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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End


  • US TV Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Mar 14, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Who would have guessed that cut TV versions of gory horror flicks like "Wrong Turn 2" can look like that – bearing the TV-14 rating in a version edited in profanity and nudity but almost complete in terms of violence. Amazing, considering the cleaned up version of "Freddy Vs. Jason" that SyFy has shown (although it is safe to say that the channels own cutters have not worked on this one).
Also some storyline sequences have been cut in order to be able to squeeze more commercials in between. Nevertheless, this version is still watchable.

Typical for this TV channel is the drowning out of curse words like "Fuck!", "Motherfucker!", "Shit!", "Prick!" the moment they are uttered – not the best kind of censorship, especially when the actors are swearing directly into the camera and we can read the words from their lips but hear nothing. Due to the obvious nature of these editing without any alternative whatsoever they are not mentioned in this report.

Time indexes are taken from the uncut version. The remaining difference occurred due to rounding.
Comparison between the cut US TV version on SyFy (TV-14), aired Dec. 20th 2009 at 7 pm, and the uncut British DVD from 20th Century Fox.

US TV Version:1:30:46 (NTSC)
Uncut GB DVD:1:32:57 (PAL)

25 Cut scenes = 5 Min. 46 Sec. (PAL)
1 Alternative shot
1 Audio censorship
Mara grabs her stuff, walks to the camper and looks into the mirror at the door before climbing inside. While the group marches on Jake tries to engage in smalltalk with Nina but she waves him off. He shows her a cereal bar she had dropped earlier, refuses to give it back to her and eats it himself while she gives him annoyed looks.
85 Sec.

A camera pan – greatly varying in speed – shows Mara and Nina as well as urinating technician before proceeding to the front of the camper.
24 Sec.

After the ax-thrower pulls the knife out of his shoulder a lot of blood gushes out. He looks at the knife and licks it clean.
7,5 Sec.

Elena flashes her breasts and asks " wanna get, eh - wet?". Jake looks puzzled and Michael moves the camera from Elena to Jake.
7,5 Sec.

Elena is seen earlier before crossing her arms in front of her breasts.
0,5 Sec.

The camera pan from Michael into the woods is missing. As well as the following shot of the deformed dude watching the two.
Because a part of this shot is used later in the TV version as alternative footage for a more explicit shot only a part of the first shot is counted here.
10,5 Sec.

Nina and Mara are getting a lot friendlier towards each other, engaging in smalltalk.
15 Sec.

(Partly) Alternative footage
Here the TV version shows a bit of the pan from the previous cut while the Unrated shows the complete blowjob from farther away. Also, the following shots of Nina going back to the clobbered down Mara and another shot of the blowjob with Nina saying "Motherfucker!" are missing in the TV version.
7,5 Sec.

US TV Version:

Unrated DVD:

Jonesy tries to hit on Amber again but she waves him off. He says that he was only joking before thinking that he smelled barbecue somewhere.
11 Sec.

While Elena puts her panties back on Michael stows his camera and asks that she keeps everything a secret. He asks whether she wants to come back to the camper but she refuses, wanting to stay in town for a while and he walks off – all the while watched from the bushes by one of the freaks.
31 Sec.

The freak spits in his hand and masturbates vigorously while Elena lies by the river.
12 Sec.

A shot of Elena putting on her pants while the freak comes running out of the woods.
1,5 Sec.

A shot of Elena's spine is missing.
0,5 Sec.

Dito, this time more from the side.
0,5 Sec.

The shot goes on with Jonesy talking to Amber.
4 Sec.

The camera pan to Dale starts earlier, the intestines of the blown-up redneck are spread across the ground.
1,5 Sec.

Audio censorship
The two freaks moaning has been deleted.
No time difference

Jake, Nina, Amber & Jonesy sneak towards the groaning and discover the freak couple having rough sex. Because of the facial skin and hair the woman is wearing, Jake thinks it is Elena and runs towards them, yelling "Hey, get off her!".
36 Sec.

A shot of the moon is missing before the movie cuts to the freaks home earlier: While we hear beating noises from the off, Nina regains consciousness in her cage and sees one of the freaks sitting in an armchair.
27 Sec.

"Ma" prepares Michael's severed head, cuts out the tongue and puts it on the table. Nina alomost passes out
10 Sec.

Dale sneaks through the basement, hearing Jake calling from above.
13 Sec.

Dale sneaks around until he reaches the ladder and takes his bag.
14 Sec.

"Ma" throws a piece of meat into the grinder.
3 Sec.

"Ma" grabs a piece of intestines from the bucket.
3 Sec.

Dale sneaks through the basement.
16 Sec.

An additional shot of Dale in a pool of his own blood.
4,5 Sec.

The credits are shown in a small frame and in fast motion in the TV version while a commercial for the following show is aired. On the DVD the credits roll much slower and therefor longer of course (not included among the cuts).
141 Sec.