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  • International Version
  • Korean DVD
Release: Apr 24, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD ("Keine Jugendfreigabe", international version) released by Constantin Film and the Korean DVD released by Ein's M&M / Taewon Entertainment

- German DVD: 80:14 min without end credits (85:10 min with end credits) in PAL

- Korean DVD: 81:10 min without end credits (86:22 min with end credits) in NTSC
=> that is 77:50 min without end credits (82:50 min with end credits) in PAL

22 parts that are different, including
* 8x alternative footage
* 9 cuts only in the Korea version
* 5 cuts only in the international version

Difference: 141 sec (= 2:21 min)
(Additional difference because of different credits)

The movie

This Co-Production from France, Hong Kong and Japan is the life-action adaptation of the anime with the same name which was produced in 2000 and has been directed by Chris Nahon who had already made a name for himself with Empire of the Wolves and Kiss Of The Dragon. The well known Corey Yuen has been responsible for the action-choreography, once again.
The story is about the half-vampire Saya who works for a secret organization and protects the world from demons while also seeking revenge from their almighty leader Onigen who has murdered her father, years ago.

The whole thing looks pretty good but that can hardly disguise the fact that we are dealing with trash here, even if it is some kind of high quality trash.
What might be disliked by some are the poorly animated CGI-blood-orgies. The blood is plenty but if the genre-fan will find pleasure in this is more than questionable.

The versions

The reason for this report is an alternative version of the movie that exists at least on the Korea DVD. It is shorter than the international version which is mostly due to a plot cut at the beginning of the movie. It can hardly be guessed why this scene is missing - other scenes with the character Kato (played by Yasuaki Kurata who is known for many roles he has played in the last 30 years) are still in the movie, just as the hints to Saya's background story.
More interesting, however, are the changes in the two big fighting scenes. The second one seems to contain a few censorship changes, at least the international version contains more (CGI)-gore. The first one, however, contains a lot of things in an alternative order and at some parts the Korean version contains even more action. So the version remains interesting for the fans of the movie even though there is hardly any reason not to be satisfied with the international version.

The Japanes version, however is even longer than the international version. It is discussed in another report on this side.

Running times are listed according to the scheme
German DVD in PAL / Korean DVD in NTSC


Mentioned for completion:

Different credits at the beginning, the German DVD is a little longer.

+ 8 sec

German DVDKorea version

The first company logo is missing on the German DVD.

German DVDKorea version

Cut in the Korea version
05:57-07:45 / 06:04

Before the briefing with Michael the Korean version lacks a longer flashback telling us more about Saya.

She walks across the street remembering a conversation with her master Kato about her dead father and her resulting quest for revenge - For the dialogue have a look at the subtitles (the entire scene is in Japanese).

+ 108.4 sec

Alternative footage
29:12-29:14 / 28:25-28:27

Two very short shots use a different part in each version. Saya's hit with the sword (only a few frames, too) can be seen from a completely different angle and the following explosion is a little alternative, too.

no time difference

International versionKorea version

Cut in the international version
29:17 / 28:31

The Korea version offers a very short additional shot from bird's-eye view when Saya flips over the big basket to protect Alice.

0.4 sec

Cut in the international version
29:19 / 28:33

At the transition between two shots (Saya disappeared in the fog and a closer shot of her) the Korea version contains six more frames.

0.2 sec

Cut in the Korea version
30:10-30:15 / 29:26

The Korea version lacks how another guy arrives and gets kicked into a shopping window by Saya, this happens in slow motion. Then she goes back in her position.

+ 5.5 sec

Alternative footage
30:47-30:48 / 30:00-30:06

Shortly, an alternative order after the one guy has landed on the ground.

In the international version we only see Saya kicking another guy and slicing the enemy behind her (in normal speed but right before she touches him a jump-cut can be noticed).

In the Korea version, however, the camera moves up from that shot and we see another guy jumping up and pulling out a pole.
Then the same shot as in the international version but it starts a little earlier, and from the middle (meaning from the moment when Saya turns around to the guy behind her) it is in extreme slow motion. Here, we see the jump-cut, too, but right before it there are additional slowed down frames of the enemy aiming to hit her. The shot ends a little earlier than in the international version but because of the extreme slow motion we see the CGI-blood caused by her sword a little longer.

