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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 01, 2011 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the theatrical version and the director's cut. Both released by 20th Century Fox.

In the audio commentary Director Mark Steven Johnson expresses his dissatisfaction about the fact that he needed to provide a cinema-friendly (PG-13) version at the request of 20th Century Fox.

One year later, the director's cut is finally available for the audience. The main changes in short are:

  • All violent scences have been included again

  • The subplot with Coolio has been added. This Scene shows how various characters, such as Matt, Franklin or Ben Ulrich bring down the Kingpin not only through the Daredevil's actions, but also collect solid evidence with the help of investigatory work. Thereby the movie's depiction of vigilante justice is being reduced and the bond among the characters is strengthened. Ben and Matt are almost friends in the DC, in the cinema version they hardly know each other.

  • Instead of a carelessly compounded middle part without proper scene transitions the movie now appears more fluently and the scene succession finally makes sense.

  • Without the bedroom scene the relation between Matt Murdock and Elektra seems to be more aloof and you can feel a kind of tense among them.

remark: The Coolio subplot is signalized by italics.

7:00 min. - 7:09 min.

In this scene young Matt tries to explain to his father that he didn't want to fight, but had no choice. His father tells him not to curse.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

7:58 min. - 9:05 min.

The Scene with Matt sitting in Front of the moon differs and is a bit longer

Change of scenery: a long shot, where you can see the docks with the radioactive barrels. Matt arrives with the skateboard, runs past the workers and asks for his father. A foreman tells him that his father did not work here for months. Dissapointed Matt throws his report card into a puddle.

Length: DC 55 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


9:28 min. - 32:25 min.

In the theatrical version there's a short scene that shows the paper falling into the puddle and you can hear Jack Murdock shouting "Matt!", the DC just shows pictures.

Length: TF 2 sec. longer.

11:40 min. - 11:58 min.

Matt tells his father that he can hear everything and that he knows about what he and the doctor have spoken. Something is happening to him, but he don't know what.

Length: DC 18 sec. longer

13:55 min. - 14:07 min.

More scenes where Matt is testing his new abilities.

Length: DC 12 sec. longer.

15:05 min. - 15:13 min.

One of the ruffians watches the fight in disbelief. Matt is being attacked by the thug, but repels the punch with his blindman's stick. Now the other guy also looks stunned and the attacker palpates his face.

Length: DC 8 sec. longer.

15:14 min. - 15:15 min.

The first guy is still puzzled.

Length: DC 1 sec. longer.

15:15 min. - 15:21 min.

The thug leader again receives some blows with the blindman's stick from Matt.

Length: DC 6 sec. longer.

15:23 min. - 15:25 min.

First guy again, then Matt in his combat stance.

Length: DC 2 sec. longer.

15:38 min. - 15:44 min.

Matt is leaving the scene of battle.

Length: DC 6 sec. longer.

16:16 min. - 17:35 min.

Jack Murdock leaves his dressing room, passes Matt and enters the boxing ring.

The theatrical version just shows how Matt walks along a corridor, following his father's shadow.

Length: DC 69 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


19:38 min. - 19:40 min.

Matt runs down the alley. In the theatrical version he throw off the cape.

Length: theatrical version 0,5 sec. longer.

19:45 min. - 19:50 min.

Here's the scene he drops the cape and you also see Fallon driving off with a car.

Length: DC 5 sec. longer.

21:45 min. - 21:56 min.

Matt steps off the liquid container that functions as his bed. His knees crack as he stretches them.

Length: DC 11 sec. longer.

22:58 min.

In the theatrical version the scene with Matt talking to Mr. Quesada is slightly longer.

Length: theatrical version 1 sec. longer.

24:09 min. - 24:26 min.

Matt and Franklin leave the court in anger. They discuss the court's prejudice, because Miss Sutton was a drug addict and comes from Hell's Kitchen.

Length: DC 17 sec. longer.

25:58 min. - 26:42 min.

Quesada is having a drink and makes a pass at the barmaid. But she knows what he did and rebuffs. Some bikers arrive und you can see a topless woman from behind. Quesada smokes a cigarillo.

In the theatrical version you just see Quesada having a drink in another shot.

Length: DC 38 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


28:05 min. - 28:14 min.

