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  • US Version
  • HK Version
Release: Nov 15, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Version (on the US DVD by Echo Bridge / Miramax) and the uncut Original HK Version (on the UK DVD by Hongkong Legends).

- 20 cuts, 3 re-cuts, 3x alternative footage
- Difference: 276.5 sec. (= 4:37 min.)

Yet another highlight in Jackie Chan's filmography which was released only with cuts in the USA. At least, they kept the nice original score and also the bloopers at the end, as opposed to the predecessor. There are mostly missing short shots that no one will miss - but this still doesn't justify them.

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray, plus on Blu-ray together with the first part and the two Armour of God movies. Moreover, there was released a "Jackie Chan 3-Film Collection" on DVD together with the first movie and Dragon Lord; this release was used for the following comparison.

The running time information is in the order

All information on the length of cuts is in PAL.
Logos / Alternative / Credits
00:00-01:14 / 00:00-02:18

The US version has own opening credits after the logos of Dimension and Golden Harvest.

There are other logos in the original version and after those, a retrospect on the first movie follows; at the end the movie title is displayed.

Original version 67.6 sec. longer

01:41 / 02:45-02:47

The first pirate talks longer.

2.8 sec.

01:46-01:48 / 02:52-03:02

The previously removed seconds, respectively the statement of the pirate, were inserted again at this point in the US version (no pictures).

In exchange, there are missing here several shots of the pirates doing the blood oath - biting the finger and letting the blood drop onto the cut-off shock of hair of the other pirate.

Original version 8.8 sec. longer

02:31 / 03:44-03:49

The two petty gangsters are shown in a shot from a greater distance standing in front of the entrance.

4.6 sec.

05:26-05:44 / 06:37-06:54

Only the uncut DVD has 4 credit displays at this point, every time when the company is shown marching.

US VersionOriginal Version (UK DVD)

13:16 / 14:07-14:35

The policeman is shown longer, then the gangsters come to him and tell him that they're working for Tiger and want to talk to sergeant Chi. A colleague of the policeman steps in, says something about bets and then passes the gangsters on to Chi.

27.9 sec.

15:30 / 16:44-16:45

The policeman is shown a bit earlier.

0.9 sec.

16:02 / 17:15-17:44

Jackie talks longer with the policeman. He learns that one of the policemen (Ho) hasn't contributed to the gift of money. At the end, Jackie receives a compliment for the rose.

29.5 sec.

16:52 / 18:32-18:35

The guys a bit longer, then Ho Chi Ping says that the small-time criminals were hired by sergeant Chi.

2.8 sec.

19:40-19:43 / 21:16-21:57

In the US version, one of the henchmen already talks standing at the door in a close-up (comes up later in the original version, see next change and screenshot).

Tiger is shown longer in the original version; he toasts with his companions. After he has told them that Chung's district has been taken over by Jackie, the latter is shown outside arriving with his fellows.
An immediately following pan shows Yesan (Maggie Cheung) selling flowers again.
The pirates also approach and talk about their genteel clothes functioning as disguise.

Two of those scenes were later reinserted into the US version; just the part which is missing there (Tiger at the beginning and the pan to Yesan) is shown in the pictures.

Original version 38.1 sec. longer

20:00 / 22:14-22:16

Now follows the shot which was used earlier in the US version as buffer for the cut.

2.2 sec.

20:07-20:31 / 22:23

After the conversation of the pirates, Jackie and co and the pirates approaching were reinserted at this point in the US version - but the scene with Yesan in the middle is missing.

So, Jackie's guys arriving and entering is closer together in the US version. This was probably the intention for this re-cut, apart from tightening it a little bit.

+ 23 sec.

35:20 / 36:36-37:04

The dialogue between Jackie and Bill Tung goes on outside. Jackie has to be very careful and ready for the tricks of Chung at the upcoming party. Moreover, he's supposed to get some better clothes, for which he receives an envelope with money.

28.7 sec.

36:48 / 38:28-38:37

After the discussion of the revolutionaries, there's missing how the hungry pirates are eating some lobsters.

8.7 sec.

36:51 / 38:40-38:45

After the carriage has passed the house, there are missing again additional shots of the pirates.
They are quickly hiding their find from the people in the carriage.

5.4 sec.

76:33 / 76:50-76:54

Mr. Man talks a bit longer: with guys like Jackie they would have better chances for the revolution.

4.4 sec.

77:28 / 77:46-77:55

More dialogue. Mr. Man says that they're both fighting for the same goal and Jackie responds mockingly that his being a policeman is indeed a noble thing in the end.

8.8 sec.

77:40 / 78:07-78:09

The shot begins a bit earlier and Jackie's only hesitating in the US version, before he shakes hands.

2 sec.

77:44 / 78:13-78:18

Jackie leaves; the two are looking after him.

5.6 sec.

78:36 / 79:09-79:19

After Jackie has promised the pirates money for medicine, the employees ask for the sickness of his friend. He just describes it as a hot-cold sickness and the employees assume it to be typhus.

10.2 sec.

81:25 / 82:01-82:42

Jackie wants to fight back against Chun, but he can't because of the two henchmen beside him and is struck down. So he tries to do that verbally and asks why Chun is doing this. He says that Jackie is constantly interfering with his organization and arresting his men; this is why he has to be taken out of the way as soon as possible. Moreover, he says that Chun is the bad cop and Jackie the good one, so it has to be dealt with the consequences of this.

40.8 sec.

99:47-99:53 / 100:19-100:24

Although they kept the bloopers and the song sung by Jackie as opposed to the first movie, there is still something strange.
There's alternative footage at this point: Rosamund Kwan is shown from different perspectives falling down. The two versions are identical again when Jackie is calming her on the ground.

No running time difference

US VersionOriginal Version (UK DVD)

99:59-100:08 / 100:30-100:39

Same thing with Maggie Cheung. As in the previous scene, the finished scenes were obviously used for the US version, whereas the original version shows test shots.

No running time difference

US VersionOriginal Version (UK DVD)

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