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The Director's Cut of this great comic adaptation in a 3-Disc-Set Digipak with lots of special features!

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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Unrated Director's Cut and the theatrical cut (PG-13). For the DC the Unrated RC1 DVD by Columbia was on hand. The theatrical cut was represented by the RC3 DVD, by Columbia as well. The DC of the film is unspectacular. Anyone who owns the theatrical release with the deleted scenes doesn't need the DC! Merely some story snippets have been reintegrated, additional violence or heavy recuts aren't included.

The Unrated Director`s Cut is 10:31 min longer than the theatrical release!

In the following, Director's Cut and Theatrical Release are referred to as DC and TR.

2:30 min - 2:36 min

Young Prof. Broom stands longer in front of the crucifix, followed by a close-up of Jesus.

Duration: DC is 6 sec longer.

15:19 min - 15:39 min

A longer shot of the group walking through the snow. They come across a barrier of ice and break it. After that comes more walking.

Duration: DC is 20 sec longer.

17:14 min - 17:22 min

The shot of resurrected Rasputin is shorter in the DC but here Ilsa notices that something's wrong with Rasputin's eyes.

Duration: DC is 5 sec longer.

17:43 min - 18:26 min

Broom learns more about his disease and that he has six more weeks to live. The doctors offer him hospitalization and pain managment but he decides to stay at home. The doctors recommend to get a second opinion. Broom flips one of his tarot cards, revealing the death card. He then states that it's not necessary.

Duration: DC is 43 sec longer.

27:26 min - 27:49 min

The garbage truck drives through a gate, Clay flashlights signals to his colleagues.

Duration: DC is 23 sec longer.

39:05 min - 40:40 min

Ilsa shaves Raputin's head in an abandoned subway station. After that Rasputin puts in glass eyes. They talk about the solar eclipse seven days from now and the "child". Then there's a shot of two new demons Rasputin created.

Duration: DC is 95 sec longer.

42:02 min - 42:22 min

TR has a longer pan along the building. DC cuts to a limo halting in front of the building. FBI boss Manning gets out of it.

Duration: DC is 17 sec longer.



48:30 min

TR has a longer shot of Hellboy and Liz. Hellboy says "The Nanny Squad".

Duration: TR is 3 sec longer.

48:32 min - 48:52 min

A shortened shot of Broom getting out of the car. Then comes an alternate shot of Hellboy saying "The Nanny Squad" followed by a little scene in which Broom asks Myers to go over to Hellboy to become more acquainted with him.

Duration: DC is 19 sec longer.

49:26 min - 49:52 min

The long pan around Hellboy and the arrival of Myers are much longer in the DC. Hellboy asks Myers if he's a boy scout. Myers declines and Hellboy remarks cynically that he almost had him fooled.

Duration: DC is 25 sec longer.


57:32 min - 58:02 min

The shot of Myrs saying to Liz "...just you and me in a taxi like regular folks." is a different take. Afterwards he continues that a return would be her choice. She then says that she quit the Bureau 13 times and where else she could go to.

Duration: DC is 22 sec longer.



70:32 min - 71:34 min

Myers and Liz in the cab. Liz makes pictures because she hasn'T seen much of the world lately. Myers worries because Liz leans out of the window. After she made a picture of him he leans out of the opposite window as well and they both joke around until they arrive at the Bureau eventually.

Duration: DC is 62 sec longer.

73:04 min - 73:13 min

Liz talks some more in the DC. The professor explains "We made some changes around here". Then the garbage can comes through the glass in both versions. In the DC this is presented as one joke, in the TR it's not.

Duration: DC is 9 sec longer.

73:52 min - 74:33 min

Another conversation between Myers and Liz. He asks for the meaning of the rubber bands around her wrists. She says one is for depression, the other for impatience. Myers wants to get her new ones.

Duration: DC is 41 sec longer.

77:15 min - 78:36 min

Alternate, longer shot of Broom followed by an agent arriving with Hellboy's dinner. However, Hellboy took off through a wall.

Change of scene: there's an alternate shot of Liz in front of the biker bar. In the DC she takes a picture of something. In the background there's Hellboy on a roof. He wonders what's the conversation of Myers and Liz is about.

Duration: DC is 52 sec longer.



81:02 min - 81:23 min

Hellboy left his locator at the Bureau. This childish behavior annoys Broom.

Duration: DC is 21 sec longer.

85:31 min - 85:54 min

The monologue during the future vision is more detailed in the DC. However, the images remain the same. Afterwards comes an alternate shot of Broom talking to Rasputin, partly with the lines of the theatrical future vision.

Duration: DC is 16 sec longer.



86:13 min - 86:20 min

Broom says to Rasputin "Nothing you can do or say can change that".

Duration: DC is 7 sec longer.

90:26 min - 91:55 min

The shot of Abe and Liz is a little longer. Then there's a new scene of Rasputin and a Russian nationalist General arriving at a military base. The General hopes thet Rasputin will make Russia thrive again. A container which carries a stone that fell out of the sky over Tunguska is shown. The General says the stone can't leave Russia. Ilsa replies that the guest will come to them! The following scene introduction with the map is a little shorter than in the TR.

Duration: DC is 86 sec longer.

94:08 min - 94:18 min

The sticker "Live Cargo" is being attached to a wooden box. Hellboy reads more about Sammael.

Duration: DC is 10 sec longer.

95:40 min - 96:10 min

The long explanation of Manning's plan to find the graveis presented in an alternate, much longer take. Longer because Manning is illustrated as much more stupid.

Duration: DC is 14 sec longer.



97:24 min - 97:38 min

Manning gives Hellboy ten Minutes. Liz tells him to shut up. In both versions Manning asks for a PowerBar. Then there are different shots of Hellboy returning. The shot after that is shorter in the DC.

Duration: DC is 9 sec longer.



117:33 min - 117:40 min

The shot of Hellboy carrying Liz is longer. He halts in the DC because he hears Rasputins glass eye break. In the TR he halts as well. Not because of the glass eye but because of Rasputin speaking to him.
Anyway, the DC shows a close-up of the broken eye. In the following shots the CGI was changed. The DC shows Rasputin with only one eye. Little tentacles seem to squirm in the empty socket.

Duration: DC is 7 sec longer.



117:46 min - 117:48 min

The DC shows a different shot of Rasputin, Hellboy and Myers. Here the TR has a shot of Hellboy which comes at a different place in the DC.

Duration: no time difference.

Director`s Cut is 10:31 min (NTSC) longer than the Theatrical Release!