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Release: Jul 27, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The second Actioner with Wrestling-Superstar John Cena (The Marine) under direction of Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) started in US-Theaters on 03.27.09 rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and action). In England, the movie was cut to get a BBFC 12A-Rating instead of the BBFC 15. the BBFC-database provides the following information about the cuts:

Company chose to remove focus on a bloodied knife used to stab a man and close-up focus on the bloodied face of a woman after she has been hit by a van. Cuts made to achieve a 12A classification, and in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut 15 was available.

The movie isn't really brutal, bloody attractions are rare and even the Extreme Cut, promotionally effectively marketed Unrated does not change this fact and only shows that the movie has been conceived as a PG-13-vehicle from the start. Additionaly, the new footage is not especially spectacular and would not be enough to justify a new bargain. But since both versions are contained in the US-DVD, the annoyance of this being a bluff package is kept within reasonable limits.

The Extreme Cut (Unrated) has been compared to the Theatrical Version (PG-13) (both contained on the US-DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment).

10 changes, of them

1 additional dialog
1 extended dialog with alternative footage
3 potential violence cuts
5 additional action scenes

The Extreme Cut is 123 seconds respectively 2 minutes, 4 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version
Violence cut
KF/Unrated: 0:13:00: No cut, but rather a color censorship. In the Unrated Version, the blood on the edge of the knife is more red and noticeable than in the Theatrical Cut.
No time difference

Theatrical CutUnrated

Violence cut
0:13:00: The edge can be seen a bit longer in the Extreme Cut.
0,92 Sec.

Additional action scene:
There is a little more action during the car chase. Danny climbs the roof of a car and gets shot at by Miles, but he only hits the windshield. Miles says: "This guy is really starting to annoy me." Danny then continues his way through the ruins of a warehouse and gets fired at by Miles. With an encouraged jump through the window he can save himself, even though he injues his hand a little doing so. Erica is stressed and asks: "Come on! You got him?".
Danny has gotten back up on his legs again and kicks in a door, Erica asks Miles: "You see him?" and Miles seekingly looks around.
49 Sec.

Violence cut
0:22:11: In the Extreme Cut, Erica can be seen longer lying dead on the ground.
2,56 Sec.

Additional action scene
0:48:03: Danny demolishes a stall with the fire dept pump car.
7,68 Sec.

Additional action scene
0:49:30: Danny crushes even more cars with the truck.
21,8 Sec.

Extended dialog with alternate footage
Theatrical Cut: 1:09:04
Unrated: 1:10:12
: The Unrated features additional dialog.
Danny gives Miles an encouraged "Fuck you!" The people in the bus look around partly indignantly and Miles comments on this: "Very clever. I asked you here, Danny, because I wanted to see the face of a man who knows he can't win. The face of a man whose life is sitting five feet in front of him, yet, he can't just reach out and grab her.". Because the alternate footage is so trivial, only the scene of the Extreme Cut is being depicted here.
24,68 Sec.

Additional Dialog
1:26:01: A passanger says to another one: "Oh, we gotta start taking the bus."
4,2 Sec.

Additional action scene
1:42:14: In the Extreme Cut, there is a short take of the recharging defibrillator-pad.
2,72 Sec.

Additional action scene
1:42:30: Miles grabs for the two defibrillator-pads and energizes Danny. He screams, drops backwards and impends to fall out of the helicopter.
10,44 Sec.