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Lemon Popsicle 1-7 Box Set

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Thelma & Louise

National Lampoon's Vacation

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Covenant

The Burning

Lemon Popsicle 2 - Going Steady

original title: Yotzim Kavua


  • UK DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Feb 03, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD and the German DVD reissue.

British DVD: 85:45 min without end credits (86:47 with credits) in NTSC equals 82:15 min without ending credits (83:14 with credits)in PAL

German DVD reissue: 82:59 min w/o credits (84:12 w credits)

- 3 cuts
- Total cut length = 39,2 sec

(Remaining time difference due to different credits)

The DVD box set containing parts 1-7 of the well-known Lemon Popsicle series features only cut versions of the movies (except part three). These cuts might just be mastering mistakes but are several seconds long.

The British DVD lacks some short story sequences and probably offers some other version than the old VHS release. The remarkable thing in all of the versions is the nude scene of Benny and Tammy though. Here, some lines of the background song ("My little One" by Frankie Layne) are missing even in the uncut version. It seems as if in the original cut Benny's penis had been visibile but was removed before the release. On the new British DVD, however, this has been made less obvious by starting the song earlierso now everything of it (including the forerly missing lines in bold) can be heard:

"And if you're in need of a world of cheer you can always turn to me. My little one though I love you so."

Some words about the British DVD: In this box set it offers by far the worst picture quality. It has been zoomed from 2,35:1 to 4:3 and has obviously been taken from an old VHS tape. Additionally, this is the only movie in the box that was available in NTSC and had to be transferred to PAL first.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
British DVD in NTSC/ German DVD in PAL
The German DVD starts a tiny bit earlier.

1 sec


The credits are displayed in another font.

British DVDGerman DVD

18:44 / 17:59-18:10

The shot is longer. Benny is coughing nervously again. Tammy's dad instantly reacts and asks him if something it wrong and if he wanted some more food. Benny is self-conscious and declines.

(The question for food can be heard in the British edition, too. It has been moved on the soundtrack.)
11 sec

61:07 / 58:51

This is the formerly mentioned scene in which the German version lacks some lines of the background song.

63:50 / 60:25-60:52

After the camera pan to Johnny and the other the first confrontation between Shelly and Bobby is missing.

Bobby kisses the girl and then sees Shelly. He asks her if everything was alright. She declines and asks him if he felt good making out with that slut. Bobby defends himself, but the girl is unnerved and goes away. Shelly then tells him to go after her, but Bobby says that she couldn't tell him what to do.

26,8 sec

82:51 / 80:07-80:08

Tammy's parents can be seen a bit longer and the following shot of Benny running up the stairs starts a bit earlier, too.

1,4 sec

Finally, a picture comparison taken from the different DVDs.

British DVDGerman DVD