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  • Thriller Version
Release: Feb 07, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The German DVD (Rated R) by Sony has been compared to the Spanish DVD (so called "Thriller Version") by Filmax Home Video

Captivity was originally planned as a stalking-/abductionthriller, but as the producers saw the big success torture-porn-movies such as Hosten and the Saw-series had, they wanted the film to ride that bandwagon. Therefore, additional torture scenes were reshot and the scenes realigned. This version differs on one hand through the torture scenes and on the other hand through the policemen's investigatory work, which is missing now, from the original thriller version. It surely is a little weird to see the two detectives stand in front of the kidnapper's house in the R-rated version, since you don't know how they found the house. Furthermore, the new torture scenes are too weak and uninspired for any torture-movie friend and whoever prefers the thriller-genre should not be satisfied with this version as well.
Whoever knows the original version will quickly find out that it was successlessly tried to lead the movie in another direction with those splatter-routines. These scenes seem displaced and incoherent.
So in conclusion you can say the movie worked pretty well as a thriller, but the attempt to make it a horror-/torturefilm failed.

Runtime of the version rated R w/o credits: 1:15:49
Runtime of the Spanish DVD w/o credits: 1:25:43

Due to the numerous changes (countless little sceneextensions/-abbreviations) and to maintain clarity, this cut report only deals with big and important differences. Little variances in the opening credits, cuts below 0.5 sec., little sceneextensions resp. -abbreviations are not mentioned in this report. Also, long but rather minor cuts are noted, but not picturized.
Time designations follow this pattern: Rated R / Spanish DVD

The company logos differ in the beginning. The R-rated version is longer, too.
+9.2 Sec.

The Spanish version shows tealights on the albums with the newspaper-cutouts.
2.4 Sec.
As the murderer hits the victim with a sledgehammer, the R-rated version shows a bright light and fades to the title.
The Spanish version on the other hand clearly shows the blood splattering. Then, there is a black screen, followed by the title being faded-in.
1.16 sec.
Rated RSpanish DVD


The photo shooting/the kidnapping

Here's the first big difference between the two versions. The photo shooting and the scenes in the night club are only featured in the R-rated vresion. Parts being shown in both versions were implemented in different parts. The time measuring ends as both versions are synchronous for several scenes.

R-rated version

The blackscreen is longer here. Then, the murderer is shown, sticking newspaper cutouts into an album. The camera screen shows the recording of a car drive. Then, the scene changes and the two bidges are shown. Now, the audience experiences the car drive from the wagon's interior. A shift between scenes of the photo shooting and the murderer's car drive takes place. Jennifer is talking on the phone in her dressing room. Finally, she is on the way to a charity in a nightclub and thinks she is being followed.
The rather long plot scene in the club, showing Jennifer getting knockout drops administered to herself and subsequently abducted. Jennifer is being filmed in nightvision during the drive. They drive past a billboard. Then, she is being dragged over the ground and laid on the bed.
+452.24 sec = 7 min. 32 sec.

Spanish version

The interview with Jennifer is being interrupted by images from the car drive. A different music is played in the radio. Then, the scene with the newspaper cutouts is shown, but longer. The interview is continued and Jennifer's voice is heard as a voice-over during the other scenes. She is talking about her fears.
The unknown person puts together a comic book. The interview is shown on a TV set in the background. You see Jennifer being dragged over the ground and laid on the bed. Subsequently, you see the camcorder's display depicting Jennifer's hair being cut.
Then, the kidnapper customizes the room and puts her the shoes on.
The two versions show the same as Jennifer awakes.
222.24 sec = 3 min. 42 sec.

The R-Rated cut shows a short view of Jennifer sitting scaredly behind the closet. Then, there is a blackscreen. As the lights in the room are turned on again, the camera moves from the ceiling to Jennifer, before she comes back from behind the closet.
+23.28 sec.

R-rated version

After the drawer was opened you see its content. Jennifer takes the glass and throws it against the wall.
The last image is for orientation purposes.
+8.2 sec.

Spanish version

The Spanish versions shows her walk toward the drawer slightly longer. This time, the content is a VHS tape. She pops it in and watches recordings of the kidnapper walking around in Jennifer's appartment. Then, there are recordings from the night club and images of her lying in the car unconcious.
The Spanish versions shows Jennifer get up before walking to the hallstand. Then, the R-rated version continues.
100.56 sec.


