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Santa Sangre


House Of Cruel Dolls

The Saint

Bear Island


  • Uncut
Release: Mar 09, 2010 - Author: McClane - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared is the Uncut Version with the PG Video (RCA/Columbia) which seems to be a standard version, most of the cuts are plot scenes. The reasons are unknown, maybe the cuts were made for economical reasons to reach a running time that's suitable for cheaper tapes. The index time refers to the Uncut Version. The descriptions in brakes do not belong to the cut scenes, that's just what happens before and after. Difference: 32 cuts = 11 min 24 sec
0:04:00 [Larsen stars at the glacier.] Shot of the ice desert, Larsen takes off his hood. [Again the ice desert.] 5 sec

0:09:06 [Lindquist grabs Lansing's arm and checks the current time.] Lindquist looks at Lansing who looks back. [Lindquist checks Lansing's pulse.] 4 sec

0:09:50 [Lindquist grabs the Thermos bottle.] Lindquist opens the bottle while Lansing is watching her. Lansing excuses for being a bit harsh. Lindquist explains how she considers herself and asks him to drink. She passes him a full mug. Lansing grabs the mug, says "Yes" and takes a hit. After that Lensing says that he was doing very well and puts the mug away. Lindquist tells him that she was the doc around there and that, even if he didn't want to, he had to drink it. Lansing reluctanly agrees and drinks. [Lansing leaves the room.] 36 sec

0:13:11 [Gerran says that he wasn't gonna tolerate the dispute any more.] Then he starts to explain that they had to live together on that island for several months and that living there was hard enough, even without any political disagreements. Shot of the faces of the two grounded guys in the meantime. [The crew on deck.] 10 sec

0:15:23 [The ship passes the cliffs.] Hartman mentions that the cliffs were so close that one could them with his hand. Langsing asks if he said sth. Hartman excuses and repeats that it seemed as if one could touch the cliffs because they were so close. [The members of the expedition watch the cliffs.] 23 sec

0:16:32 [An expedition member says that it would be a terrific place to die.] He adds that they were poor devils. Rubin tells him to spare his condolences and that the submarines sent thousands of Allieds to death. Lansing just watches, shot of the graves. Smithy watches Lansing. [The ship passes the cliffs, the graves in the front.] 18 sec

0:19:04 [The ship leaves.] Smithy wants to know what happened to the sea bag. Lansing tells him that sb. had searched his cabin and that it didn't make sense to complain because nothing had been stolen. Smithy asks if he had it reported and Lansing says that he had reported it to Gerran. Smithy still can't believe it. [Smithy and Lansing join the group.] 19 sec

0:19:54 [Smithy says "Well"] Lansing is silent. Smithy asks what's up. Lansing explains that one could image what had happended there during war. [Shot of an imperial eagle fresco.] 10 sec

0:21:10 [Smithy watches.] Lansing rushes around and asks for lasso leash. The expedition member says that she didn't have any. Lansing shows his sea bag and aks if sb. had sth. to fix it, a few people deny his request. Lansing meets Lindquist and asks him for help. Lindquist tells him that a patch should fix it and that he got one. [Heyter enters the kitchen.] 15 sec

0:21:57 [Heyter: „Good night, Vienna.“] Lindquist fixes the bag. Lansing checks out the book on the table. He reads the title and the author, Dr. Heddi Lindquist. As a matter of fact this book is just Vol. 1. That's why he asks Lindquist about the subject of Vol. 2. Lindquist replies that he was still working on it. Lansing asks if that expedition was stressful. Lindquist laughes and agrees. Then he says that he couldn't make it (going out with a psychiatrist) because he had to choose his words very carefully. He puts the book away. Lindquist explains that the stuff that came up his mind first, was usually the best because it was honest at least. Lansing asks if he wanted to hear it but Lindquist tells him to concentrate on biology. Lansing agrees with him and sits down. Lansing asks if he knew that the bass has a very active sexual life. Lindquist tells him that he'd already known and asks if he knew that the female lays a lot of eggs and that she lays them in a very special way. Lansing agrees and comes up with details. Both laugh and Lindquist also agrees to Lansing. [The ship leaves.] 74 sec

0:24:39 [Lansing using his binoculars.] A further shot of the collapse. Back in the canteen the cook fills Gerran's plate and names the food on the table while he's passing him the plate. Lansing turns around and explains that he wanted to tell him how much he liked his stories about the German navy for a long time. Gerran reacts flattered, but according to Lansing, there's no reason to be. Gerran explains that it was just a hobby and he asks Lansing to excuse him. Lansing watches him while he's leaving. [The expedition members sit down at table.] 24 sec

0:27:56 [Rubin says that that was the reason why he joined the expedition, Lansing looks at her.] Lansing says that the nazis had called him a hero and that he didn't know what a hero was. Afterwards, Lensing sits reading in his room. He puts the book away, takes out a case and watches the pictures in it. [Lansing and a college come out of the cabin.] 52 sec

0:49:17 [Jungbeck peeks.] Heyter's lying on the ground, Lansing circles him. Heyter jumps up, gets Lansing and pushes him into a shelf full of basketballs, the shelf collapses. He hits Lensing with some wood of the shelf. A bystander says to Smithy that he should tell them to stop. Smithy replies that he'd had to pay for that. Lansing throws a basketballs at Heyter. Jungbeck wants to interfere but Smithy stops him. Heyter gets up again and gets a three-time hit in the face. He avenges by kicking Lansing in the nuts. Smithy and Jungbeck are watching the fight. Heyter wants to kick Lansing's face but he grabs Heyter's leg and puts him down. Lansing keeps on fighting him, Smithy's still watching. Heyter headbutts Lansing, a bystander turns away and leans to a punching bag. Heyter grabs a piece of wood but Lansing's faster, he smashes the door of the closet into his face. Lansing grabs Heyter. [Lansing pulls his opponent up.] 48 sec

