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Transporter - The Mission

original title: Transporteur II, Le


  • Uncensored French Version
  • Extended German TV Version
Release: Jan 05, 2011 - Author: Jason - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
FOX tried to achieve a lowered rating (PG-13 instead of R) and cut the movie. In France a DVD was developed which was announced as being an unrated version named “Version Non Censurée” which contained a few more details in violence and also shows some new and improved CGI effects. This version was also shipped out to Great Britain and Thailand and was known as the official uncut version or extended cut version. In Germany the most prominent version is the theatrical version, obtainable on DVD. However, a German Pay-TV channel aired the completely translated French version.

The free-TV premiere on the German channel RTL showed up a version which was completely new and strange and did not exist as a buyable version so far. It is based on the French version but offers extensions which did not exist in the ‘uncut’ version or even complete new scenes (plot and violence).
Some of these scenes can be found as deleted material in the extra section on several DVDs – funnily not on the French DVD. Therefore it can be assumed that the French version seemed to be the version the director wanted to show while RTL offered a extended and translated version.

The question is: what is the intention of this lack of extended scenes? Conclusion: They create a new way of filming experience and the flick sounds far more ‘harsher’ and ‘adult’. After all it is also more violent and bloody. This seemed to be not the intention of Leterrier who wanted to have the movie a lot more funnier.

The runtime of the described scenes are based on the TV version. The additional runtime differences result from a slower PAL speed and three commercial breaks. The additional time is 23 min. 27 sec..
Compared is the uncut, French DVD by EuropaCorp. with the TV version shown on RTL.

Runtime of the FR DVD Version: 1:24:33 (1:18:08 w/o credits)
Runtime of the RTL TV version: 1:27:11 (w/o credits and commercial breaks)

27 Extended scenes = 5 Min. 21,5 Sec.
1 Dialogue changes = No time difference
The DVD version starts with two logos of production firms which are missing in the TV version.
30 Sec.

The movie titles differs because of a German alternative title.
No time difference


Chellini turns around to Lola, carrying the antidote pot, while the others around Dr. Sonovitch receive the virus. Chellini & Lola dance and cuddle with each other and Chellini says that they are going to have hell of a lot fun tomorrow, she responds why to wait til’ tomorrow. While the others are leaving the room, Dimitri watches them. A few seconds afterwards he notices he is a disturbance and leaves. The opening of the safe starts with two additional takes.
36,5 Sec.

The TV shows Billings on a press conference argueing against drugs while Frank opens a beer. He switches of the TV and takes a seat. The phone rings. It is Inspector Tarconi who opens the conversation that he is looking for a transporter whereas Frank responds he is retired. Tarconi himself is on an airport and wants to know if the invitation is still valid and that he does not had any vacations abroad. Both chat about ‘Partyzone Miami’, the women there and the pizza service.

Now here are two ugly fails: in both versions the door bell rings during the fridge take but only the TV version shows a reaction. Secondly, the sentence on the phone that he does not pay for it does not fit in the TV version.
56,5 Sec.

Dialog change
DVD version:
The guy at the pizza service repeats Frank’s order and tells him that he hopes he is hungry.
TV version:
Tarconi is still on the phone and wants to know if it is the pizza service. Frank agrees and says he has to quit the call. Tarconi asks if it is hot (the pizza) and Frank responds that it is.
No time difference

A short take at the airport is missing. Tarconi asks Frank something again.
1,5 Sec.

The TV version shows a short scene in which Audrey says that she needs something. The DVD version shows this scene a bit later.
Audrey kisses Frank; Afterwards he pushes her away.
12 Sec.

Audrey opens some studs from her blouse before Frank tells her to Stopp- Audrey whispers that he wants to touch her but Frank still acts dismissive.
8,5 Sec.

The conversation between Frank&Jack continues. Frank asks what is bad about the syringe whereas Jack responds that it gonna hurt. Frank tells him that it won’t be that bad.
16 Sec.

Dimitri and another bad boy carry along the body of the doctor through the hallway into a lil’ chamber.
9 Sec.

Dimitiri opens the suitcase with the virus and takes a syringe. The camera zoomes on the precarious Dimitiri and shows a skelleton beside him.
18 Sec.

A short sequence shows how Dimitiri tries to catch the little Jack. He yells for support.
5,5 Sec.

Different takes during the phone call between Frank & Chellini.
The take of Frank looking into the back mirror can be seen later again.
1 Sec.


Two security men Stopp in their car and gape because of Lola’s parking arts. In addition to the extended scene the TV version offers the take of Frank looking into the back mirror.
3 Sec.

Both security men think about that Lola cannot be a police officer. One of them asks if they should intervene but the other responds that its end of the work.
15,5 Sec.

The scene inside the house continues. Audrey says that no one of the security men tried to intervene during the kidnapping and that they should leave her house. Stappleton responds that she has a wrong look at the things. She does not want to hear anything, they should pay to get her son released.
Stappleton orders Jefferson to calm down the woman. One of the cops from the backgroudn asks how to handle the ransom and Stappleton tells him to go for the plan.
25,5 Sec.

Jefferson looks around, looking bit unsecure.
1,5 Sec.

Jefferon, carrying the cases, goes towards a car. Stappleton tells him to put them into the trunk. Jefferson finds the keys.
12,5 Sec.

Jefferson opens the trunk and notices the body parts of his son Jack. Fortunately it was a vision and he gets well.
9,5 Sec.

After he reloaded the weapon Dimitiri takes some cocain. He stretches around and yells around.
11 Sec.

Frank follows Dimitiri through the mall.
5 Sec.

The policemen arive the van.
16 Sec.

Frank, dropped to the ground, can be seen earlier.
0,5 Sec.

Frank is pushed over the table a bit longer.
1 Sec.

A short take of the Goon and how Frank is being pushed over the table.
0,5 Sec.

The Goon tries to brake on the slippery ground.
0,5 Sec.

Frank punches the bad boy with two coconuts in his face.
1,5 Sec.

The fight in the boat is longer: Frank double kicks the enemy. Back on the ground the black Goon gets another hard kick to his body. He attacks again.
4,5 Sec.

Dr. Sonovitch walks along the gangplank and inserts a number into his mobile while he spits some blood. Chellini is noticed that Frank has the antidote. He answers that it does not matter and no one could stop them. Sonovitch adds that Frank killed Max. Chellini seems to be angry and says that that matters!
27 Sec.

A complete new scene: Lola and Chellini are outside, he asks of the helicopter is ready. Sonovitch joins them and asks where they are going to fly. Chellini responds to fly to Columbia, puts his gun to Sonovitchs body and shots him. After the shoting he adds that Sonovitch does not come with them. Take of Sonovitch in the pool.
22 Sec.

To the end the rest (11 sec. ) of the movie can be seen in a closer image while the sides show a new created credit screen.
No time difference

The credits are missing, as usual, in the TV version.
384 Sec.