1. torture scene: The acid shower
R-rated version

After Jennifer has cleaned up the shelf, she is shown a few frames longer. Then, gas is streaming into the room and Jennifer is getting unconcious.
Jennifer is waking up, tied to a chair. Before her, there is a screen showing recordings of some other person being tortured. In the meantime, the kidnapper builds up his equipment. Jennifer begs him to stop. The recordings now show the acid shower onto the woman's face. She screams in pain.
Jennifer continues to beg the unknown person to stop, while he opens the inflows for the acid. Jennifer screams and tries to get away as the liquid starts to pour out of the shower head. The scene is aborted here.
As Jennifer reawakens, her face is bandaged with bloody bandages. She goes to the bathroom mirror and is afraid her face is entirely corroded, but it was all just a set-up. Then, the shower is turned on and Jennifer scaredly runs away. The drawer opens up again. Jennifer grabs it.
The final image is for orientation purposes.
+235.68 = 3 min. 55 sec.

Spanish version

After Jennifer has cleaned up the shelf, she is sitting down on the bed. The scene changes to the policemen's investigation.

Det. Bettiger: "This guy went all over the funckin' place. And there's no prints either. Not even a fuckin' eyebrow here."
Det. Di Santos: "So I spoke to Miss Tree's father. Didn't sound surprised at all. She said she left home when she was 15. Mother lives in Paris."
Det. Bettiger: "You got everything you need now?"
Frau: "Yeah, I guess."
Det. Bettiger: "All right, John, bring it up. Ok, we're done here."
Det. Di Santos: "Bettiger, come here for a second."
Det. Bettiger: "What are you doing?"
Det. Di Santos: "It's Greek. It says..."
Det. Bettiger: "How do you know it's Greek?"
Det. Di Santos: "Because I read Greek."
Det. Bettiger: "You read Greek?"
Det. Di Santos: "Yeah, I read Greek."
Det. Bettiger: "Okay. What does it mean?"
Det. Di Santos: "It means, 'reflect this dust that once knew fear'."

The drawer in Jennifer's room is opening. Inside is her teddy bear. She grabs it and puts it back to the wall.
Jennifer: "So what, you've got me. So what?"
The drawer opens again. As Jennifer reaches toward it, both versions run synchronous again.
97.16 sec = 1 min. 37 sec.

Before Jennifer takes the clothing from the locker, you see a picture of her on the locker's back wall in the Spanish version.
2.52 sec.

The Spanish version sways the camera in the beginning of the scene in which Jennifer is lying under the bed, from her feet to her face.
10.28 sec.

The R-rated version shows Jennifer crawling through the duct longer.
+13.44 sec.


2. torture scene: The blood cocktail
R-rated version

The R-rated version implements a second torture scene.
Jennifer is tied to a chair. She asks the unknown to release her for money. In the meantime, her kidnapper prepares everything for the blood cocktail. He takes a plastic can from the fridge, which is filled with eyes, ears and other body parts. He pours it all into a blender and hacks everyting. As he is finished doing that, he puts a funnel into Jennifer's mouth and pours the drink into it. Then, the unknown wipes the blood off her lips with a Q-tip and puts it in his mouth.
+191.36 = 3 min. 11 sec.

Jennifer awakens from her unconciousness. She is scared and looks to the wall. Then she leans back again.
27.8 sec.

R-rated version

The scene in the surveillance room ends slightly earlier. Then you see the abducter paste more newspaper cutouts into the album. These scenes were shown in the beginning of the Spanish version. An interview with Jennifer is shown in the background.
+11.84 sec.

