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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 04, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
This shallow comedy, where the two main actors also worked as screenplay writers and directors, meant nothing less than the death blow for the 20th Century Fox sublabel "Fox Atomic", that had to be closed after a row of financial flops (among others also 12 Rounds with John Cena). Pathetic 4,5 mio. Dollars did this flick gross at US-Theaters. In the USA, the film was released in the consumer-friendly double-combo containing both the Unrated and R-Rated cuts on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Unrated version reimplements the usual, rather nasty shots but, as it occurs frequently, also offers pointless plot scenes and thus, does not make this movie funny or entertaining all of a sudden. You get the impression that you've seen this kind of jokes far too often already to be able to even just slightly smirk.

The Unrated-Version has been compared to the R-Rated-Version (US-Theatrical Cut) (both on the 20th Century Fox-DVD).

20 differences, of these
1 extended scene with alternate footage
1 edit
2 scenes with alternate footage
7 additional scenes
9 extended Szenen

The Unrated-Version is 255.12 resp. approx. 4 minutes 16 seconds longer than the Theatrical Cut rated R.
Additional scene
0:12:01: Horsedick.mpeg is quickly shown again being happy with his life.
6,52 Sec.

Extended scene with alternate footage
R-Rated: 1:12:43
Unrated: 0:12:49
: While Eugene and Cindi turn around and Horsedick.mpeg's playmate can only be seen from far away through the skylight, the Unrated shows a close-up plus cut to Cindi's parents. The scantily dressed lady swallows, laughs, waves over to the parents and says "Hey, Dad!".
The Unrated is 5,52 Sec. longer


Additional scene
0:13:13: The woman vomits and except Eugene and Cindi, all the attendees in the limousine find this to be pretty funny.
6,16 Sec.

Extended scene
0:18:16: In the Unrated, the doctor also says: "A lots of poop."
2,96 Sec.

Extended scene
1:18:24: The funny doctor is allowed to say even more in the Unrated: "Should call you poopie pants. Mr. Poopie Pants."
7,68 Sec.

Alternate footage
R-Rated: 0:18:22
Unrated: 0:18:47
: In the R-Rated cut, the doc simply walks out of the room, in the Unrated he does a gangsta-pose and strolls out of the room, also, he mumbles some song.
The Unrated is 1,6 Sec. longer


Extended scene
0:31:39: Tucker pokes Kandice two more times with the fork.
1,4 Sec.

Additional scene
0:46:58: Kandice goes to the burnt-down ruins of the motel and gets called on her cellphone. The voice on the other end says that Tucker and Eugene were on their way to Chicago.
39,4 Sec.

Extended scene
0:47:43: Horsedick.mpeg is shown slightly longer in his music video.
2,64 Sec.

Extended scene
0:47:48: The Unrated also offers only few frames more at the end of the take.
0,28 Sec.

Alternate footage
R-Rated: 0:46:49
Unrated: 0:47:51
: Both versions show different takes of Horsedick.mpeg's music video. The Unrated is more revealing here. Because the footage of the R-rated cut is relatively trivial, only the Unrated-scenes are depicted.
The Unrated is 3,36 Sec. longer

Extended scene
0:48:28: Again, the Unrated shows more exposed breasts.
11,8 Sec.

0:48:42: The short scene showing Horsedick.mpeg sparkling the champaign over the ladies' butts is shown sooner in the Unrated and takes place a little later in the theatrical version.

Additional scene
0:58:55: While Tucker and Eugene dumbfoundedly sit in the front of the car, the lesbians get it on wildly on the back seat.
14,52 Sec.

Extended scene
1:00:12: Eugene tells the lesbians that gradually he starts feeling affected by the odor of their love: "You know, Lesbians, I didn't wanna say anything before but the car is really starting to smell."
9,08 Sec.

Additional scene
1:03:44:Tucker enters a balcony and approaches two ladies.
Tucker: "Hey, ladies. I'm from South Carolina."
But the two only flee, disgusted.
But Tucker does not give up, dives headlong off of the balcony, while throwing down the glasses that are on the handrail and grabs a blonde's arm.
Tucker: "Hey, gorgeous. So, what are your hobbies?"
Blonde: "My hobbies?"
Tucker: "Yeah, you know... what are your turn-ons?"
Blonde: "Shit, where's my pepper spray?"
Tucker runs away due to this subliminal threatening.
41,68 Sec.

Extended scene
1:06:01: Tucker keeps on risking his neck with careless talk about sex with dogs: "I mean...because...that sort of stuff does happen nowadays, especially with modern times and I've seen that on the internet a bunch..."
Sara Jean: "You've seen a lot of that on the internet, huh?"
Tucker: "Yeah, I mean, some girls do even have s... make love to dogs on the internet. Not that that's good at all...that's bad. do that....then....whatever, I'm not judging."
32,88 Sec.

Extended scene
1:10:00: Tucker tries again to impress scantily dressed ladies with a story: "So, we're going at it there in the driveway and she's like 'Oh my god, this is the best sex I have ever had!' and I'm like 'Everyone keeps telling me that!'. Isn't that weird?"
The ladies don't seem to be very excited about this self-adulation, but turn around, disgusted, and leave Tucker standing there by himself.
24,56 Sec.

Additionaly scene
1:10:29: The Unrated has got a few takes of inhabitants of the Playboy-Mansion. In the R-Rated Cut, a shot of the playmate jumping into the pool is shown a few frames from further away.
10,36 Sec.

Additional scene
1:28:33: While the R-Rated cut rolls the credits already, the Unrated shows Eugene loudly announcing: "Alright, everybody! I'm going upstairs to have sex with my girlfriend!" and then walking toward a door.
Change of scene. You see Eugene and Cindi having sex. Eugene asks: "Is it good?" and Cindi answers: "Oh yeah, Eugene!"
Eugene: "Yeah? That's good, 'cause I'm trying really hard!"
Cindi: "You're doing a really good job, Eugene!"
Eugene: "Does it feel good?"
Cindi: "Hmm-hmm!"
Eugene: "Ooh!"
Cindi: "Oh no. Eugene, be careful. Don't overexert yourself!"
Judging from the following sound, Eugene's stomach empties itself once more. Then the Unrated rolls the credits as well.
32,72 Sec.