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original title: Zhong An Zu


  • HK Version
  • Thai Director's Cut
Release: Jun 05, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the usual uncut HK Version and the longer Thai Director's Cut which contains a bit more plot, but on the other hand is missing some short scenes due to censorship.
The short scene in which the gang is putting some bottles on the dresser is missing in the Thai version.
- sec.

The rest of the blood oath is missing as well.
- sec.

The sex scene in the elevator is partly missing in the Thai version.
- sec.

In the Thai version, there is an additional scene with Jackie and the psychiatrist in a restaurant.
100 secs.

Yet another, slightly longer plot scene with Jackie and the psychiatrist, this time at a tennis match. Joyce, the psychiatrist, is playing tennis using the ball throwing machine. Jackie is sitting on the bench looking sad. She doesn't like Jackie being frustrated. He gets angry about that. He snatches her racket, switches on all ball throwing machines and starts hitting as many balls as possible. Thereafter, he is quite exhausted. They exchange some more words and Jackie says goodbye.
120 secs.

In the Thai version, Jackie's walking to the edge of the bridge is missing.
- sec.

The scene in which Jackie is about to burn the ID is missing in the Thai version.
- sec.

Additionally, the scene of Jackie actually burning the ID is missing, too, in the Thai version.
- sec.

After the original ending, there is an additional scene with Jackie and Joyce, the psychiatrist, in a restaurant. Jackie is mimicking a singing scene related to their former visit to a restaurant. She appears and is wondering about his capers. They talk a little, then the credits roll.
127 secs.