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Jackie Chan's First Strike

original title: Ging chaat goo si 4: Ji gaan daan yam mo


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Sep 30, 2010 - Author: Diabolus - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the shortened international versionand the uncut HK theatrical version, represented by the Japanese DVD.

Both versions can be found on the Japanese double-DVD release by Warner. Both DVDs have the NTSC-format.
The international version is missing about 23 minutes of footage, to get a more "enjoyable" runtime of 84 minutes. Most of the scenes that were cut out are plot-scenes, but there are also some spectacular fighting and action-scenes that fell victim to the censors. Additionally, the soundtrack was altered completely. The new music is supposed to convey a certain "James Bond"-feeling. Unfortunately, the underwater-scene no longer features the "Jaws"-theme; the Police Story soundtrack was also deleted, which is unfortunate, since the outtakes are way more fun when underlaid with the original Police Story theme.
The Japanese version is absolutely superior compared to the international version, especially because the plot is way more understandable. The missing action-sequences make this DVD a real highlight. Too bad that there does not yet exist an uncut version that also offers a good amount of bonus material - the Japanese DVD only features a trailer.
International version: 1:23:44 minutes (including credits)
Japanese version: 1:47:09 Min (including credits)

Number of cuts (including re-cuts): 225
Number of cuts (only shortage): 186

Difference in time: 23:25 minutes (including re-cuts, shortage, and the international opening and end credits)
Shortage: 21.27 minutes

The discrepancy (118 seconds) of the runtime arises out of doubly present scenes, cross-fades, and the different opening and end credits.

The time designations refer to the international version.
00.00 (29 seconds) (no cut)
Original version:
After the Golden Harvest Logo there follow different opening credits that show different shots of Hongkong.

International version: (+126 seconds) (no cut)
Entirely different opening credits.

02.20 (2 seconds)
Jackie says something.

02.28 (5 seconds)
The conversation inside the conderence room is a little longer.

02.40 (22 seconds)
Jackie leaves the room and again tries to pronounce the strange name. Then, the CIA agend and Bill Tung talk about the importance of the case a little longer.

03.40 (no cut)
Not a real cut, but at this point, the opening credits continue in the original version.

04.05 (6 seconds)
Some more shots of Natasha and Jackie (who fell asleep) inside the plane.

04.09 (no cut)
At this point, there again follows a part of the opening credits.

04.20 (22 seconds)
At the check-in: The employee notices that there are some problems with Jackie's passport. She asks him to follow her. On their way, they meet two Chinamen; they have a short conversation. Then she walks through a door. Now, the international version continues.

04.23 (1 second)
A very short missing remark about the check-in employees.

04.48 (no cut)
In the international version, now follows a short sequence, that originally was included later on in the movie.

05.10 (17 seconds)
Now follows the sequence from 04.48. You see Jackie being lead to his car. They say goodbye. Then a group of soldiers passes by.

The phone-call was re-cut for the international version.
Japanese version: (31 seconds)
Tsui answers the phone; cut to Natasha, then back to Tsui; cut to the agent, cut to Tsui, cut to Natasha, cut to the Agenten, then Natasha hangs up the phone and leaves.

International version: (29 seconds)
The third cut to Tsui follows after the agent ran away; it was slightly shortened.

05.43 (+3 seconds) (no cut)
Now Jackie is lead to his car in the international version.

05.43 (53 seconds)
The woman that lead Jackie to his car meets the Chinamen at the airport again. Then, the agent gets in a car. Natasha takes the bus to a castle, where the agent already waits for her in the car.

05.56 (7 seconds)
Some more soldiers exit the cars. The agent gets out of the car and approaches the soldiers.

06.06 (less than a second)
You can see the agent pulling the antenna out of the cellphone.

06.21 (5 seconds)
The order of the cuts is different and the conversation was minimally shortened.

06.50 (no cut)
Now follows the arrival of the cars at the church in the international version.
In the original version, this sequence follows a little later.

06.50 (no cut)
In the original version you already see Jackie getting out of the car and walking up the hill.

07.00 (no cut)
Jackie now gets out of the car in the international version.

Due to the different planting of this scene, several cuts of the original version would not make sense anymore and therefore had to be taken out.

Here are two examples:

08.07-08.10 (time designation refers to the Japanese version) (3 seconds)
You see Jackie runnung up the hill.

08.20-08.23 (time designation refers to the Japanese version) (3 seconds)
Cut to Jackie who still runs up the hill.

07.43 (2 seconds)
Jackie turns to the side again.

07.51 (~1 second)
You can see him pulling out his cellphone and disappearing behind the pillar.

07.52 (14 seconds)
The phone call is distinctly longer. The CIA agent stands up and sits down at another table. There also is an additional cut to Jackie.

