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original title: Tai yang zhi zi


  • Export Version (German Blu-ray)
  • Hong Kong Version
Release: Oct 19, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison betweenthe export version (HD Master of the German Blu-ray released by Shamrock Media / Ascot Elite) and the Hong Kong version (Hongkong-Laserdisc)

22 differences:
* 16 additional scenes in the Hong Kong version
* 6 additional scenes in the export version

Difference in time: 364.3 sec (= 6:04 min)
* Additional material in the Hong Kong version: 616 sec (= 10:16 min)
* Additional material in the export version: 251.7 sec (= 4:12 min)

A few minor framecuts of under 0.5 seconds were disregarded for this report since they result from a bad mastertape.

This pretty entertaining, yet trashy fantasy flick was made in 1990 in Hong Kong and starrs Cynthia Rothrock, Conan Lee, and Lam Ching Ying. There is a lot of cheesy Hong Kong humor to sit through, yet the audience is rewarded with quite a few very nice fight scenes.
There are only very few international releases so far. After a rather bad DVD, Germany received a Blu-ray release by Shamrock Media / Ascot Elite. For this, the producers were able to get their hands on a neat HD-master. While doing research on the movie, they found out a fact that was not too well known: In Hong Kong the movie was released in a longer version. As is often the case, Western countries recieved an export version that missed out on comedy and some of the plot - yet offers some exclusive material that is not included in the Hong Kong version.

The additional material is not a big miss. Many scenes consist of rather cheesy humor and at times cultural references. A rather noticeable change is the fact that there are several scenes with additional ghosts next to Lam Ching Ying's character. A few minor cuts within a fight scene with Rothrock towards the end of the movie are bothersome, yet the scenes are not any heavier than the rest of the fights and thus were probably just taken out to increase the flow of the movie. In return, the export version's additional material is not too interesting.

All in all, viewers should be fine with the already known export version and can look forward to checking out the Blu-ray version. Additionally, the alternative Hong Kong version is supposedly a part of the bonus material of the Blu-ray. Unfortunately, this master includes forced subtitles.

We want to thank spannick for providing us with the material for this comparison!

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Export Version [PAL] / Hong Kong Laserdisc [PAL]
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Right after the company logo, the Export-master shows the title on a black screen. The Hong Kong version instead shows ist during the first shot. The following credits were created in the language of the respective audiences.

Export version 6 sec longer

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Throughout the movie, only the Hong Kong version has Chinese subtitles. This will be ignored for the rest of the report.

Export VersionHong Kong Version

Export Version longer
15:34-15:55 / 15:27

The shot of Tiger and Orange is longer in the export versio. After that, his buddy Fu comes over and says that they have arrived at Hong Kong. Tiger bends down and unintentionally pushes Fu who thus falls out of the train. Tiger does not seem to notice his misery and instead says that he could have waited. He jumps after him.

+ 20,5 sec

18:48 / 18:30-20:08

After the boy promised to go and search for May, there is an additional scene with the school principal. Two men want to speak to May – or rather collect debts from her. However, there is a linguistic misunderstanding, after all, they refer to May as „principal“. The actual principal corrects their mistake. This leads to a small brawl and the principal does not seem to let go of the situation.. The little boy appears and is sent inside the office in order not to witness too much of the confrontation outside.
In the end the principal intimidates the two men by claiming to have connections to the Triads. After the two men have gone, the principal explains that this was just a lie.

107.2 sec

19:34 / 20:54-21:24

The kids play a few weird games in class: they are asked to leave the circle in the middle if certain statements apply to them. The respective reactions are quite a surprise for May and her colleague.

29.8 sec

24:15 / 26:04-26:08

There is another shot of Tiger going to the window.

3.9 sec

26:21 / 28:14-28:51

The discussion at the table is a little longer. The little kid defends Tiger and May is soon out of arguments – or rather slips into a not very flattering assessment.

37 sec

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