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Godfather: A Novel for Television, The (4/4)


original title: Godfather: A Novel for Television, The


  • TV Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: May 24, 2011 - Author: Karl Gustav - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series

The shooting of the first Godfather movie were really nerve-stretching for Coppola, thus he originally decided not to direct the sequel. However, after the first movie was a huge box office success and praised by both the audience and the movie critics, Coppola didn't have to fear to be fired by the studio. Therefore, he was also able to set conditions if he was to direct and co-write the second Godfather movie.

One of these conditions said that he would be allowed to take all the scenes from both the first and the second movie to re-arrange them chronologically for a TV mini series. In addition to this structure the TV version also offers a few additional scenes or shows alternative footage (which - of course - also replaced too violent or sexual content).

5 years after the 2nd Godfather movie the TV mini series was aired on an US TV channel. To this day there does not exist a DVD version of this mini series.

The 4 reports will follow the TV version's structure, thus all the cuts will be listed in the correct chronological order. The first part mainly shows scenes from the second movie's theatrical version - only at the end of the first part you will finally see a few scenes from the first Godfather. The time designations will always be listed for both the TV and the theatrical version. The different types of cuts will always be listed as follows:

Exclusive Scenes in the TV Version

Exclusively Shown in the Theatrical Version

Alternative Scenes

The Godfather - A Novel for Television: Part 1

TV: 0:00 | P2: 12:46

Flashbacks from the previous three parts can be seen while Michael and Connie are having breakfast.


Similar to his father in the first part, Michael receives some guests during a big celebration here it is his son's first communion. The people in brackets can only be seen in the TV Version.

TV: (Francesca), (Al Neri), Connie, Johnny Ola, Senator Pat Geary

Kino: Senator Pat Geary, Johnny Ola, Connie

TV: 3:22 | P2: 12:46

Michael learns from Al Neri which name Fabrizio uses as cover in America. He was the one who had killed Michael's first wife. Fabrizio owns a pizzeria in New York and calls himself Fred Vincent. Outside, Pentangeli tries to teach the band an italien song because he is shocked as not one of the musicians is an Italian.


TV: 9:30 | P2: 9:02

More scenes from the party. Anthony, Michael's son, accidentally runs towards the ther houses, in which the bodyguards of the mafia bosses are. His mother holds him back. When he looks confused, she takes him on her arm.


TV: 16:38 | P2: 19:09

Shots of the celebration.


TV: 17:45 | P2: 27:23

After Frankie threw the glass over, Kay can be seen for a short time.Nachdem beim Essen der Familie Frankie das Glas umgeworfen hat, sieht man kurz Kay.


TV: 22:00 | P2: 31:39

After the chat with Michael, Frankie is sitting with Anthony and offers him red wine, which Anthony shily declines. Frankie empties his glass in one go and tells him about his problems although Anthony does not understand what it's about. In the end, Frankie dies give him some wine with a spoon and also hands him 100 dollars as a present, but tells him to keep it a secret.


TV: 30:47 | P2: 35:14

Kay can be seen sitting on the couch a bit longer after the assassination attempt.


TV: 30:47 | P2: 35:14

After Michael told Tom Hagen that even his friends like Rocco and Al Neri are mostly business men and that there loyalty was dependant on that, he says that he learned from his father to think like the men around him. (Theatrical Version)


TV: 24:05 | P2: 32:48

Al Neri is firing Klingman after the Corleones took over his Casino Tropicana. Because he does not know about it, he calls the security service for help, but they do not respond, allowing Al Neri to hit him. Klingman flees into the theatre but surrenders shortly before Neri hits him with a chair. Then Fabrizio can be seen in New York, getting out of his pizzeria and into his car. As soon as he starts it, a bomb explodes. However, he does not die instantly but crawls out of the car before he collapses next to it. The Theatrical Version shows a longer transition to the assassination scene in the bedroom instead. The party can be seen longer, then Michael enters the bedroom. 19s


Michael visits his son in his room either before (TV Version) or after (Theatrical Version) the attempt to kill him.

TV: 27:40 | P2: 40:52

Because the scene with Anthony comes later in the Theatrical Version, a short scene of him asking for his present had to be removed as he has already seen it.