08.07 (4 seconds)
You see Natasha inside the church.

08.52 (1 second)
A missing cut.

08.54 (11 seconds)
The bomb/rocket is taken out of the box.
Jackie watches Natasha a little earlier and then hides.

09.14 (2 seconds)
You already see Tsui going to the car.

09.43 (2 seconds)
Natasha walks away from the car a little longer.

10.12 (2 seconds)
The CIA agent asks Jackie about his telephone.

10.28 (1 second)
The other agent asks the boy for a pen.

10.47 (2 seconds)
You already see Tsui putting down his suitcases.

10.50 (2 seconds)
You see Jackie arriving at the entrance.

10.57 (3 seconds)
Jackie walks down the steps.

11.26 (3 seconds)
Jackie receives a note about the snowboard.

11.32 (8 seconds)
Jackie leaves the cabin with the board and follows Tsui.

11.34 (3seconds)
A missing cut to Jackie.

12.27 (no cut)
In the international version, the producers inserted a scene that originally follows a few seconds later. You already see Tsui leaving with the snowmobile.

12.27 (~2 seconds)
In the original version there are different shots of Tsui taking off with the snowmobile.

12.31 (5 seconds)
Here you see Tsui driving the snowmobile (the scene from 12.27), followed by Jackie.

12.34 (21 seconds)
At first you see aerial shots of the mountains and some helicopters. Then you see Tsui stopping the snowmobile and burying the metal-bin (containing the uranium) in the snow.

13.31 (2 seconds)
An additional shot of the helicopters.

13.46 (1 second)
Jackie gets off his snowmobile.

14.53 (3 seconds)
The greeting inside the cabin is a little longer.

15.20 (1 second)
A cut to a third person.

15.31 (no cut)
A cut to Jackie. This cut in the international version follows after the end of the dialogue between Tsui and the others.

15.35 (no cut)
The cut from 15.31 in the international version.

15.38 (4 seconds)
A cut to several starting snowmobiles.

15.51 (2 seconds)
Jackie walks a little longer.

16.25 (2 seconds)
An additional sequence of the house being stormed. One of the soldiers plunges.

16.30 (no cut)
A shot ot the third person inside the cabin that normally follows later in the original version.

16.40 (4 seconds)
The attack of the soldiers begins a little earlier and lasts longer (1 second).

16.47 (7 seconds)
The conversation between Tsui and the others is a little longer.

16.55 (+2 seconds) (no cut)
Now follows a short part of the attack of the soldiers from minute 16.40.

17.15 (2 seconds)
Additional sequences of the fighting soldiers.

17.34 (no cut)
In the original version you see what happens after Jackie and the agent provided cover behind the hill.

17.37 (1 second)
In the international version you don't see the soldier being shot.

17.42 (2 seconds)
Additional shots of the combat between the soldiers and the helicopter.

17.49 (no cut)
In the international version you now see what happens after Jackie and the agent jumped behind the hill.

18.13 (3 seconds)
The conversation between the CIA agent and Tsui is longer and you can see Jackie running off.

18.21 (1 second)
Additional shots of a gunman inside the helicopter.

18.24 (+1 second) (no cut)
Now you see Jackie running off (the same sequence as in minute 18.13).

19.13 (2 seconds)
Additional shots of the chase.

19.22 (2 seconds)
Additional shots of the helicopter.

19.34 (1,5 seconds)
Jackie runs off and tries to reach the suitcase.

20.25 (2 seconds)
You see Jackie riding down the hill on his snowboard a little longer.

20.47 (no cut)
In the international version you already see the side-view shot of Jackie's "flight" with the snowboard.

The landing follows at its original point, but then again follows a scene that would normally follow a little later. (20.50)

20.56 (14 seconds)
Now follows the sequence that the scenes from minute 20.14 and 20.50 were taken from.
Jackie takes another leap and his ride generally is a little longer.

21.00 (2 seconds)
Can be seen on his board a little earlier.

21.03 (9 seconds)
Some missing jumps of Jackie on his snowboard.

21.08 (10 seconds)
Some missing shots of Jackie and the helicopter.

21.30 (5 seconds)
Some additional shots of Jackie being chased by the skiers.

21.30 (2 seconds)
The scene where Jackie jumps towards teh helicopter was cut differently for both versions:

International version: Cut to Jackie from the front, then from the back, then from the front again; then you see the helicopter, and then follows the jump. (5 seconds)

Original version: Jackie from the back, Jackie from the front, Jackie from behind again, Jackie from the front again; then you see the helicopter and finally you see the jump. (7 seconds)

21.54 (no cut)
There is a short cut to Jackie hanging on the helicopter. In the international version, you see this sequence after the skier fell on the ice.