Daredevil is fighting against a bunch of thugs with two sticks.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

28:34 min. - 28:37 min.

Daredevil takes out two more guys with Martial Arts.

Length: DC 3 sec. longer.

29:05 min. - 29:07 min.

The gangster shoots at the ceilng fan Daredevil is sitting on. The ricochets kill two other guys.

Length: DC 2,5 sec. longer.

29:14 min. - 29:46 min.

The scene with Daredevil in front of the burning billard tables is different: In the theatrical version he is just standing there, in the DC he climbs on the table and calls for Quesada who runs away.

Length: DC 20 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


29:48 min.

In the theatrical version Daredevil climbs on the table now.

Length: theatrical version 3 sec. longer.

30:46 min. - 30:55 min.

The Daredevil wanders through the subway hall.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

31:09 min. - 31:18 min.

Quesada asks who made Daredevil the judge and he answers that Quesada himself did.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

31:33 min. - 31:39 min.

Quesada says: "Go to hell...diablo". Daredevil just replies: "Okay, but you`ll beat me there."

Length: DC 6 sec. longer.

35:04 min. - 35:15 min.

Pan shot through Matt's apartment. He feels pain undressing the suit.

Length: DC 11 sec. longer.

35:53 min. - 36:49 min.

Matt prepares the salt water for his "bed". The scene where he gets in is longer. In the theatrical version the lid closes and the scene is done. The DC shows Matt having a vision about Lisa Tazio, the victim in the Jackson-case. She gets shot, crawls beside Matt and reachs out for him. Then the lid closes.

Length: DC 41 sec. longer.

37:00 min. - 37:28 min.

The scene with Matt going to the confession is missing in the DC, because he's not a christian yet. In this scene Matt tries to justify his acts with religion.

The DC in return contains a scene where a nun is bending over him in the hospital and tells him to sleep. He is playing with the cross around her neck.

Length: theatrical version 32 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


39:01 min. - 39:40 min.

In the coffeehouse Franklin is wondering why Matt got all this scratches in his face. Matt is trying to make excuses and cracks the best joke in the movie: "I`m in the fight club. The first rule of fight club: Don`t talk about the fight club!"

Franklin don't think it's funny. He's complaining about the loss of the valuable guide dog and is also worried about Matts' emotional state.

Length: DC 39 sec. longer.

43:50 min. - 45:06 min.

The "fight" scene with Electra lasts longer than a minute. She takes away her foot from Matt's neck and he says "Thanks, That's all I wanted to know (her name)". A black limo with a bodyguard arrives. Matt is marveled, why should the woman who just kicked his ass needa bodyguard? She tells him that her father is a careful man and Matt gets that her father must be Nikolas. They say goodbye and Matt realizes that he will be late for the court hearing.

Length: DC 74 sec. longer.

45:27 min. - 45:38 min.

Wesley goes to Fisk's office.

Length: DC 7 sec. longer.

45:56 min. - 46:48 min.

Fisk tells Wesley that in the old times they used to cut off the tongues of the bodyguards and also that he loves violence. Suddenly he turns around, strikes down one of the guards and brake the other's neck. Natchios arrives.

Length: DC 52 sec. longer.

47:47 min. - 49:30 min.

In the court: Matt tells Franklin about Elektra (in the theatrical version this happens later). They go to Dante Jackson who is accused of the murder of Lisa Tarzio. Matt can tell he's innocent from his heartbeat and accepts the case.

The DC misses the scene where Elektra tells Matt about her combat training.

Length: DC 62 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


51:31 min. - 56:17 min.

Matt and Franklin discuss the Jackson case and his past. They almost get overrun by a cab.

change of scenery: Bullseye checks in London. A funny scene, because of Colin Farrels brilliant portrayal of Bullseye acting like a diva.
He empties his pockets:
He places down a pen and toothpick. The metal detector beeps an the officers checks him with hand device. A paper clip appears out of his mouth.

scene change: Matt and Franklin break into Lisa Tazios apartment, to search for evidence. Matt reconstructs the murder by using his heightened senses and finds out that recently the sequence of characters "MOM68" was written down, since he feels the imprints on the table.