Spanish version

The scene in the surveillance room is slightly longer. The next scene shows Det. Susan Luden cross the treet. Subsequently in the bureau, the detectives are talking about the case.
Det. Luden on the telephone: "Yeah? I unterstand. You. You got it Chief. Okay. Okay, that's it. That's... you hang in there, Sweetie. Bye."
Det. Bettiger: "Sweetie, huh?"
Det. Luden: "Major's bustin' his chops."
Det. Bettiger: "I want you to meet my new partner. Ray 'The Greek' Di Santos."
Det. Di Santos: "Evidence of bone and tissue. Yup, got it. Ten-four."
Det. Luden: "So the missing girl is a movie star?"
Det. Di Santos: "Model, hot... Latest thing. So that was Wade in Forensics. The ash in the salt cellar, the DNA matched last year's victim. Mary Deavro."
Det. Bettiger: "Oh, Mary. This kid was a national cheerleader champ. Me and you will inform the parents personally. 'Cause I knew her. Let them down easy."
Det. Luden: "So what do you guys make of the victim? A pattern?"
Det. Di Santos: "Random."
Det. Luden: "I don't buy it. This guy doesn't do anything without purpose. Without precision. Sex, torture killing... that's all the bonus. It's the control. That's what winds the clock."
99.72 sec.

Jennifer asks: "Why?"
Gary points at a wall in which he himself cut questions in.
8.52 sec.

The R-rated version has more dialogue in the beginning of the scene.
Gary and Jennifer introduce themselves, and Gary proposes not to waste the matches. Jennifer asks what they'd do if they didn't have any more left, whereas she gets the response that they should just talk until they get out of there.
+5.96 sec.

R-rated version

The R-rated version shows Jennifer say "me too".
Then she burns herself and the match goes off. Subsequently, the camera sways from the surveillance room to the kidnapper. As he grabs the glass of wine, both versions run synchronous again.
The last image is for orientation purposes.
+10.8 sec.

Spanish version

Jennifer is shown from another angle. Then you see the kidnapper cut his Bonsai tree. The camera sways from the magazines to the kidnapper. Then, the R-rated version continues.
18.88 sec.

The Spanish version shows the abducted take a mouse from its cage and put it into a terrarium with other mice. He then opens a gas bottle and the gas is flowing into the terrarium.
29.2 sec.

R-rated version

You see the screens and Gary asks Jennifer whether she is okay - she says yes. Then he whispers, asking her whether she could hear him.
+4.48 sec.

Spanish version

Instead of the screens, both are furthermore shown in the room.
8 sec.

Gary asks: "What exactly is your job?"
Jennifer: "Celebrity."
Gary smiles.
10.04 sec.

R-rated version

The two are shown a little longer, before the next shot is seen.
As you hear Gary's and Jennifer's conversation, you see the scene with the mice, which was shown earlier in the Spanish version. Subsequently, the abducter is working on a comic book.
+1 min. 9 sec.

Spanish version

As you hear Gary's and Jennifer's conversation, you see the kidnapper sorting pictures.
Jennifer: "He knows all about me. He's been in my apartment."
Gary: "He's got books and stuff from mine."
Jennifer: Yeah, he's got my clothes. Everything else is easy."
Gary: "Easy?"
Jennifer: "Every interviewer's asked me anything you can imagine. What are you afraid of...? If you have to choose between pink or orange...? What's your idea of Hell?"
Gary: "You always give them the answers?"
Jennifer: "It's flirtation, sometimes you tell them the truth, sometimes you don't."
Gary: "But even your idea of Hell?"
Jennifer: "I didn't tell them that."
Gary: "Let me guess. Isolation."
The the lights go off.
Jennifer: "Damn it."
Gary lights a match: "It’s okay. Look at me. How did he get you?"
Jennifer: "I was suckered into going to this charity event at a club in Soho. Someone must've put something in my drink. I needed some fresh air, there was a hand on my shoulder, leading me outside. And then a damp cloth. The last thing I remember was thinking that I hope he's not smearing my eye makeup all over. And you?"
Gary: "I was driving from Nebraska to Connecticut. I got tired, so I pulled into a truck stop. I woke up, 'cause I thought I heard the sound of something crying. I got out to see what the hell was going on. And then, wham... You see that? Last thing I remember was the smell of french fries from the all-night diner at the stop."

The scene changes to Det. Di Santos.
He walks past an electronics shop and stands still. Thoughtfully, he looks at the cameras that are pointed at the streets, recording any bypassers. He enters the shop.
The next scene shows him get in his partner's car and giving him coffee. Det. Bettiger talks to his superior who orders him to check the catering service, which took care of all the food on the charity party. They drive on.

2 min. 53 sec.

Jennifer grabs her teddy.
2.48 sec.

