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2.04 Eye for an Eye


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 23, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
After the History Channel stopped doing real history documentaries and started focussing pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and the like) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they achieve great successes with, they also tried out (mini) series. The Drama series Vikings is one of them and throughout the first two seasons entirely satisfied its audience. In early 2015, audiences will be able to enjoy the third season.

Just as in the previous season, all episodes were aired in a censored version on American TV. Besides numerous cuts to the plot, there are also several scenes that had to be censored. All nudity was deleted and some of the violence was toned down here and there. Still, the second season is pretty uninhibited and also appears to be a little heavier in terms of violence compared to season 1.

This is a comparison between the American TV Version aired on the History Channel and the Extended Version.

Both Versions differ in 16 scenes:
7 additional scenes in the Extended Version
1 additional scenes in the TV Version
8 scenes with alternative/extended footage

Overall, the Extended Version is 209.04 seconds (3:29 minutes) longer than the TV Version.
0:00 minutes
The TV Version shows a recap.
43.2 sec.

1:57 minutes
Jarl Borg makes his way through the crowd and throws a shield in the fire.
14.68 sec.

2:12 minutes / 2:41 minutes
Due to the additional scene in the Extended Version there is some alternative material when Jarl Borg introduces himself to the citizens of Kattegat.
13.12 sec. / 7.44 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

2:37 minutes / 3:00 minutes
The following part of Jarl Borg's speech are different in both versions.
19.76 sec. / 7.68 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

2:57 minutes / 3:08 minutes
In the TV Version the old man turns to the seer.
3.12 sec. / 3.08 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

3:34 minutes
Jarl Borg is shown one last time.
1.4 sec.

19:59 minutes / 20:09 minutes
Siggy not only says that she does not want to sleep but rather fuck, but also tells that she is not yet tired. Then follows a shot of Rollo.
9.36 sec. / 4.84 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

24:05 minutes
The shot of Athelstan was extended.
0.6 sec.

24:11 minutes / 24:15 minutes
Athelstan browses through the book. This scene was hortened for the TV Version and then extended by using alternative material. The scene where the image of Jeses starts to bleed is shown earlier in the Extended Version.
21.12 sec. / 4.4 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

24:35 minutes / 24:23 minutes
On the History Channel, the image bleeds some more. The subsequent shot of Athelstan uses different takes for both versions.
5.92 sec. / 3.52 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

24:43 minutes / 24:29 minutes
Just before Athelstan throws the book away, a scene was zoomed for the Extended Version.
No difference in time.

Extended VersionTV Version

24:48 minutes
Athelstan tries to wipe the imaginary blood off his hands.
11.12 sec.

27:07 minutes
The two boats come closer.
4.12 sec.

33:16 minutes
Ragnar tells his other sons that hteir brother was marked by the gods and will one day do something big. Then he looks at his wife and tells her that she makes him happy.
14.2 sec.

33:30 minutes
Floki eats when Helga says that they should make a baby in case they survive. Floki does not seem to be too eager to do that since he worries that the kid might become just like him. Aslaug wakes Ragnar up so that they can bring their kids to bed.
95.08 sec.

37:22 minutes / 35:04 minutes
By now we realize that Jarl Borg likes to talk. A lot. At least in the Extended Version. This time he talks about Ragnar Lothbrok. In the TV Version he only says that it would be a pleasure to fight Ragnar.
33.8 sec. / 6.96 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

35:11 minutes
In order to have a better transition, the TV Version shows Jarl Borg getting up slightly earlier.
0.44 sec.