0:52:23 [Heyter stands near the door of the hospital.] Lansing meets Gerran. Gerran calls for Dr. Lansing because he wants to know how the fight started. Lansing says that this was just training. Gerran responds that the irresponsability endangers the succeed of the whole expedition and he asks Lansing if he was aware of that. He lists the stuff that happened before. Lansing explains that he had just lost his temper. Gerran supposes that it wasn't the right place for scientists who can't control themselves and that he would be replaced if there was another incident. Gerran leaves, Lansing watches him. [Jungbeck on the submarine.] 54 sec

0:53:43 [Jungbeck: „Lansing.“] Lindquist washes his hands, looks in the mirror and recognizes sth. She turns around and walks to the letter board for the eye exam. Some letters are painted red, the painted letters read the word LARSEN. Lindquist picks up the board and finds a letter on the back. [Smithy prepares the snowmobile for leaving.] 44 sec

0:54:41 [The snowmoblie leaves.] Heyter steps back to Jungbeck and says "Good night, Vienna". [Shot of the icebergs.] 5 sec

0:55:08 [Smithy gets out of the snowmobile.] Gerran asks Lindquist why he needed the personal files of the whole staff. Lindquist explains that he wanted to create a detailed medical file to have all facts, like blood type, available in a case of emergency. Gerran says he appriciated that and that he was only allowed to check the files in that office. Gerran passes the key to his secretary who opens the file cabinet. [Lansing goes to Smithy.] 17 sec

0:58:08 [Lechinski fährt davon.] Lindquist checks the files, the word "Hamburg" is marked in several files. She takes Lansing's file which says Hamburg as place of birth. That's why she closes the filme immediately, a voice informs about their arrival. [Heyter and Jungbeck leave the cabin.] 33 sec

0:58:47 [The snowmobile comes closer to the camp.] Heyter and Jungbeck just watch, the other members run there. [The snowmobile arrives at the camp.] 8 sec

0:59:02 [Lansing gets up.] Lindquist arrives and exchange glances with Lansing. [Gerran arrives.] 8 sec

1:00:21 [Hartman pulls off his face protection.] Inside the cabin Lindquist pulls off her boots, Lansing enters. Awkward silence, Lansing starts whistling. Then he asks if sth. bothered her. Lindquist replies that it could be. Lansing says that he knew that this day would come. He adds that he got almost shot off his butt and furthermore that her analyst was angry with him and that it was the last thing he needed. Lindquist asks if she was allowed to make a serious request and if she would get a serious answer. Lansing tells her that she would. So she asks him why he joined the expedition. Lindquist gets up and Lansing agrees to tell her. He explains that his father was based there as a German submarine commander during the war. Both are quiet and look at each other, then Lindquist fells around his neck thankfully. Lansing mentions that it was the first time that he was hugged because his father had been German. He kisses her forehead. Lindquist says that he had found a message of Larsen which said that Jungbeck and Heyter were nazis. [Lansing wants know the rest.] 57 sec

1:07:02 [Gerran says that a lot similar-thinking peope had the same wish.] That they wanted to find the gold to give it back for redemption. [The camp at night.] 8 sec

1:07:56 [Gerran says that some of them were signed by George Smith.] Heyter and Jungbeck check the documents. [Heyter mentions that the name popped up regularly.] 2 sec

1:08:11 [Gerran says that he had to find the gold before sb. else did.] Hartman expresses his doubts about the gold, Gerran looks at him. [The broadcasting tower wambles.] 4 sec

1:08:40 [Lechinski enters.] The guy Smithy's playing cads with, wants to know where he had been before. Smithy tells him that he had frightened the polar bears. [Lechinski passes the chimney.] 5 sec

1:20:43 [The guard has been left at the door.] Gerran stands in the corner of the room. Lansing says to Lindquist that he was going to do the first shift so that she could sleep a couple of hours. He adds that Zelda was forced to do sth. Lindquist rests, Gerran dimms the light. [Snow comes in through the window.] 23 sec

1:21:19 [Snow falls down the roof.] Lansing controles the sleeping room. Lechinski wakes up and starts to talk that he wasn't allowed to succeed and that they had to catch him. Lindquist gets up, runs to him and tells him to calm down and not to move. Lansing replies that he had to stay conscious. [Lechinski touches the wound.] 24 sec

1:29:54 [The snowmobiles in the snow.] The chase through the ice desert continues. [Lindquist looks over her shoulder.] 9 sec

1:32:41 [Lansing throws the ice pick at his opponent.] The ice pick hits his chest so that he falls back on the snowmobile. Lansing rushes down there, grabs the ice pick but he accidentally falls. His opponent attacks him, Lansing rolls over to avoid a hit. The other one falls in the ice pick. [Lindquist keeps on driving with the snowmobile.] 9 sec

1:41:24 [The snwomobile comes closer to the pier.] Hartman leaves his cabin. Smithy wants to know where he's heading to. Hartman arrives on the deck, Smithy tells him to stop. Gerran aims the ship, the expedition members arrive. Gerran misses the mark and collapses. Smithy pushes Hartman, the members watch the ship, one of them identifies Smithy. The ship leaves the pier, Smithy invites them to enter. [One of the members yells that the professor was injured.] 28 sec

1:48:32 [Hartman starts burning.] He runs around like a living torch. [Lansing puts the signal pistol away.] 2 sec

1:48:35 [Lansing puts the signal pistol away.] Hartman tumbles while he's burning, Lansing watches him. Hartman tumbles to the railing. [Hartman goes overboard.] 6 sec