94:53-95:45)

The R-Rated contains one shot of Dewey ripping out another sink.

This happens later in the Unrated. Before that, he loses it at the party at his house and starts to throw out his guests. He also breaks up with his wife Cheryl Cox-Tiegs.

Dewey marches into the house, screaming "I want all you fucking parasites out of my house...right now!", the people look puzzled.
He underlines his demand by smashing a vase on he floor: "I said, everybody out!"
Patrick Duffy approaches him: "Well, look at you, you arrogant cocksucker."
Dewey: "How dare you?"
Duffy: "What happened to you, Dewey?"
Dewey: "I don't know what's happened to me, but I know what happened to you. Patrick Duffy took a beating."
He hits him in the face until Cheryl stops him: "Stop it! Patrick Duffy was only saying what we were all feeling."
Dewey: "You get the hell away from me, Cheryl Cox-Tiegs!"
He runs to the pink sink, Cheryl: "If you tear that sink off the wall, I'm leaving you."
Dewey, with madness in his eyes: "Oh, yeah?"
Cheryl: "Yeah."
He rips the sink out of the wall.
He looks angry again and Cheryl says "I'm leaving you, Dewey Cox" and walks away.
Now he regrets it, screams "No!" and runs after her.

Unrated 47,5 sec longer
=> Counted as two cuts

Alternative footage
83:28-83:35 (104:58-105:24)

The shots of the band differ a bit, presumably because the end of the shot in the R-Rated provides a better change over to the next scene backstage (R-Rated).


The song is one verse longer in he Unrated.

Unrated 19,3 sec longer

84:15 (106:04-106:25)

The appearance of Ghostface Killah has been extended.

20,5 sec

85:07 (107:17-109:26)

After the meeting with the Temptations, the Unrated contains a scene, in which Dewey talks with his dead family in his room. He realizes that, despite all doubts, he has achieved a lot.

Dewey stands in front of the mirror, adjusting his wig. Then he takes off his glasses and thinks: "Do I still have what it takes? Am I still the man I used to be? And do I even want to be?"
His mirror image answers: "You're still Dewey Cox. And you're the only man who ever will be."
Dewey: "But is that enough?"
Suddenly Little Nate appears and says: "It's more than enough."
Dewey: "Nate. Have I fulfilled my promise to be double great for the both of us?"
Nate: "Are you kidding? You've made 44 gold records. You've been addicted to, and then kicked almost every drug known to man. You slept with 411 women and three men. Dewey, you have had an awesome life."
Dewey: "I have, haven't I?"
Now his father sits in the corner and affirms: "You sure have."
Dewey greets him nervously, Pa Cox continues: "Son, you learned the hard way. You can't spend all your time thinking about Dewey Cox. You gotta think about the world and your family."
Little-Dewey joins the conversation: "But then, at the same time..."
Dewey: "Are you my inner child?"
Little-Dewey: "Yeah, Dewey, I'm you."
Dewey's mirror image: "He's us."
Little-Dewey: "You realized you gotta take care of Dewey Cox."
Pa Cox: "That's a little different than what I was saying."
Dewey: "You're all right. Pa, inner child, Nate, my own reflection. I've learned that I can't spend all my time thinking about Dewey Cox. And I've also learned I need to love Dewey Cox. I can't spend all my time thinking about other people. I have to focus on myself. But also not focus on myself and instead focus on other people. It's all so clear now."
The mirror image looks puzzled.
Now Dewey's mother comes along and says: "It's not about yourself and other people."
Little Nate adds: "It's about the music."
Mirror image: "It always has been."
Dewey repeats that sentence, which is repeated a second time by a Dewey image in a dress.
Dewey, puzzled: "Who are you?"
Female Dewey: "I'm your feminine side. I've been waiting for you to get in touch with me."

129,1 sec

Alternative footage
88:16-88:21 (112:35-112:40)

In the R-Rated, his parents and a grown up nate are watching. In the Unrated there are his parents and both brothers as children.
The R-Rated then shows a shot of his parents, the Unrated one of both children. The next shot of Dewey begins earlier in the Unrated.

No time difference


Alternative footage
88:25-88:27 (112:44-112:46)

Shot of the parents in the Unrated, Nate giving Dewey the finger in the R-Rated. The following shot begins ten frames earlier in the R-Rated.

No time difference


Alternative footage
88:37-88:40 (112:56-112:59)

Big Nate in the R-Rated, both children in the Unrated.

No time difference


Alternatives Material
88:44-88:49 (113:03-113:08)

Dito. The next shot of Dewey starts earlier in the R-Rated.

No time difference