Korea version 5.1 sec longer

Cut in the Korea version
30:49 / 30:07

The aggressor jumps at Saya in 2 more frames.

+ 0.1 sec

Alternative footage
30:51 / 30:09

In the Korea version the shot of Saya is longer, in the international version the following shot from above starts slightly earlier.

Korea version 0.2 sec longer

International versionKorea version

Cut in the international version
30:52 / 30:11

Saya slightly longer in the Korea version.

0.2 sec

Cut in the international version
31:13 / 30:33-30:34

Additional shot of Saya in the Korea version (she turns around when Alice is walking towards her).

1 sec

Alternative footage
31:15-31:23 / 30:36-30:43

Alternative order in the two versions when Saya is striking out.

International version:

Again Alice walking towards Saya, then Saya throws a pole that goes through the heads of several enemies and throws some others to the ground.
Then, once again, we see the running Saya and the guys on the ground getting up.

Korea version:

Here, Saya throws the umbrella she has grabbed, before, in the direction of the guys following Alice bringing them to the ground.

the international version is 0.8 sec longer

Cut in the international version
31:24 / 30:44

In the Korea version the slow motion shot of Saya moving the sword past Alice starts a little earlier.

0.5 sec

Alternative footage
31:34-31:54 / 30:54-31:20

Here, after a shot of Saya the two versions are completely different for about half a minute and just start being parallel when the monster grabs Alice.

International version:

A guy comes from behind a shop and mutates in several shots, then he jumps to the side.

Korea version:

Alice screams, Saya jumps up a station and finishes off some aggressors.
The guy from the international version notices her, mutates for a while and the following shot of Alice begins a little earlier.

The Korea version is 4.2 sec longer

Cut in the Korea version
32:55-32:56 / 32:24

The Korea version lacks a shot of Alice in the arms of the monster.

+ 1.2 sec

Alternative footage
33:01-33:03 / 32:29-32:35

The international version only shows Saya jumping from one roof to the next, then a frontal shot of her bursting through a sign.

The Korea version, however, shows Saya in the house running through several walls, in between the monster in the air, again.

(With the shot of her bursting through the sign the two versions start being parallel again)

The Korea version is 4.4 sec longer

Cut in the Korea version
35:43-35:54 / 35:21

In the Korea version the shot does not get cut and Saya pulls out the sword.
The international version, however, interrupts the shot showing another flashback of her former master in which she realizes that she is a demon - her master, however, disagrees because she has a human soul.
In between another shot of Saya, the following shot begins a little earlier, too.

+ 11.5 sec

Cut in the Korea version
60:34-60:37 / 61:05

The Korea version lacks a shot of blood coming out of Kato's body, such as a reverse shot of his face.

+ 2.8 sec

Cut in the Korea version
61:37-61:38 / 62:08

The shot of Kato with his hands separated has been shortened on the Korea DVD.

+ 0.8 sec

Cut in the Korea version
61:39-61:41 / 62:09

Another possible censorship cut in the Korea version: We see Saya a first time, then a shot of Kato with fountains of CGI-blood.

+ 1.6 sec

Cut in the Korea version
75:31-75:32 / 76:34

The Korea version lacks a shot of Enigon.
(Her line, however, can be heard just the same)

+ 1 sec

Alternative footage
75:33-75:35 / 76:35-76:38

In the international version after the shot of Saya another close up of Enigon, while the Korea version shows her in a wider shot, then in a closer shot tracking towards her.

The Korea version is 1 sec longer

International versionKorea version

Alternative footage
79:41-80:13 / 80:56-81:09

Alternative ending.

International version:

Alice can be seen a bit longer, then a transition to a landscape.
After a tracking shot we see Saya once again looking into the camera.

Korea version:

We fade away from Alice a little earlier, but to a shot of Saya walking through an alley and turning to the camera after a few different shots - the first shots of the scene that has been cut at the beginning of this version that shows Saya remembering a conversation with Kato.

The international version is 19 sec longer