In the theatrical version at this point the scene where Matt speaks about Elektra in the court house is shown. (47:47 min.)

Length: DC 257 sec. longer.

57:21 min. - 59:42 min.

The pretrial for the Dante Jackson case: Matt makes his summation in which he states that Jackson did some misdeeds, but is incapable of murder. At the end Matt and Franklin try to influence the jury with Matt's blindness.

Officer McKensie's testimony gets Matt into a conflict, because his heartbeat is normal, which means he does not lie. But one of them has to lie: Jackson or McKensie. Matt and Franklin notice that the reporter Ben Ulrich also is present.

Length: DC 141 sec. longer.

Now some major changes are taking place. The plot is changed in many ways. Here the theatrical version is full of logical gaps, whereas the DC appears to be a lot more fluently.

Here a comparism of the scene succession:

    theatrical version:

  • Street fight

  • office scene with the invitation

  • romantic scene on the roof

  • love scene

  • ball


  • romantic scene on the roof

  • Street fight

  • scene in the church

  • office scene with the invitation

  • ball

61:25 min. - 64:16 min.

cut report within the report: the romantic scene on the roof

Now there's quite a huge change. In the DC the roof scene with Matt and Elektra follows now, in the theatrical version it's much later.
In DC the scene is bit longer. You learn that Elektra's mother was murdered right before her eyes. (19 sec.).

The key element (the relation between Matt and Elektra) is different, too: In the DC Matt leaves her in the rain, because he hears the sound of a fight. In the theatrical version this fight is before the roof scene and they they make out. This scene also is missing in the DC. The theatrical version is 95 sec. longer in this case.

Length: theatrical version 79 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


64:16 min.

cut report within the report: the street fight:

In the DC the roof scene is followed by the street fight. In the theatrical version you can see Daredevil on a skyscraper. (7 sec.) This setting is used in the DC when he's chasing Natchios. At 64:20 the scene with the wire rope is missing and also used later.

Length: theatrical version 9 sec. longer.

66:24 min. - 68:12 min.

Matt in the church. He's talking to the padre who encourages him to come to church on sunday. Matt tells him that he loves the silence, the Priest thinks he rather loves the loneliness. A short CGI sequence shows that even the church is not free from all noise. The priest wants him to confess and not keeping everything for himself. Matt declines with thanks.

Length: DC 108 sec. longer.

68:40 min. - 68:58 min.

Karen, the secretary asks Matt for coffee. He don't want any, Frank does. In the theatrical version it's a different shot without the coffee

Length: DC 14 sec. longer.

70:42 min. - 70:47 min.

Matt thinks about going to the ball and whether Franklin may also go. Finally he agrees without speaking.

Length: DC 5 sec. longer.

74:15 min. - 74:22 min.

In the DC there is a reference to the roof scene. Matt apologizes to Elektra for his leaving.

Length: DC 7 sec. longer.

74:28 min. - 75:02 min.

Franklin tries to talk to Wesley, but he rebuffs and makes mean jokes about invalids.

Length: DC 22 sec. longer.

76:25 min. - 76:37 min.

Now the scene with Franklin at the railing.

Length: DC 12 sec. longer.

77:28 min. - 77:39 min.

Elektra and Matt follow Mr. Natchios, but he don't want her to be nearby.

Length: DC 11 sec. longer.

78:22 min. - 78:33 min.

In the DC now the scene where Daredevil watches Natchios from the roof is shown. In the theatrical version you already can see Bullseye standing up on the motorcycle.

Length: DC 4 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


78:42 min. - 78:50 min.

Now the scene where Bullseye is standing up in the DC also. Then the shot with Daredevil sliding down the wire is shown.

Length: DC 12 sec. longer.

82:22 min. - 85:50 min.

In the DC a scene with Matt confessing to the priest misses. Matt thinks the Padre is right. The DC contains the scene where Wilson Fisk gives Bullseye the order to kill Elektra. In the theatrical version this scene is shown before the attempted murder.

cut: The court house: Franklin questions Jackson, because Matt is gone. Jackson makes a fool of himself and Franklin.

Length: DC 196 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


88:35 min. - 93:34 min.

After the funeral Matt speaks with Ben Ulrich in a cab. Ulrich tells him that Lisa Tazio, his former source of information had an affair with with one of the Kingpin's employees.

