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Traffic: The Miniseries - Part 1


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Sep 18, 2010 - Author: Preacher - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the TV version and the DVD released by Universal.

The US miniseries "Traffic" was originally shot for Television but later on also released as a Director's Cut version on DVD. For the DVD-release, the three episodes were merged and then splitted again. The result is a two-part movie. The DVD version is a little longer here and there and some scenes were re-cut.
Right at the beginning the DVD misses out a little introduction (told by a narrator) about smuggling of goods from Asia to the rest of the world. At first, the narrator talks about hidden routes that were used to smuggel fur and silk. Later on, these routes were used to smuggle drugs; today, they smuggle pretty much everyting...
No difference in time, just a missing voice-over.

The beginning of the DVD version is a little different than in the TV version:

Both versions begin with the robbery of two canisters in the former Soviet Union.

On the DVD now follows Mike McKay's failed undercover operation on an airport in Afghanistan. Then you see a sequence of Mike's family in the USA, followed by a phone conversation between Mike and his wife.

In the TV version you first see the scene of Mike's family in the USA. During the phone conversation, Mike's wife asks him about his day. Then you see the undercover operation as a flashback.

However, the TV version is missing some scenes:

There's a missing shot of an armed Afghan and the overlay "Chazm Airfield, Afghanistan". Additionally, Mike's car drives a little longer towards the run-down buildings.
10 Sec

Another sequence of Mike's car. You can see two armed Afghans inside the building. Then Mike stops the car.
10 Sec

Mike enters the building and approaches the armed Afghans. One of them aks why they should trust him, since the Americans had killed his family. Mike says that this is not his fault and that he only wants to make a deal. They look at each other.
28 Sec

The TV version also misses out on a scene where Mike (during the phone call with his wife) looks at his blood-besmeared clothes. The following cut to his wife was cut out as well.
11 Sec

When Angie pulls off her top before jumping into the swimming pool, the TV version shows this through a window of the house. She can only be seen from behind.
In the DVD version, she can be seen from up close; you can see her breats.
No difference in time!