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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Oct 16, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
In spring 2004 Disney seemed to notice that their extraordinarily expensive animated movies are no longer profitable. Computer animated movies were more popular as well as cheaper and faster produced.
Jerry Bruckheimer, having produced a blockbuster with “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” but also an expensive almost flop with “Bad Boys 2”, only had two movies in the pipeline that were supposed to bring in some cash. For the autumn “National Treasure” was supposed to draw people into the cinema while in spring “King Arthur” was to bring in some money.
Either following advice from Disney or acting on his own, Bruckheimer demanded a PG-13 version from director Antoine Fuqua who had been guaranteed an R-Rated cut for the cinema before, in order to get some of the younger folks into the theater – without much success; with about 50 millions in profit “King Arthur” stayed way behind expected results while “National Treasure” made nearly twice as much money in two weeks.

To make an R-Rated war movie suitable for minors, lots of editing has to be done. Of the more than one hundred changes made about eighty contain violence that Fuqua wanted to show on the big screen but was not allowed to.

Apart from more blood and violence some storyline sequences have been added as well. Lancelot and Guinevere have some more time together and Arthur is seen as a child with his mentor. Guineveres character is more fleshed out than it was before, however, love is neither seen for Arthur nor Lancelot. She merely searches for the strongest man able to help her free her country.

Theatrical Version (British DVD BBFC 12): 120:34 minutes
Director's Cut (British DVD BBFC 15): 135:51 minutes

The Director's Cut contains:
79 new scenes
13 alternative scenes
7 edited scenes
2 changes in speed

In addition, 17 removed scenes of which four contain longer storyline extensions. Three minutes altogether.
Alternative scene: 3:03
Young Lancelot rides towards the Romans in different shots and looks at his new comrades.
TV: 3.09 sec
DC: 7.10 sec
4.01 sec. longer

More cheering.
2.10 sec

Young Arthur is seen with his mother and then with Pelagius to whom Arthur wants to give the homemade medallion. Pelagius says that Arthur should give it to him once he arrives in Rome. When they witness the arrival of the young Samaritans, Pelagius tells Arthur that he is to lead and honor them just like his father. When Arthur says that they are not here voluntarily Pelagius answers that there are always a few who have to die for many but that someday they might manage for everyone to live a free live.
The TV shows several shots of the Samaritans.
TV: 11.17 sec
DC: 120.15 sec
108.23 sec. longer

A few Picts are dragging Romans off their horses to kill them. Another Pict lashes out at a horse with his sword, causing it to fall.
20.13 sec

The Picts are fleeing from the knights. The Pict from the previous cut holds aloft a severed head and is beheaded himself by Arthur.
6.03 sec

Editing: 6:16
The spurting blood has been removed.
TV left; DC right
no time difference

A Pict is shot with an arrow.
1.06 sec

Another one is impaled with a spear.
2.08 sec

Another Pict is shot.
3.24 sec

Alternative scene: 6:40
In the TV a Pict is hit in the stomach and falls off a tree. In the DC another one is shot in the eye. The scene of the TV is in he DC contained in the bigger cut at 7:23.
TV: 1.00 sec
DC: 2.06 sec
1.06 sec. longer

Alternative scene: 6:53
In the TV the Pict is sent to the ground and struck with both swords in the Off. In the DC he receives a cut over the stomach, falls to his knees and receives another cut, causing him to spit blood, followed by a third hit in the Off.
The scene of the TV is in he DC contained in the bigger cut at 7:23
TV: 4.01 sec
DC: 3.18 sec
0.08 sec. shorter

The false Bishop watches Bors kill a man with his blades and kick another one in the face.
5.10 sec

Alternative scene: 7:18
In the TV Arthur battles two enemies. In the DC he kills one with his sword.
TV: 0.19 sec
DC: 1.20 sec
1.01 sec. longer

