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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 16, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both included on the old Blu-ray released by Miramax / Studiocanal)

- 11 differences, 6 of them with alternative footage
- Difference in time: 434.5 sec (= 7:15 min)

As you can see in the long comparison about 54's Director's Cut, the Theatrical Version did not make director Mark Christopher happy. Back in the days, the studio released an "Extended Version" without Christopher's involvement, and which the following report takes a look at. This Extended Version is also included in the UK Blu-ray's bonus material.

This version adds about 7 minutes which - for the most part - are also included in the Director's Cut. A few sequences are entirely exclusive. It is interesting to see that most of the new material revolves around sexual content. The main mood of the movie does not really change, which means that some of the scenes in the club as well as some of the sex scenes do not reach their full potential. Still, there is some gain for fans of the tame Theatrical Version that is more suitable for the mass.

Runtimes are listed as follows:
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Extended Version Blu-ray
01:47 / 01:47-02:27

Just after they had talked about the sexual relationships they have with the same girls over and over again we get to see some footage that depicts it.
Subsequently there is a conversation. Shane appartently ejaculated prematurely and says that this is due to the fact that the girl is so pretty. He says that he wants to go out with her again tomorrow. The girl makes it clear that she is from Montclair and thus does not go out with people from Jersey City.

40.1 sec

Alternative Scene
07:37-07:53 / 08:17-08:46

Shane follows the woman on the stairs in both versions. However, the Extended Version follows the woman going up the stairs, using a different and longer take.
When Shane walks down the steps, there's some more alternative footage.

Extended Version 13.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Alternative Scene
07:57-08:10 / 08:50-09:18

Two alternartive takes while the woman talks to Shane.

Extended Version 14.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Alternative Scene
15:57-16:05 / 17:04-17:45

Shane follows the woman (Patty) a little longer through the rooms. At the same time we can see more details of the lascivious ongoings in the club.

The kissing is more passionate, thanks to the longer alternative takes.

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Extended Version 31.8 sec longer

Alternative Scene
33:20-34:03 / 35:00-36:35

When Shane has sex with Billie, there are for the most part alternative takes (using the same perspective). The Extended Version therefore shows the intercourse more elaborately. Billie is on top a little longer and Shane moans more intensive.

The dialog for the most part stayed the same, despite the different takes. Still, the Extended Version is a little more extensive. Billie at first tells him to suppress the orgasm for a while and praises Shane's quick learning. After that, she lasciviously asks Shane what he would be ready to do in order to get the job. At this point, both versions heavily differ from each other:
- In the Theatrical Version, Billie comments that Shane should take anything he wants. All he needed to do was finding out what other people want.
- In the Extended Version, Shane reacts with a change of position which Billie does not seem to enjoy too much, after all, she quickly falls asleep. Shane tries to wake her up, but then rather opts for watching his movements in the mirror.

Extended Version 52.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

38:18 / 40:50-40:58

Two additional shots of dancers in the club which – unlike many other differences – are not included in a similar way in the Director's Cut.

8.3 sec

Alternative Scene
38:31-38:36 / 41:11-41:34

Shane gets it on with the Blonde in the Jacuzzi a little longer.
When he wakes up next to different girl during the following montage (and yes: it's still girls, while the Director's Cut also adds a man), the beginning of this sequence uses alternative takes.

Extended Version 16.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

47:05-47:07 / 50:03-53:09

After Steve's TV interview, there is an additional scene with Shane and Anita which further introdces the affair. This scene was also used in the Director's Cut.

He wants to help her cooking. During this, they get pretty close and Shane obviously wants to provoke a kiss. Suddenly, Greg is standing in the doorway and Shane uses a white lie, saying that he only came into the kitchen to grab a spoon. Greg angrily goes to the next room and breaks something that belongs to Anita who then swings at him.
Cut to Shane inside his room: He hears the two of them fighting in the background. Through his ajar door he watches them having make-up-sex.

The subsequent scene in the club starts a little earlier, using a few revealing sequences (which partially are not included in the Director's Cut).

In return, the first shot of Julie begins slightly earlier in the Theatrical Version (not illustrated).

Extended Version 184.6 sec (= 3:05 min) longer

47:38 / 53:39-53:55

After the shot of the goat, there are some more scenes in the club.

15.6 sec

Alternative Scene
55:00-56:02 / 61:17-63:11

Alternative take when Shane joins Anita in the bathroom. Her cursing is the same, yet in the Extended Version she adds that she could kill him.
Then things get interesting: While Shane in the Theatrical Version angrily says that all the fights get to him emotionally and he then mentions Greg's assumption that he and Anita have an affair, he in the Extended Version kisses Anita right away. Right in the toilet stall, the two of them have sex while Steve – curiously enough – watches them through the ajar door. Anita loses the passion for sex and leaves Shane in the stall. He angrily opens the door.

Director's Cut 52.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

67:49-67:50 / 74:59-75:05

Before Shane and Anita make up, there are some exclusive disco scenes.
In the Theatrical Version, the following shot of the conversation between Shane and Anita begins a little earlier (not illustrated).

Extended Version 4.8 sec longer