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2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 19, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The sequel to 2005 horror film 2001 Maniacs with Robert Englund misses a lot compared to the previous film. Englund was replaced with Boll Moseley, the cast is amateur-like and there was obviously not a lot of budget. The money that was there was at least used for the actual emphasis of the film, which is found, next to the rather price-worthy exposure of several silicone-breast variations, at the splatter scenes. The scenes are partly pretty drastic, which is the reason for this report.

There were two versions released on the US-market for an extra portion of the gorehounds' attention. Apart from the compulsive unrated version with a WARNING-button on it for extreme graphic content, there slightly less bloody cover of the R-rated-DVD mentions this is a censored version still containing "strong bloody violence, crude and sexual content, pervasive language and some drug use". Typical MPAA-cuts like the removal of single frames are the usage of more harmless alternative footage is not found here and thus, the most violent moments had to move.

The cut R-rated version was compared to the uncut and unrated version (both released by First Look Studios).

14 differences, of which there are
7 additional scenes
7 extended scenes

The unrated version is 182.32 sec. resp. about 3 minutes 3 seconds longer than the R-rated version.
Extended scene
0:05:54: Major Buckman looks to the impaled sheriff, who is bloodily stuck to a target, perforated by pieces of wood of the barrell.
4.12 sec.

Extended scene
0:15:38: Rome gives K-Jay more instructions in the unrated version as he pleases her orally. Her lover assures he does everything right. Extraordinarily erotic.

Rome: "Rake it! Rake it! Rake the clam! Rake it!"
K-Jay: "You like it? You like that?"
Rome: "Yeah!"
8.28 sec.

Extended scene
0:30:57: The unrated version shows an ultrabrutal shot of the buzz saw milling its way into Britsol's lower body. She is being splattered with blood, too.
2.56 sec.

Additional scene
0:31:02: Bristol is shown again getting splattered with blood.
1,68 Sec.

Additional scene
0:31:09: Another view of the saw milling into Bristol's body, which is covered in big parts by blood squirting against the lens.
2,16 Sec.

Extended scene
0:32:10: The unrated version shows Black Cherry's exposed breasts.
6.32 sec.

Extended scene
Jesus: "Emancipate me, baby! Emancipate me!"
Black Cherry: "Faster, you Mexican jumping bean!"
7.6 sec.

Additional scene
0:44:53: The unrated version shows K-Jay's hand twitching on the armrest and then his eyes explode.
1.6 sec.

Additional scene
0:44:55: For continuity purposes, laughing Major Buckman pointing at his eye is missing, too.
2.32 sec.

Additional scene
0:45:00: K-Jay's wrecked body is shown in between in the unrated version.
2.6 sec.

Additional scene
0:51:55: With a sudden movement, Rufus shoves Falcon away to the back. This is apparently so forceful that large parts of the skeleton are being ripped out.
1.48 sec.

Extended scene
0:52:00: Rufus bites two more times into the ripped-out heart.
5.56 sec.

Additional scene
1:01:09: Here, the unrated version has an entirely new scene. The Maniacs eat human bodyparts, accompanied by dialogue. Jerry's headless corpse is dragged away. Major Buckman tells the boys: "Bleed that heathen good and dry, son. We could all use a little after dinner tonic."
Rufus: "When do we get to eat supper, Daddy?"
Maj. Buckman: "Ain't you done chewing on that surfer?"
Lester: "What about me, Daddy? All I had today was a lick of dristle from Jezzie's hindquarters."
Maj. Buckman: "Oh, enough! Stifle! Go on, git!"

China Rose starts laughing.
Maj. Buckman: "What are you laughing at, China Rose? Why don't you do some of that Chinese laundry we imported you here for? And this time get out the blood stains! I don't want no ring around the collar."
China Rose: "Your wish is my command, Major Luckman, but remember, no tickee, no shittee!"
Maj. Buckman: "Go on, git! Well, I see there, Granny, looks like your favoring that dark meat a little too much."
Granny Boone: "Maybe if you were a little bit more black in your stallion, I wouldn't need to visit the stable on long lonely nights."
Maj. Buckman: "Ugh..."
Harper: "How many Northeners to seek vengeance on 'til we can finally rest?"
Maj. Buckman: "Well, let's see, uh, last jamboree I think we took care of 8 of them."
Harper: "And it's 9 here with this now. It still makes us only half way to 2001."
Hucklebilly: "Dang it, does that mean we have to go through this shit again next year?"
Maj. Buckman: "Ah, don't complain."
90,88 Sec.

Extended scene
1:22:06: The birth-scene with Granny Boone during the credits is much longer. First, she gives birth to a corncob and then the child. Milk Maiden cuts off the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors and then Major Buckman holds the boy into the camera.

Harper: "Come on, Granny, keep pushing. Keep pushing."
Granny Boone: "I am pushing, you morons."
Maj. Buckman: "Breathe!"
Harper: "I think I see something coming."
Granny Boone: "Oh, oh, oh. Oh!"
Harper: "Come on, Granny. Keep pushing. I see it's here coming."
Granny Boone: "What is it?"
Maj. Buckman: "It's a....a....a Negro?"
45.16 sec.