She is shown once more with the bear in her arms.
Jennifer: "Think of a story. You're on a beach. In Hawaii. Oh yeah, the water's blue."
She notices shadows and hears noises around her.
13.84 sec.

R-rated version

The TV set is turned on and another interview is shown. Subsequently, a dead, bloody ouse is dropping on Jennifer's shoulder. She panics and jumps.
The last image is for orientation purposes.
+7.2 sec.

Spanish version

A shadow is scurrying past Jennifer. She looks around scaredly. Then, the TV set is turned on and the interview is shown. Subsequently, a recording of a torture is shown. The dead, bloody mouse dropping on Jennifer's shoulder is shown now. She panics and jumps away. A black shape can be seen before both versions run synchronously again.
23.36 sec.

After he has put Jennifer onto the bed, the kidnapper takes an envelope and some little scissors from his bag and cuts off a few of her strands of hair. Subsequently, he pastes them into one of his albums. As Jennifer awakens, she notices in front of the mirror that some of her hair was cut. She puts the clothing, which was lying on the ground, back into the drawer. In the meantime, she indirectly talks to her kidnapper.
Jennifer: "Here. Is this what you want?"
As Gary wakes up in his cell, the two talk to each other.
Jennifer: "Are you okay?
Gary: "Yeah."
Jennifer: "He cut my hair. Why would he do that? He's cleaning things up, he comes in when he wants to checks us."
Gary: "Was he taking blood samples?"

The scene changes to the surveillance room. You hear Gary scream.
Gary: "Hey, you listening to me, wherever you are!"
Jennifer: "What's the point of antagonizing him?"
Gary: "You got a better idea? Let's give this guy a show! Whatever he wants! Whatever the fuck that is!"
Jennifer: "Why take blood samples and cut my hair off?"
Gary: "I don't know, for DNA maybe."
Jennifer: "DNA, what does he want to do, clone us?"
Gary: "He's a mad scientist, how would I know."
Jennifer: "Forget it, this isn't going anywhere. So what do you do? When you're not trapped in a wine cellar."
Gary: "I sleep in other people's cars. When people want... to drive their cars from one coast to the other, but they don't have the time to drive, they use me. I have the time. I drive. It's a job."
Jennifer: "It is?"
Gary: "Excuse me, if a celebrity is a job, so is driving another person's car."
Jennifer: "I get why I was kidnapped."
Gary: "You have a value, and I don't."
Jennifer: "I'm not saying that it's not messed up, but the reality is..."
Gary: "Reality is without guys like me to drive your cars, you'd be walking."
Jennifer: "And if there wasn't guys like me, there wouldn’t be anyone to pay guys like you, would there?"
Gary: "You live in this little bubble and you look down on the people who live in the real world. You're so full of it. What's it like, living in a bubble?"
Jennifer: "Save. And i'm not full of it."
The unknown in the surveillance room repeats the recording of Jennifer's last sentence.

The scene changes into Det. Bettiger's and Det. Di Santos' car. Di Santos films his colleague.

Det. Bettiger is on the phone: "We figure this guy is using sophisticated video equipment, recorders, shit like that. Run a check on all the local chains and look for large purchases by repeat customers."
Det. Bettiger to Di Santos: "All right, listen, I buy it. He's making a video, but what for? Will you get this thing outta my face? Come on."
They park before the station.
Det. Luden: "He's using the video as a weapon against her. What do we know so far?"
Det. Bettiger: "He kills in April."
Di Santos: "He leaves the ashes of his last victim next to is current victim. Along with a quote on a tarot card."
Det. Luden: "Locks in ritual. Poetry on tarot cards. In English, in Greek. He's not giving you guys any clues. He's fuckin' with you. This type of killer subconsciously wants to get caught. That's the real reason they go to the press, leave clues. Our guy hasn't given us anything concrete. He's not ready. Unless you get lucky or he screws up, I'm afraid she's on her own. Sorry."

The scene changes and the abducter prepares food for his prisoners. He pours knockoutdrops into the drink.
Then you see Jennifer lie on the bed. She talks to herself. Gary wakes up. The kidnapper enters Jennifer's cell as she sleeps.

7 min. 11 sec.

R-rated version

Gary knocks agains the pane and calls Jennifer.
+2.64 sec.