A knight shoots a Pict who is trying to kill another knight who is stepping out of the water. Lancelot battles a few Picts and slices one open with his swords. Here and there the two scenes from 6:40 and 6:53 are present.
16.22 sec. longer

Lancelot beheads a Pict with his swords in the Off. The other knights are busy killing as well.
21.12 sec

A short close up of Bors' blades.
0.06 sec

The DC is two frames shorter in the last shot.
After that we see Bors stabbing a man from behind.
2.03 sec

Editing: 7:49
In the TV the false Bishop has the arrow in his chest, in the DC in his head. The shot has been edited with CGI; it is the same shot..
TV left; DC right
no time difference

Editing: 9:43
Same here.
no time difference

Arthurs knights approach the Bishop with drawn weapons before Arthur recognizes that the situation is under control.
10.12 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 11:46
DC: 15:21
A longer dialogue is missing in the DC.
35.07 sec. shorter

The knights are drinking at the round table.
21.06 sec

Editing: 30:40
The blood has been edited out as the Saxon leader strikes down one of his men.
TV left; DC right
no time difference

The knights are preparing for their journey. The mood is tense between them and the Bishop as he orders his secretary to travel with them.
78.19 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 40:01
DC: 43:15
A scene of the knights resting and talking in the rain is missing.
85.13 sec. shorter

They ride past some dead soldiers. Arthur says this to be the Saxons doing.
18.20 sec

Guinevere tells Lancelot that this land is Heaven for her. He answers that it has been Hell so far for him but that Guinevere represents Heaven here. When it starts to rain in addition to the snow he says this to be a bad sign.
55.23 sec

Guinevere again has a long talk with Lancelot. She asks about his home and he tells her how beautiful it is. She compares his description to the freedom they are fighting for and says that this makes them equal. She goes on to ask if he wishes to have a wife and sons when he comes home. Lancelot answers that he has no right to have sons after the many sons of others he has killed. When she asks if he believes in anything without family or religion he answers that he would have left her and the boy to die in the dungeon and walks away.
141.16 sec

The talk with Merlin is cut differently and different shots have been used.
TV: 22.10 sec
DC: 33.14 sec
11.04 sec. longer

A shot of the fortress is shown. After the group has ridden through the gate it is closed.
26.23 sec

Dagonet is buried.
54.04 sec

Bors sits at Dagonets grave, drinking. Guinevere approaches Arthur.
15.06 sec

The colors during Guineveres and Arthurs talk are more intense.
TV left; DC right

Cut in the DC: 76:01
Shorter shot of Arthur.
2.03 sec. shorter

Cut in the DC: 76:03
The end of the shot is shorter as well.
0.16 sec. shorter

Guinevere stands beside Arthur longer.
6.11 sec

Both are sitting longer beside each other.
0.16 sec

Guinevere is seen longer.
0.06 sec

1.02 sec

Arthur tells of Pelagius teaching him that the worst death is the end of hope. Guinevere says that they are not the polite people from the poems but blessed and cursed by the times they live in. Arthur claims that they themselves are responsible for their curse. Guinevere asks what he is afraid of. He is like the land. A Briton with a roman father but Rome is dead. Britain is his home and everything that is important to him.
59.19 sec

Both look at each other longer. In exchange, the last shot is longer in the TV.
1.18 sec
13.13 sec

Arthur is seen longer before the Saxons are presented, sitting at the fire. The leaders son wants to take his life to make up for his failure but his father refuses, then cuts along his sons face with his sword. He then names another warrior his successor, irritating his son.
82,14 sec

While in the TV Guinevere gets into Arthurs bed after the Saxons have set camp in front of the wall, she gets into Arthurs bed before this in the DC until they are interrupted and get atop the wall at night.

The DC is missing to sequences but it's not really clear where they belong so only the time index for the TV is provided here.