22.05 (no cut)
In the international version, the rocket's flight was shortened - the sequences that were cut out are inserted later on in the movie.

22.19 (1 second)
Alternative shot of the burning helicopter.

22.20 (4 seconds)
There are some missing shots of Jackie in the water and how the helicopter flies above him.

23.42 (4 seconds)
In the international version the movie now cuts to black and then to the russian military hospital.
In the original version there are some additional shots of Jackie. Some vehicles come to save him. Then follows the cut to the hospital.

24.22 (1 second)
Jackie asks where Mark is.

24.49 (5 seconds)
Jackie greets somebody and then approaches the building. The following scene inside the room starts one second earlier.

25.22 (5 seconds)
The conversation is longer and offers an additional cut to Jackie.

25.38 (46 seconds)
Now follows a scene that was completely cut out of the international version. Jackie and the agent talk about the bomb's explosive power and what they could do about it.

26.17 (2 seconds)
You see the sinking submarine.

27.05 (1,5 seconds)
You already see Jackie entering the room and bringing the koala bear to his tree for climbing.

27.35 (4 seconds)
After hanging up the phone, Bill Tung and his colleague talk about Jackie a little longer.

27.46 (42 seconds)
Another scene that was taken out completely:
You see the villain on his yacht, talking to someone on the phone. The other guy builds some bombs inside the individual parts of the boat.

27.49 (63 seconds)
Some other scenes were taken out completely.
At first you see Anny diving in the fish tank. Then you see Jackie arriving at the register. He pays his entrance fee and asks for Anny. He shows the person a bouquet, pretending to be an admirer. Then you see Anny leaving the fish tank and taking off her diver's suit. At the same time, Jackie is lead to Anny by another woman.

27.59 (+7 seconds) (no cut)
In the international version, Jackie now arrives at the register. Only 7 seconds of this scene remained in the final cut.

27.59 (10 seconds)
In the original version you now see Jackie arriving at the fish tank. Anny's already diving with the sharks.

28.11 (+2 seconds) (no cut)
In the international version you now see a scene from minute 27.59.
You can see Anny inside the shark tank (shown from a different angle). Subsequently Jackie gets closer to the pane.

28.21 (17 seconds)
Here you can see Jackie and Anny meeting and introducing themselves to each other.

28.34 (11 seconds)
The dialogue was shortened. Jackie hands her the bouquet.

30.03 (14 seconds)
Jacky and Anny leave the room and talk about her fahter.

30.05 (2 seconds)
You already see Anny re-entering the room.

31.29 (2 seconds)
The agents wonder what happened.

32.24 (1,5 seconds)
Jackie sits down.

32.30 (1 second)
The agent gets up.

32.30 (2 seconds)
The conversation between Tsui and Anny starts a little earlier.

32.43 (2 seconds)
Logically, you don't see the agent sitting back down.

33.18 (19 seconds)
Jackie and Anny arrive at "UnderWaterWorld".

33.22 (no cut)
In the international version you see Jackie going towards the door. This scene normally follows after Anny already picked up her package.

34.26 (3 seconds)
You see Anny looking about herself, making sure that she's not followed by someone.

34.53 (5 seconds)
After Jackie picked up the diving goggles, he notices something strange in the water.

35.00 (12 seconds)
You see Jackie running around the tank; he overthrows a bucket full of dead fish. Because of this, the shark is decoyed. Then follows a cut to Anny.

36.43 (2 seconds)
The cut to the agent that now follows in the international version, originally follows a little later.
Instead, the cut to Tsui, who tells him to undress, was cut out and re-inserted a little later.

37.41 (no cut)
In the international version you see Tsui destroying the bugs. The agents witness it. Normally, the next scene would be the one with the woman and the dogs.

39.52 (1 second)
You see somebody getting out of the car before the door is slammed shut.

39.57 (2 seconds)
You already see the agent getting out of the car.

40.23 (2 seconds)
The agent says that Tsui is trained to manipulate other peoples' thoughts.

40.32 (3 seconds)
Jackie's dialogue was shortened: He asks why he wasn't told that he was bugged. Then follows a cut to the agent. After that, the international version continues.

41.33 (3 seconds)
You see the other guy entering the room and telling the blond man that he's an idiot. The blonde man answers something but it is hard to understand what he says.

41.48 (no cut)
In the international version, a kick of Jackie was re-inserted.

42.24 (2 seconds)
Jackie runs up the steps.

42.38 (2 seconds)
Jackie looks at the large blond man. Then follows a cut to the blond. The international version continues when Jackie sits down.

42.42 (no cut)
In the international version you now see the cut to the blond from minute 42.38.

42.58 (5 seconds)
The conversation between the blond and the other tall guy was shortened. Prior you see the other one coming round the corner.

