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Release: Jul 03, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the original Clerks Theatrical version and the Clerks X-version. Both versions can be found on the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD from Miramax. The Clerks X-version contains a new cartoon-scene, which shows us, what happens in the funeral home. In the original version we do not find out about that at all. Dante and Randal go in and come running out, shortly after. That is all. The Clerks X-version brings enlightenment, now!

52:57 min. - 53:25 min. (Clerks)

In the Clerks-version Dante and Randel go into the funeral home. After that we see the text: "Five Minutes later...". After that Dante and Randal are running out of the funeral home chased by the mob.

In Clerks X we see the text "The Lost Scene". After that we see a long cartoon-sequence that shows us what actually happens inside:

Dante and Randal enter the funeral home. The frame changes from black and white to color. Randel immediately starts completing his collection of death-cards. Dante meets Alyssa. They talk about Julie and how she died. Julie had a heart attack while swimming. After that they are bad-mouthing about Randal and Caitlin's wedding that everybody knew about, besides Dante.

Dante and Randal get in the line of mourners. Dante confesses to Randal that he used to date Julie and that he would rather not see her parents because back then they caught them doing some kinky sex-stuff. Randal drags Dante over to Julie's parents anyway.

At the coffin they notice that Julie is being laid out in very short clothes. Randal makes a couple of stupid remarks while Dante just wants to say a prayer. Dante throws the car-keys to Randal that he can wait in the car. But Randal is too stupid to catch the keys and they slide into dead Julie's pants. While Randal blocks the view of the crowd Dante tries to get the keys out of the dead girl's pants. But Julie's father notices the blasphemy and a scuffle begins which leads to Randal falling against the coffin which overturns and reveals the keys. Unfortunately the body falls out of the coffin, too, and the two of them leg it being chased by the angry mourners.

length: Clerks X 7:43 min. longer.


Clerks X: