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original title: Sam Dak Woh Seung Yi Chung Mai Luk


  • BBFC 18 Blu-ray
  • US-DVD
Release: Oct 30, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored British Blu-ray by Eureka! and the uncensored US DVD by 20th Century Fox

- 2 censored scenes
- No time difference


Sammo Hung's recommendable directing debut The Iron-Fisted Monk from 1977 came to Great Britain uncut for the first time as part of the Blu-ray box "Three Films with Sammo Hung". Previously, several cuts had been made in the rape scene for a BBFC 18 rating, which was no longer necessary after a new review. In fact, the film is uncut - but unfortunately not uncensored.

The rape is now completely visible, but defused in two other ways. A side shot shows the abdomen of both of them and has now been zoomed in a bit. Only at the very end after the actual act there is a short shot with exposed pubic area. It is also zoomed in immediately, so that this lasts only barely noticeable 0.3 sec. Most viewers will hardly spot this, but for exactly these few frames a blur effect has been applied to the Blu-ray. That's really no reason to boycot the first-class 2K restoration, yet these are questionable interventions. Especially with the previous censorship history in Great Britain, it's a shame that the movie didn't end up on the disc in its completely uncensored original version after all.

The BBFC often has problems with sexualized violence, but nudity itself is usually uncritical. Especially the blur effect would be atypical and otherwise the Brits censor more sadistic moments, not something like the side shot. It is therefore possible that these adjustments were already made by Fortune Star in Hong Kong during the restoration and cannot be attributed to Eureka. However, this is pure speculation for the time being, as there has been no statement from the label about the censorship so far.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: British Blu-ray / US DVD in NTSC
The British Blu-ray has a logo of Fortune Star at the beginning.

+ 36 sec

28:06-28:12 / 27:30-27:36

In a lateral shot you can also see the lower body of Fung and Liang's sister. The Blu-ray is zoomed here, so this is outside of the picture.

No time difference (6 sec censored material)

British Blu-rayUS DVD

Blur effect
29:13 / 28:37

When the mother comes into the room and finds Liang's sister on the bed, she is briefly seen completely naked. The camera approaches immediately, the pubic area is only 7 frames in the picture. Exactly for these 7 frames, however, a blur effect was added in the HD master.

No time difference (0.3 sec censored material)

British Blu-rayUS DVD

The end fade-in is different and only the British Blu-ray mentions Fortune Star afterwards.

British Blu-ray 5 sec longer

British Blu-rayUS DVD