Spanish version

Jennifer knocks lightly longer against the pane. Gary screams angrily in his cell.
Gary: "Don't you touch her. You sick fuck!"
Before both versions run synchronous again, Jennifer is shown a little longer at the beginning of the following scene.
10.8 sec.

R-rated version

Gary is looking for a possibilty to help Jennifer. He looks at the TV and Jennifer's fight for survival. He finds a card with "Is she worht it?" written on it. He throws the card away and threatens the kidnapper. Opened bars caught his eye. The scene switches to Jennifer in the glass container. The two versions run synchronous as the next scene begins.
The last image is for orientation purposes.

+24.72 sec.

Spanish version

Gary rips open a lattice. Then, the monitors with Jennifer are shown again. Before both versions run synchronous again, Jennifer is seen a little longer in the beginning of the subsequent scene in the glass container.
8.68 sec.

R-rated version

Jennifer shakes the sand out of her hair. Gary tells her to come with him. The kidnapper gets going with the shotgun.
+8.88 sec.

Spanish version

Jennifer shakes the sand out of her hair. Gary tries to calm her and proposes breathing calmly and counting to four.
Gary: "Take a breath. Count to 4."
Jennifer: "1, 2, 3, 4."
Gary: "Good, and count to 4."
Jennifer: "1, 2, 3, 4. Motherfucker."
Gary: "Keep breathing, okay?"
Jennifer: "I know. Count to four. Keep breathing."
The following scene starts slightly earlier.
22.44 sec.

The Spanish version features a short, additional scene while the two crawl through the duct. The unknown watches Jennifer and Gary through the TV. The two continue crawling.
9.16 sec.

Jennifer is shown shortly.
3.68 sec.

R-rated version

After the lights get turned on, the acid-burnt corpse is shown in the bathtub. An audio taped gets played: "Why do bad things happen to good people, you ask? That's the mystery Mary! That's the mystery."
Then, Gary and Jennifer leave the room.
+13.28 sec.

Spanish version

After the lights are turned on, an empty bathtub is shown. A voice sounds and the camera sways to the audio tape recorder.
"Why do bad things happen to good people, you ask? That's the mystery Mary! That's the mystery."
9.04 sec.

After they left the room, their escape route is longer in the Spanish version.
17.04 sec.

Spanish version: The abducter picks up the shotgun.
3.04 sec.

R-rated version: The abducter shoots open the door.
+1.48 sec.

R-rated version: The kidnapper smacks against the door.
+1.68 sec.

Gary gets in the car and fastens Jennifer's seat belt.
Jennifer: "Thank you."
6.56 sec.


3. torture scene: You or the dog
R-rated version

Jennifer awakens, tied to a chair. A shotgun is aimed on her, the other one is in her hand and aims at her dog. She has 30 seconds to decide. Her or the dog. She has no other choice and pulls the trigger.
Then, Jennifer is sitting in her cell, crying, then she hears her dog bark. The dog is sitting behind a glass pled. As Jennifer wants to get him, it gets ripped away and the unknown puts a card in front of her face.
The following scene shows the kidnapper continuing to work on his album as another interview is shown on the screen.
+173.36 sec.

Spanish version

the unknown takes a jacket from the locker and goes to Jennifer, who is lying in her bed. A change of scene takes place, and the camera follows a plate of fruit on its way to a delivery van.
The two detectives goe to the catering company's kitchen to interrogate the owner, Ben Dexter. He gives the policemen name and adress of a co-worker who could possibly be a suspect.
153.52 sec.

R-rated version

Gary doesn't answer Jennifer's question but is sitting silently on his bed.
Jennifer says he was playing with them, showing them his power.
+7.32 sec.

Spanish version

Gary and Jennifer continue talking. A camera sway to the surveillance room takes place. Subsequently, Jennifer and Gary are sitting face-to-face at the glass window and "stroke" each other through the glass pane.
119.2 sec.

Jennifer is putting on her dress longer.
20.52 sec.

Jennifer puts on the earrings and lipstick longer.
20.56 sec.

The victim's photography are shown longer in the Spanish version.
6.56 sec.