Cut in the DC:
TV 77:13
Arthur recognizes the medallion broken by the Bishop before noticing the ruckus outside caused by the Saxons.
14.07 sec. shorter

Cut in the DC:
TV 79:42
Guinevere and Lancelot look at each other after Arthur went away, standing alone at the round table and looking at a map of the fortress.
26.04 sec. shorter

The Coitus Interuptus is of course missing in the TV.
5.00 sec

The knights ride away and many fires are burning..
15.12 sec

The Saxon runs up to his men in different shots.
no time difference

Another man is grinning in the DC.
2.08 sec

Editing: 99:34
Blood has been edited away.
TV left; DC right
no time difference

More Saxons are chopped down and fly through the air.
7.13 sec

Two more Saxons die. One loses his arm.
3.10 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 99:54
DC: 105:56
Arthur smashes a Saxons shield.
1.05 sec. shorter

The spurting blood is missing.
0.05 sec

Three more men are chopped down.
1.09 sec

The only survivor is seen longer.
3.17 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV 100:47
DC 106:53
The survivor runs towards his people.
2.22 sec. shorter

The survivor crawls towards the Saxons and is struck dead..
20.18 sec

The ax in the Saxons chest is seen longer. Another Saxon is hit by an arrow an Merlin orders his men to attack.
3.07 sec

Another Saxon lies dead on the ground. Knights and Picts are approaching.
4.09 sec

Guinevere stabs an enemy she has beaten down just before.
0.17 sec

Arthur gets up, pushing an enemy off him.
1.23 sec

The Saxon who has struck Bors off his horse is seen, as well as another Saxon.
1.08 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 106:17
DC: 112:54
The same Saxon is seen a bit shorter here.
0.22 sec. shorter

The Saxon with the ax in his chest turns towards the camera before he dies.
0.21 sec

Bors chops down another Saxon.
2.18 sec

Knight and Saxon fight each other. Blood splatters.
3.11 sec

Longer shot of the knife in the Saxons throat.
0.12 sec

A knight kicks two Saxons down the stairs
3.17 sec

Guinevere stabs a Saxon in his junk.
1.06 sec

Then she smashes his face in.
0.19 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 106:42
DC: 113:32
Guinevere is seen longer.
0.10 sec. shorter

A Saxon and a Pict are fighting.
1.03 sec

Again the blood has been edited away.
TV left; DC right
no time difference

Alternative scene: 106:45
Different shots of the dead Pict, one with blood and one without.
no time difference

Alternative scene: 106:49
Arthur rams his sword into an enemies throat, barely visible in the TV..
no time difference

Arthur recognizes the Saxon leader, throwing a Pict to the ground.
2.08 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 106:51
DC: 113:44
Some fighting.
0.08 sec

Arthur watches one of his knights being shot off his horse.
1.09 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 106:58
DC: 113:49
The knight grabs the arrow in his shoulder.
1.11 sec

He grabs the arrow in another shot while a Saxon approaches him from behind and is killed by Arthur.
4.23 sec

After he pulled the arrow the knight stands around longer in the DC before killing the next enemy. The other knight gets off his horse (at 107:20 in the TV 4.05 sec), looks around and kills another enemy, just like the Saxon leader. The knight sees him and pulls his sword out of the dead Saxon from before. Guinevere comes running and strikes at a Saxon without stopping. The Saxon is only slightly injured when another woman strikes at him, again without much impact.
16.15 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 107:01
DC: 114:20
Guinevere runs towards the Saxon in the TV.
2.05 sec

Editing: 107:11
Again, the blood has been edited as a Pict woman stabs the Saxon in the back.
TV left; DC right
no time difference

The Saxon groans in pain as Guinevere gets up and another woman strikes at his legs with an ax..
2.07 sec

Alternative scene: 107:13
While he only screams a bit in the TV, four Pict women jump at him, stabbing and screaming.
TV: 0:13 sec
DC: 4.01 sec
3.13 sec. longer

Guinevere chokes him with a rope while the other women are nearly tearing him to pieces.
1.21 sec

