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First Great Train Robbery, The


  • European DVD / BBFC 12
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 05, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the European DVD and an uncut TV recording.

Director and screenwriter Michael Crichton adapted his own novel about the first "Great Train Robbery" 1855 in a very suspenseful as well as humorous way. For the DVD release, unfortunately, 32 seconds containing a dog fighting against rats have been edited so the dog is never really seen fighting the rats. instead, only the audience's reaction is shown.

Due to animal violence the film had to be cut in Great Britain. MGM, as always, then released the same DVD not only in Great Britain but also in other European countries, so that there to only the cut version was available, although said scenes do not offend any laws in those countries.

European DVD: 1:45:29 Min. incl. ending credits
Uncut Version: 1:46:36 Min. incl. ending credits
Cut scenes: 1
Running time of the cut scene: 32 Sec.
15:30 Min.

The bookie orders his assistants to bring the rats out and warns him to not let anything happen to them. The rats are let into the arena, running around squeaking. The assistants step back, carrying the now empty cages. From the rats perspective we see the dog and his owner, letting the dog into the arena. The dog starts killing the rats and is brought out of the arena again after the fight. 32 Sec.

European DVD
Here the bookie asks the dog owner whether he is ready to start and the owner affirms. Then follows the cut to the audience, very clearly audible. Now follows a long camera pan over the cheering audience, including the owner encouraging his dog. Normally a cut to the dog would follow here but, accompanied again by a very audible jumpcut, a long shot of the audience is shown. The bookie announces the end of the fight and the owner is disappointed that his dog was not able to kill every rat. Sean Connery is now seen behind the owner. The bookie orders his assistants to get the dogs out of the arena. The assistant grabbing the dog is missing again but in the background we can hear the rats squeaking.