TV Version: 9s
Theatrical Version: 2s

TV Version

TV: 28:19 | P2: 41:24

The end of the scene at Anthony's bed ends differently as well. Michael covers his son in different shots and leaves the room only in the TV Version.

TV Version: 20,5s
Theatrical Version: 12,5s

TV Version

TV: 35:12 | P2: 57:08

Michael is taking the train to Florida.


TV: 35:47 | P2: 58:24

Michael is driving through Miami a bit longer.


TV: 42:11 | P2: 64:56

Shortly before Frankie says that they should kill everyone responsible for the attempt on Michael's life, he swears "Jesus Christus" not suitable for the US television.


TV: 45:50 | P2: 68:40

Frankie is being strangled and dragged through the bar longer.


TV: 45:56 | P2: 69:51

Tom Hagen is getting out of the plane longer.


The TV Version is zoomed in when the senator approaches the dead woman in order to untie her.

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 48:24 | P2: 71:29

The corpse can be seen longer when he unties her.


TV: 48:32 | P2: 71:42

The senator is bent over the woman longer before he sits down. In the TV Version he sits down without allowing the viewer to see her.

TV Version: 4,5s
Theatrical Version: 10s

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 49:25 | P2: 72:40

One shot with or without a corpse.

TV Version: 2,5s
Theatrical Version: 2,5s

TV Version

Theatrical Version

TV: 51:04 | P2: 74:20

Michael is being driven through Havanna longer and watches the commotion on the street.


TV: 56:01 | P2: 79:46

Roth hands out more shares of his casinos on his birthday party in Havanna. More cake is being handed out as well.


TV: 61:01 | P2: 84:59

After Fredo told Michael that their mother often told him he was only a gipsy child they found in front of their door, he continues to say "Michael, I..." and the TV Version stops. In the Theatrical Version he finishes the sentence "... jealous."


TV: 61:16 | P2: 85:21

The following drink ordering takes a bit longer because Fredo needs Michael's help for the pronounciation.


TV: 61:16 | P2: 85:21

On the party, Fredo leaves in order to get real Whiskey because the one they have was shit, as he tells Michael.


TV: 74:23 | P2: 98:59

The killer is being shot in the face when he tries to suffocate Roth..


TV: 80:41 | P2: 105:21

After the talk with Hagen, Michael can be seen a bit longer before the movie cuts to Vito's past.


TV: 86:36 | P2D2: 13:23

After the movie switches back to the investigation, Michael says only in the Theatrical Version "New York". This was probably the answer to the question where he was born.


TV: 94:32 | P2D2: 21:23

Michael and Fredo are sitting together longer. After Fredo said that he has nothing to says, he adds in that he never knew anything about the family business. Michael asks him what he knew at this point.


TV: 97:56 | P2D2: 25:05

The cut from Michael's house to the military base was shortened.


TV: 102:36 | P2D2: 29:50

Ditto for the transition to the hotel.


TV: 107:31 | P2D2: 34:45

Kay adds that their whole marriage was a miscarriage after she told Michael that she did not have a miscarriage but an abortion.


TV: 108:27 | P2D2: 35:45

Kay is sitting longer on the couch after Michael hit her due to a fade over.


TV: 108:27 | P2D2: 42:25

The same applies to the bodyguards at the lake.


TV: 114:02 | P2D2: 48:05

Shortly before the talk with Michael and Neri, Hagen sees Fredo fishing with Anthony.


TV: 117:25 | P2D2: 15:04

After the meeting, Fredo is fishing longer again.


TV: 118:09 | P2D2: 52:28

Hagen is being searched before he is allowed to see Frankie.


TV: 121:42 | P2D2: 56:05

A taxi can be seen in front of Michael's house when Connie arrives.


TV: 127:09 | P2D2: 61:28

Frankie can be seen longer in the tub after his suicide.


TV: 129:41 | P2D2: 64:04

In a flashback to the early 40ies Connie says that she did not want to talk about the war and Sonny tells her to talk to Carlos, her future husband who she had been introduced to that day by Sonny.


TV: 132:45 | P2D2: 67:14

The TV Version shows Kay at the end, she is lighting candles.


The TV Version shows Kay during the ending credits too.