4. torture scene: Pulling teeth
R-rated version

Jennifer and Gary are tied to a chair and sit face-to-face. The TV set is turned on and you see a video depciting a woman being stabbed by her son. Subsequently, the boy takes a photo of the lifeless body.
Then, the kidnapper goes to Jennifer and touches her breast. Then he takes some pliers and wants to open Jennifer's mouth. Gary screams at him, demanding the unknown person to take him instead. So he turns to Gary and very bloody pulls a tooth.
In the next scene, Jennifer finds herself blindfoldedly in her cell. She takes off the blindfold and Gary catches her eye. She runs to him and taks away his bonds.
+236.96 sec. = 3 min. 56 sec.

Spanish version

The kidnapper leaves the room. Jennifer runs to gary, who is lying on the ground blindfolded. She takes his bonds away. Then the unknown is shown in the kitchen. He looks at Jennifer through the TV, then other TV programs are shown. In the next scenes, Gary and Jennifer are shown earlier in bed.
70.84 sec.

R-rated version

Gary and Jennifer can be seen through thermal image camera and then through the many surveillance monitors as they have sex. Then you see both in the cell in bed, and as Gary bows forward, a black figure watching the two appears. Then, the unknown person leaves the room.
+41,84 sec.

Spanish version

the love scene between Jennifer and Gary is much longer in the Thriller-version. Also, the Spanish version subsequently shows a plot scene with both detectives.
The policemen drive to the adress, Ben Dexter gave them. But there is nothing but an unkempt property and "a great fuckin' view".
87 sec.

Gary's attempt to wake up Jennifer is filmed from different angles.
no time difference

R-rated versionSpanish DVD

R-rated version

Gary leaves Jennifer's cell and goes to a room on the upper floor. He watches the video, showing the son stab his mother.
Then, he goes to the bathroom, where his brother Ben is lying in the tub. As the two stand in front of the mirror, they talk to each other a little.
+142.6 sec. = 2 min. 22 sec.

Spanish version

Gary is going through the house a little longer. The last image is for orientation purposes.
42.4 sec.

The conversation between Gary and Ben is a little longer.
Ben: "It's the tapes and the books that make it better. Make it last forever. Right? You got a good system, you stick with it."
Gary: "She wants me to be with her."
Ben: "What about me?"
Gary: "You could do this without me."
Ben: "Well, that wouldn't be quite the same now, would it? We have a pattern. You can't change that, even if we wanted to. Death, that's where the buzz is. The redemption. The rest is preliminaries. So get the plastic bags. Help me clean up."
Gary: "No. I want to do it myself this time."
Ben: "That I would like to see."
Gary: "You don't believe I could do it? This girl's special, Ben. I feel like it's only right that I should do it."
Ben: "So you want to prove yourself, little brother? Okay. Just as well we don't do it right now. Ready?
Gary: "Yeah, I'm ready."
As Gary stabs his brother, both versions run synchronously again.
73.64 sec.

After Gary has shot the two detectives, he starts blurring the traces and hang up the pictures.
36.96 sec.

Before Gary and Jennifer leave the cell together, they talk a little longer.
Gary: "You strong enough to walk?"
Jennifer: "If you hold onto me..."
Gary: "Listen to me. I'm not letting go of you. Not ever."
He kisses her.
8.84 sec.

The conversation between Gary and Jennifer is longer. Gary tries to convince her, it'd be better to burn down the house and tell nobody of the kidnapping.
49.24 sec.

Garry puts the bloody baseball bat Jennifer smacked the detective with into a bag and leaves the room.
14.16 sec.

Gary continues to clean up. In the meantime, his brother, who was presumed dead, wakes up.
17.44 sec.

R-rated version

Gary takes away the gun from Jennifer and throws her onto the bed. He strokes her with the rifle. She kicks him, grabs the rifle and shoots his crotch. The first frames of the second shot are also only shown in the R-rated version.
+73.64 sec.

Spanish version

Gary takes his knife and wants to go for Jennifer, then she shoots.
4.84 sec.

Jennifer: "Thanks for the tip."
+4.8 sec.

In the Spanish version Gary talks to her before he dies.
"You see... You got out of your prison. That's more than you can say... about me. Not even in... that."
42.84 sec.

R-rated version

The bodies in the house are shown as Jennifer leaves the house.
+6.6 sec.

Spanish version

The camera moves through the hallway. A shot and the rifle falling to the ground are heard.
27.72 sec.