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Young Master, The

original title: Shi di chu ma


  • Export Cut
  • Japanese Extended Export Cut
Release: Mar 04, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the Export Cut and the (Japanese) Extended Export Cut, both included on Disc 2 of the UK Blu-ray from 88 Films

- 21 differences
- Difference: 528.4 sec (= 7:48 min)


The Young Master is one of the absolute classics of Jackie Chan's career in the 1980's. His new contract with Golden Harvest meant that he was able for the first time to draw on his full budget and creative resources. But that also led to the fact that his first cut is said to have been around 180 minutes long and ultimately several versions are commonly known worldwide.

In a nutshell: E.g. the US and Germany first had the export version, which was cut by just under 20 minutes, but at the same time also contains around 3 minutes of exclusive scenes compared to the Hong Kong theatrical version, as well as its very own soundtrack. The Taiwanese version again contains its own exclusive material. In the intro of the latter report, we also summarized that the Japanese version is a hybrid of the export version and the HK theatrical version. It's largely identical to the cut of the export version, but here the final fight is fortunately uncut like in the HK theatrical version.

Now, for the first time, a new 2K restoration in excellent picture quality is included on the Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-ray, available from 88 Films in the UK since February 22, 2021. In addition, this set has three versions to offer: In addition to the original HK cut, the export cut is included, and additionally you can find the just mentioned version from Japan which was called "Extended Export Cut". While this was available on the Japanese Blu-ray as a theatrical reel scan with burned-in subtitles, it has been newly restored here and is of course also equipped with the complete, English export dub.

Reason enough for us to document this again in more detail. In addition, you'll find some more info on the exciting bonus material of the British Blu-ray in the appendix of the cut review. The 88 Films release interestingly features some longer fight scenes from the Golden Harvest archives. Also the Taiwanese additional material was summarized really nicely in a featurette and there's yet another featurette comparing all different cuts of the movie. Other delicacies such as reconstructed export credits and various soundtrack options as well as newly translated subtitles should make fans more than happy. A clear recommendation!


Runtime information is arranged according to the scheme
Export Cut Blu-ray / Extended Export Cut Blu-ray

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80:06 / 80:06-80:19

Ah Suk sits on the floor a bit longer and complains. After that Jackie dodges some leg attacks and gets kicked to the floor after all. Kam pulls him back up by the hair.

13.1 sec

80:11 / 80:24-80:28

The camera zooms out from Dragon's face and he dodges a few kicks.

4.2 sec

80:32 / 80:49-80:54

Beginning of a shot: Dragon attacks and Kam punches him in the stomach.

5.1 sec

80:38 / 81:00-81:26

Dragon is pinned to the ground by Kam for much longer.

25.6 sec

80:39 / 81:27-82:06

Again Dragon gets his arms twisted loudly, initially in shots from below. Dragon tenses his arm and tries to free himself with jumps, but Kam has him fully in control. Lastly, a shot of Ah Suk.

38.6 sec

81:41 / 83:08-83:18

When Dragon attacks, it immediately switches to the other perspective. Actually Kam prances around in front of Dragon for a while with his leg raised for defense.

9.8 sec

81:48 / 83:25-83:29

Kam still goes for the kick in the same shot and Dragon dodges a bit on the ground first.

4.7 sec

82:32 / 84:13-84:23

Dragon clings to the leg longer and Kam slaps him on the back.

9.3 sec

83:07 / 84:58-86:02

The long shot is longer and Ah Suk tries to get Dragon back up. He sends him forward, where Dragon is then badly beaten by Kam for a while. In the process, Dragon is pushed to the side by the face and literally spun across the floor.

64.5 sec (= 1:04 min)

84:42 / 87:37-88:28

Kam throws Dragon to the ground with his leg. Dragon is just kicking wildly there now, trying to keep Kam off him somehow. He gets a hold of Dragon's arm again though and throws him around a bit. Another hard kick to the gut follows and some crawling away from Dragon.

50.6 sec

85:16 / 89:02-89:52

Dragon staggers back into Ah Suk's arms in the same shot, and he shoves him back into the fray. On the ground Dragon now dodges kicks for a while and tries to grab the legs. Again though Kam is then able to land some hard hits.

50 sec

85:27 / 90:03-90:04

Ah Suk speaks to Dragon for a moment longer before Kam jumps on.

1.5 sec

85:38 / 90:16-90:24

Dragon lands on his back and Kam attacks him further.

8.3 sec

87:03 / 91:49-93:37

After Ah Suk goes down, Dragon has to take quite a beating first. So the motor oil hasn't taken effect right away, instead Dragon is a bit dazed and gets severly beaten up. Ah Suk wants to run off with the gold for a moment and is attacked by Kam for it. Then Dragon slowly comes to his new powers and stands determinedly in front of Kam with a blank look. Several kicks remain without effect for the time being, until Kam is able to send him to the ground in a high arc after all.

108 sec (= 1:48 min)

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