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2-Disc Edition by Severin Films

Dahmer: Collector's Edition


The Outpost

Shutter Island

Zombie Holocaust

original title: Zombi Holocaust


  • International Version
  • Extended Version (NSM)
Release: Oct 21, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version on the NSM Blu-ray (identical to the old US Blu-ray by Shriek Show - please see the cover used for this comparison - and the Extended Version on the NSM Blu-ray (except for a small cut, this version is identical to the new US Blu-ray by Severin Films)

- 1 additional scene
- Length: 303.8 sec (= 5:04 min)

Besides smaller locally censored releases, there are two official and two more slightly different versions of the Italian splatter classic Zombi Holocaust from 1980. For that reason, those four relevant versions (all available on Blu-ray today!) will be listed and explained in the following:

1. "Doctor Butcher, M.D."

Length: 82 min (NTSC resp. Blu-ray)

The version for the US market: Basically, this version only lacks some plot scenes. On the other hand, a 2.5 minutes long scenes from some never finished US flick has been added right at the beginning. In addition to that, there is a longer scene with a length of 5 minutes with the original film crew which is normally missing in the actual movie resp. only available as deleted scene on DVD. Furthermore, the score was altered in many places.
The new US Blu-ray by Severin Films is a 2-Disc-Edition and one of the selling arguments is this US Version which was not available for many years and which is now available in HD. Before that, one could only get it on the Japanese Laserdisc but the nudity got blurred for that release.

2. "Zombi Holocaust"

a) International Version - Length: 81 min (PAL) / 84 min (NTSC resp. Blu-ray)

The regular version which was also released in Italy. Also the main version on the Austrian NSM Blu-ray. The first US Blu-ray by Shriek Show and the British Blu-ray from 88 Films only contain this version as well.

b) Extended Version - Length: 86 min (PAL resp. Blu-ray by NSM)

Basically, this is the "2a" version except the 5 minutes from the US version Doctor Butcher, M.D. are also integrated in the movie. The Austrian NSM Blu-ray is the only digital release so far even though it was only put in SD and PAL on the disc (which also explains the length diffence).

The following comparison is about the versions "2a" and "2b" resp. it focuses on the additional scene in the US Version. Actually, this is the only difference there is: The NSM Extended Version is a home-made version resp. one simply added the only additional scene to the International Version with a disregard of the NTSC/PAL difference and due to the rather bad quality of the source, it has only been added in SD. The new US Blu-ray flawless and in true HD. Unfortunately, it is slightly cut - due to its enhanced quality, all screenshots are taken from the new US Blu-ray.

Finding a reliable source how the here described deleted scene originated is a tough one when it comes to older movies like Zombie Holocaust. In this particular case, it is uncertain whether this scene was originally shot as one of many scenes during the shoot or the US distributor insisted on a reshoot. Eiter way, the scene kind of sucks and it does not really fit in either. The commentary in the imdb regarding alternate versions pretty much nails it:

Also, it is unknown if this scene was originally filmed and then cut from the final Italian print of the film, or if Ian McCulloch and Alexandra Delli Colli were actually hired by Aquarius Distribution (the owners of the "Butcher" cut) to come in and film this new scene. The latter seems more likely as the scene's setting looks less like a jungle, and more like someone's backyard.

Time index refers to
International Version Blu-ray / NSM Extended Version in PAL
As already pointed out in the intro: The screenshots have been taken from the US Blu-ray which is the first release worldwide that contains this scene in HD.

58:42 / 56:17-61:21

After Peter fights off the zombie at the beach, te Extended Version continue with the additional scene that shows Lori in the woods.

The scene starts with a few long but also unspectacular shots until Lori gets a bad vibe resp. she asks if they were actually going in the right direction. Peter says they were but the look on his face says otherwise. A few more steps and Lori trips and winds up in a pit. With an effort and unsuccessful for the time being, Peter attempts to help her out of the pit (just like rest of the scene: the timing sucks resp. the scene is way too long) when two cannibals show up all of a sudden.

Peter managed to hide and get himself a stick when the two cannibals are discussing what to do with Lori. Peter knocks out the first one with the stick (he winds up in the spikes at the bottom of the pit) and the second cannibals cuts off a piece of Peter's stick with his machete. After a little fight, Peter manages to take him down as well.

Lori is so happy and grateful that she hugs him before they keep walking across the wood.

303.8 sec (= 5:04 min)