Matt immediately searches for McKensie and gets him to tell the truth by demolishing his Mercedes. McKensie has a pacemaker and therefore his heartbeat was steady in the questioning. McKensie tells him that the Kingpin always goes for the whole family and Matt knows that Elektra is in danger.

Franklin finds out that MOM68 actually means WOW89, the initials of Wesley Owen Welchi and a date: August 9.

Length: DC 299 sec. longer.

94:49 min. - 95:09 min.

Ben Ulrich phones with Franklin who tells him what he found out about Lisa Tazio. The theatrical version now shows the scene with Fisk and Bullseye and also the one where Matt meets with Ulrich who's telling him that the real Kingpin killed Natchios and also wants Elektra to be dead.

Length: theatrical version 52 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


98:27 min. - 98:33 min.

The fight between Daredevil and Elektra is longer.

Length: DC 6 sec. longer.

98:53 min. - 99:00 min.

Elektra loses her lucky charm. Matt tries to calm her down, but she won't listen.

Length: DC 7 sec. longer.

101:37 min. - 101:44 min.

Bullseye kicks Elektra through the air. She picks herself up and attacks him with her dagger.

Length: DC 7 sec. longer.

101:56 min. - 102:03 min.

Bullseye smashes her head on the floor and throws her across the roof.

Length: DC 7 sec. longer.

102:51 min. - 102:55 min.

The DC shows how Bullseye daggers Elektra's stomach. In the theatrical version you just see her grimace with pain. The scene where the dagger impales her is a bit longer.

Length: DC 1 sec. longer.

102:56 min. - 103:02 min.

The DC shows another scene with Elektra's face.

Length: DC 6 sec. longer.

105:13 min. - 105:31 min.

Now you get that all what happened was part of Matt's confession. This is much shorter and less spectacular.

Length: DC 10 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


106:28 min. - 106:37 min.

Daredevil gets up and throws his blindman's stick into Bullseye's face.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

106:45 min. - 106:46 min.

Daredevil picks up his stick.

Length: DC 1 sec. longer.

107:58 min. - 108:10 min.

The detective's shouting: "Where the hell is my SWAT team?" The theatrical version shows this sentence in complete, in the DC there's a cut after the word “SWAT”, but you can hear the word “team” in the off. A policeman arrives and tells the detective that the church doors are closed from the inside. The detective tells him to break the door.

Length: DC 11 sec. longer.

111:17 min. - 111:21 min.

The scene with Bullseye lying on Ulrich's car is longer in the theatrical version, but in the DC you get a close-up where you can see that Bullseye still is alive.

Length: DC 2 sec. longer.

111:51 min. - 113:31 min.

The conversation between Fisk and Wesley is in a different order and longer in the DC. Fisk says that Daredevil will be coming to him next and Wesley tell him that they're ready for him.

Cut: Urich tells the detective that Fisk is the Kingpin.

Cut: The detective questions Wesley and convince him to be a witness.

Length: DC 90 sec. longer.

theatrical version:


114:26 min. - 114:46 min.

Daredevil falls to the ground. In the theatrical version he's flying against the window. Instead this Fisk beats him with a stick, but only hits the ground. Daredevil lands some blows in the Kingpin's face and gets some punches in the stomach.

Length: DC 20 sec. longer.

115:07 min. - 115:16 min.

The Kingpin grabs Daredevil and pulls him along the ground.

Length: DC 9 sec. longer.

120:09 min. - 120:40 min.

The Jackson case is won, the acquitted Jackson is thankful.

Length: DC 31 sec. longer.

121:58 min. - 124:27 min.

In front of the church the padre dismisses his church. Matt is standing nearby, but was late. Ben Ulrich arrives and tells him that needs to write this story, even if he exposes Matt.

Cut: Fisk and Wesley in jail. A room guarded by policemen. You can see Bullseye wrapped in bandages all over the body. Even now he manages to kill a fly with a syringe.

Length: DC 149 sec. longer.

128:00 min.

This scene with Bullseye is shown within the credits in the theatrical version.

Length: theatrical version 45 sec. longer.

The Director's Cut is 29 min. and 35 sec. longer than the theatrical version.