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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 22, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version taken from the German DVD and the US Unrated version

R-Rated: 96:18 min w/o ending credits (101:23 min with credits) in PAL
Unrated: 103:26 min w/o credits (108:45 min with credits) in NTSC
=> equals 99:12 min w/o credits (104:18 min with credits) in PAL

- 10 cuts including 2x alternative material
- Difference: 180,5 sec (= 3:01 min)

=> The additional logo at the beginning hasn't been counted. Cut length designations are in PAL.

The movie

Starting with the pretitle sequence, it's easy to see which movies were used to inspire this movie or should at least serve as a comparison for the viewer - distorted or stylized one can see short cuts from exploitation classics like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Coffy or Thriller: A Cruel Picture. The common thing in these movies are, of course, strong women that really give the men something to chew. Especially the first movie, made by Russ Meyer, gets into one's mind when watching this film because the actresses breasts seem to play the real leading role in both movies.
Is it any wonder that the story isn't really important? Three women (a stripper, a dealer and a businesswoman) are stranded in the desert and in trouble (why is being explained in some flashbacks). The settings are generated with CGI technology at the respective sequences. In cases when there's not some digging for a bag of diamonds in slow motion or some bad guys that need to be defeated (one of them being an Asian school girl armed with a deadly yoyo) there might be something like a water fight or some hot action in the trailer between the girls - out of coincidence they all have lesbian tendencies.

And still I have to warn you: There's not much nudity to be seen. Of course, the camera always focuses on the heroines' breasts, but they are covered everytime and the viewer might have expected something more.
But in the end it's still a feature film and it's important to note that there is loads of trashy entertainment in it. Director Rick Jacobson didn't create the expected ultimate tribute to the sexploitation movies as one could have expected from the ads and the pretitle sequence. For this the movie is too much trimmed to suit the modern audience and also too "dressed". People watching this movie without false expectations are guaranteed to have fun nonetheless.

By the way, if someone wants to see a more authentic reinterpretation of sleazy 70ies movies he or she should have a look at the fairly new flick Run! Bitch! Run! But of course that is not what this report is about and therefore I'd like to add that, following the interview with actress Erin Cummings at laut Darstellerin Erin Cummings, the writing work for a sequel is in progress and we can probably expect a Bitch Slap trilogy.

The versions

In March the movie was released on DVD in the US. The US-DVD only features the the promotionally effective "Unrated" version of the Movie. The version shown in theatres there was about three minutes shorter and rated "R" by the MPAA. Although the R-Rated version has not been released in the USA on DVD it has been released in other counries, e.g. in Germany.

The differences between the two versions are not to be found in the brutal scenes, instead there are some plot extensions and some scenes that probably had to be removed due to the sexual content which might have cost the movie the R-Rating in theatres.

A flashback in the middle of the movie and a short moment at the end are the plot extensions. In the Unrated we see Trixie's (alleged) daughter during the lesbian scene. In the audio commentary the producers are joking about this insertion when the viewer would rather watch the women some more.
A bit strange are those two additional scenes in which Camero is taking some drugs. These seem to would have fit the R-Rating, but who knows. These scenes are a good explanation for the obvious hyperactive acting of America Olivo.
Last but not least: The lesbian scene. Here, there are some extensions that intensify the action. As mentioned above, the movie still stays pretty clean, but the many corrections in this scene do make a difference and maybe it was too hot for the MPAA at first.

By the way: the audio commentary of the producers (there is also a commentary by the main actresses) it is mentioned several times that the original version was longer than 2 hours and that there are quite a few scenes missing even in the Unrated.

Running time designations are shown like this:
R-Rated DVD in PAL / Unrated DVD in NTSC
The German R-Rated DVD shows the Splendid logo at the beginning.

+ 6,6 sec

05:32 / 05:39-06:21

After Hel asked about Trixie's condition there's an additional scene in the Unrated version.
Camero is running through the trailer, says shit and takes a pill. She then jerks a bit, grabs her boobs and touches her crotch - with new power she goes away and the R-Rated starts again when she kicks in the door.

41,1 sec

42:04 / 44:28-44:30

Hel's fingers stroke Trixie's body longer and one can see her moaning in two additional short shots.

1,8 sec

Alternative material
42:06-42:07 / 44:32-45:50

In the R-Rated one can see Trixie unsignificantly longer, then there are distorted still pictures.

The Unrated however inserts a flashback here. Trixie and Hel are talking at the beach two weeks earlier.

A child calls: "Mommy, Mommy!"
Trixie: "Hi, honey. What happened? Did you drop your snow cone?"
Girl (Lily): "It tastes like salty balls."
Trixie: "Oh, no. Well, we can get you another one, can't we, Helen?"
Hel answers out of a nearby car:"It will surely be done, Princess Lily."
Trixie to her daughter: "You see? You go that way. We'll be right there."
Hel: "Is everything okay?"
Trixie: "Yeah. Everything is perfect when I'm with you."
Hel: "Well, then turn that frown upside down, girlfriend. There's something I'd like you to do for me. But I'm having a hard time justifying it."
Trixie: "Why?"
Hel: "It's dangerous. And you mean too much to me."
Trixie: "After everything you've done for me, Hel, I'd do anything for you."

Unrated 73,4 sec longer

42:14 / 45:57-46:05

THe shot is longer: Trixie is touching Hel longer (can't be seen), Hel is moaning quite a lot.

8,3 sec

42:16 / 46:08-46:12

Ditto. Short fade to a shot further away, then the R-Rated starts again.

4,6 sec

42:22 / 46:18-46:25

An additional camera pan, obviously Trixie is using her hand a little. The kissing and cuddling continues.

6,5 sec

42:26 / 46:29-46:40

More shots with the scissor movie in the off. The heroines seem to be quite aroused, at the end there are short still picture effects.

10,2 sec

42:56 / 47:12-47:16

Hel and Trixie can be seen longer when they are lying on top of each other. This shot is interruppted by several jump cuts.

3,9 sec

78:45 / 84:35-84:57

Camero gets her pills again, swallows quite a few and is accordingly quite stringed up.
Hel: "Hang on, Trixie. Hang on."
Camero is grunting content: "Fuck me! Who says drugs are bad for you?"

20,5 sec

Alternative material
96:00-96:02 / 102:56-103:09

In the R-Rated one can see Trixie a bit longer/ the fades starts later.

The Unrated fades out sooner and then shows another shot of Trixie in which the mirror's reflection wanders over her face and she looks at the side. We then see what she sees: The small Lily sits in the car.

Unrated 10,2 sec longer