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original title: Kuai Can Che


  • HK DVD Universe
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 19, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
HK DVD (Universe): 103:15 minutes w/o credits
Version shown on German TV (on 23.10.2004: 102:04 minutes w/o credits (=original version)

HK DVD (Universe) cut: 216 seconds at 3 cuts

The HK DVD by Universe misses a few scenes compared to the original Version. The HK DVDs by Fortune Star and Mega Star should be uncut.
A man (Gloria's father) in a limousine is passing Jackie and Biao who are just washing their bus, and asks them about the harbor street. Jackie gives him rather dumb directions. Then, a hot Spaniard passes and Biao is distracted by her. Rather than pouring the water on the bus, he pours it on a policeman just passing by. Jackie then offers him a piece of cloth to dry himself, but it's dirty and the policeman colors his face black. Promptly, his superior comes by and notices the dirty policeman.
114.22 sec

Sammo enters the bar and asks about "fatso", who is not there according to the barkeeper, though. Then, the barkeeper also asks if Sammo came from a funeral, looking like that.
14.10 sec

Sammo talks to his employer and asks him who the thugs were. When the employer doesn't want to give out any information, Sammo says, he'd drop the job. The employer offers Sammo more money after that.
76.07 sec