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original title: Holocaust 2000


  • US VHS
  • German TV Version
Release: Oct 14, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
There exist different versions of "Holocaust 2000"(original title) world-wide. Compared here is the German TV version with the US video version from Vestron Video.

Both versions differ in editing and in the end sequence. Missing scenes in the US version are written in italics.
In the German version you can see Sara taking down the camera. In the US video version you can see once again the "IESUS" writing instead.
No runtime difference

There's missing in the US version how the man is sneaking through the people. Then you can see Angel giving a sample of food to two women. Angel notices that his parents are arguing. The next shot is a close-up of Angel, here continues the US version.
25 sec.

After the guy sliced open his artery, fell against the glass wall and slid down there's a short shot of Robert. In the German TV version you can see him in a longer scene walking past the other prisoners of the institute and leave it.
- sec.

German TV version

US video version

There's a shot of Angel before the scene change in the US version.
2 sec.

In the German version is missing a shot of the driving car with Robert and Sara inside.
4 sec.

The sex scene of Robert and Sara is different in the two versions. Both versions have special shots; the order differs in some parts. When Robert's nightmare begins afterwards, the shots differ again. Listed below are some pictures from the scenes which are only included in one of the versions.
- sec.

German TV version

US video version

In the US version is missing a shot on Angel, after his father had an injection.
4 sec.

The sequence in which the priest dies because of the plane crash is missing in the American version.
- sec.

Robert hits the guy just once in the US version (the final punch), in the German version he hits him three times.
2 sec.

After the break-out from the madhouse, there follows the sequence in the US version where the priest dies.
- sec.

Both versions have different endings:

In the German TV version follows the scene with Angel and the board of directors to the scene of Robert and Sara fleeing from the hospital. Afterwards you can see them in an unknown "holy" place with the daughter. Robert can hear the voices of the demonstrators in the background while he's thoughtfully holding his daughter and giving her a kiss. Then he and Sara go over to some people and the end credits start.

The US version changes-over directly after the escape from the hospital to the scene of Robert and Sara being in the "holy" place. Robert's thoughtfully holding his daughter and he can hear the voices of the demonstrators in the background. Next up there's a plane trying to land. Scene change to a man and some other people who just deplaned. A little later you can see Robert masqueraded with a full beard. He hears in the background once again the voices "Stop the project!" etc.; shortly after there's the scene with the board of directors. But it's not the full scene as it is in the German version. Moreover there are some shots of Robert prepositioning some sticks of dynamite during Angel's speech. Finally the door to the board of directors opens and then there's an explosion. The picture freezes, a quote from the Bible follows and the end credits start.
- sec

The oddness: The German version contains the more harmless ending, but the sound track is equal to the US version. This means: during the end credits you can hear a landing plane and the voices Robert hears when he stands at the moving stairs on the airport! Another very old German TV version really contains this other end sequence.

Based on the editing technique and the logic, the ending of the US version seems to be the original end sequence.