More choking.
0.17 sec

Alternative scene: 107:15
After he is finally dead, the Saxon is put to the ground in different shots. In the DC he is choked a bit longer and one of the women plunges her dagger in him one more time.
TV: 1.15 sec
DC: 2.18 sec
1.03 sec. longer

Scene moved: 107:20
More fighting – a bit earlier in the DC.
no time difference

Scene moved: 107:20
The knight gets off his horse – seen earlier in the DC.
no time difference

The knight approaches the Saxon leader.
1.00 sec

On his way to the Saxon leader he kills off another enemy.
13.07 sec

The knight and the Saxon are standing in front of each other.
2.16 sec

Bors and another warrior are killing several enemies. (A part of the shots of the other warrior are seen in the TV at 108:19. 3.18 sec. Bors is stabbed in the back with a spear but manages to get up again. Then follows the first scene from 107:20, running 6.08 sec.
17.18 sec

The villager kills a Saxon but runs off as more enemies approach.
8.11 sec

Several scenes are interchanged now, for example the last part of Lancelot fighting the Saxon leaders son or the Saxon leader fighting one of the knights. Here the order of the Theatrical version is used.

Guinevere fights the leaders son as Lancelot tries to pull his swords out of a dead Saxon.
5.14 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 108:06
DC: 116:25
Lancelot watches Arthur fighting.
4.06 sec

Arthur stabs an enemy and another man is stabbed in the face.
Here follows the part that was missing at 107:50.
4.19 sec

The Saxon hits the knight.
7.17 sec

The Saxon cuts into the knights leg, sending him to the ground.
16.05 sec

The Saxon stands above the knight on the ground, picks up his sword and sticks it into the ground. He picks up the knights sword and walks across the battlefield.
12.24 sec

Arthur kills another Saxon.
1.14 sec

The knight is picked up by he Saxon leader and stabs a dagger into his leg. The Saxon pulls it out, slices his sword across the knights arm and then stabs him with it, while Lancelot is stabbing away at another Saxon.
9.06 sec

Lancelot falls to the ground longer.
1.05 sec

Different speed: 109:50
Arthur running towards the Saxon leader is in slow motion in the TV.
TV: 4.04 sec
DC: 2.09 sec
1.20 sec. shorter

Longer shot of the Saxon standing on the battlefield after killing the knight.
2.04 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 110:07
DC: 119:49
The Saxon turns to Arthur.
2.10 sec

Cut in the DC:
TV: 110:11
Lancelot pulls his sword out of a dead Saxon.
2.14 sec

Arthur kills another Saxon. The leader stands on the battlefield, followed by a shot of Merlin.
7.14 sec

Lancelot hobbles towards the leaders son.
3.10 sec

Alternative scene: 110:34
The leaders son drops to his knees in different shots and dies in the TV. Lancelot stands there a moment longer. In the DC, the Saxon remains on his knees.
TV: 1.22 sec
DC: 1.03 sec
0.19 sec. shorter

Different speed: 110:39
Lancelot kneels longer in the DC, but in slow motion in the TV.
TV: 3.06 sec
DC: 2.11 sec
0.20 sec. shorter.

In the DC both Lancelot and the Saxon are still alive. They crawl towards each other and Lancelot stabs him in the throat, intercut with Arthur killing more Saxons.
17.07 sec

Arthur and trhe Saxon leader are fighting longer.
4.15 sec

The Saxon is seen a bit longer..
1.15 sec

Arthur stabs the Saxon in the stomach.
14.07 sec

Arthur longer on the ground with the Saxon above him.
2.07 sec

Arthur turns his sword inside the Saxons gut.
3.19 sec

Alternative scene: 112:25
In the TV Arthur holds the Saxons head and then shoves him away. In the DC he holds his head in a different shot, stabs him one last time and shoves him away in a different shot as well.
TV: 4.04 sec
DC: 11.24 sec
7.20 sec. longer

Arthur stands beside the corpse a bit longer.
1.02 sec