43.15 (3 seconds)
You see Jackie running towards the umbrella. The two tall men follow him.

43.23 (2 seconds)
A cut to the tall guys.

43.42 (no cut)
In the original version you now see the two giants run past the camera to follow Jackie. In the international version, this sequence follows a little later.

43.42 (9 seconds)
A part of Jackie's chase on the roof was cut out.

43.46 (no cut)
For no particular reason, this sequence was mirrored.

Original version:

International version:

44.00 (1 second)
Jackie says "Or I'll jump." In the same shot you see him looking about himself.

44.04 (1 second)
The blond giant says "okay" and looks down.

44.19 (6 seconds)
Some shots were cut and interchanged.
After Jackie jumped you (in the original version) see him getting back up and knocking on a pane, trying to get in. This whole sequence is shot from above. In between there's a short cut to the dark-haired tall guy.

44.24 (+3 seconds) (no cut)
In the international version, the sequence where Jackie gets back up follows after the cut to the two giants.

44.35 (7 seconds)
Jackie goes along the house a little longer.

44.52 (3 seconds)
The woman (only covered by a towel) is standing around a little longer and has doubts about Jackie being the window cleaner.

45.07 (10 seconds)
After Jackie met the woman's boyfriend and told him that he cleans the laundry, the boyfriend asks the woman what this is all about, assuming that Jackie is her lover (after all, she's only covered by a towel).

45.27 (7 seconds)
The phone call between Jackie and Bill Tung lasts 7 seconds longer.

46.09 (7 seconds)
Bill Tung subsequently speaks to his wife on the phone.

47.47 (11 seconds)
The agent gives his colleague an additional briefing. Then you see two walkers passing the sleeping Jackie.

48.03 (83 seconds)
After Jackie woke up he washes his face. Then he notices that he was robbed. When he sees the two attractive runners, he follows them (imitating their style of walking) and asks them for money. They then run away. Subsequently you see Jackie finding a teddy bear; he gives it back to its owner who he asks for a little change to make a phone call. She gives him some money and leaves.
Then Jackie notices that the woman forgot her newspaper. He wants to hand it to her but she's already gone. Jackie throws the newspaper away without noticing that his picture is on the front page - it's a mug shot.

48.28 (1 second)
An additional shot of the screens inside the hospital.

48.33 (1 second)
The kiosk-clerk looks to the screens where you can see Jackie.

48.57 (3 seconds)
Jackie looks about himself to figure out the best way to climb of the wall.

49.15 (4 seconds)
Jackie shortly hides in the bushes and then puts the jacket back on inside out.

50.06 (4 seconds)
Anny shouts at Jackie a little longer. When she's finished, somebody kicks Jackie.

51.14 (2 seconds)
Jackie can be seen on the framework from different angles before he jumps down.

51.18 (1 second)
You see the fighter pushing the framework towards a pile of metal tubes.

51.28 (5 seconds)
You see the fighters walking (shown from different angles). Then follows a cut to Jackie.

51.41 (2 seconds)
Jackie knocks down some more tiles.

52.27 (3 seconds)
Jackie uses the red stick as a weapon a little longer.

52.30 (8 seconds)
Jackie tries to reach the sticks.
The following sequence of him being beaten up with sticks is a little longer.

53.05 (2 seconds)
Jackie's being pushed towards the ladder and then jumps through it. In the international version you don't see Jackie being pushed.

53.40 (4 seconds)
Now follows a cut to Tsui and then a cut to Jackie and his victims.

53.50 (1 second)
A missing cut to Jackie.

54.19 (21 seconds)
The sequence of the men storming Tsui's and Natasha's house is longer.

55.04 (4 seconds)
Jackie talks a little longer.
Then follows a cut to Tsui, shaking his head.

55.09 (10 seconds)
Tsui's dialogue is also longer.

55.13 (8 seconds)
Again, Jackie talks a little longer.

55.32 (no cut)
A re-inserted cut to Jackie, that is shown for a second time about 4 seconds later.

56.15 (2 seconds)
When Anny turns around, the international version then offers a cut. In the original version you still see Tsui saying something to Anny.

56.21 (15 seconds)
Tsui and Anny are shown from a different angle. After that, the memorial ceremony begins, offering some more pictures.

56.29 (no cut)
The international version now fades to a picture of Anny (originally already seen during the sequence at minute 56.21).

56.44 (1 second)
A missing shot of Jackie.

56.48 (+1 second) (no cut)
The scene was re-inserted mirrored.
(The producers probably decided to mirror this sequence since the scene was shot from the different side of the street. Now, the impression is created that all at once go in the other direction.)

57.01 (1 second)
You see the policeman being strangled.

57.21 (3 seconds)
Additional shots of the men getting out of the car.

57.34 (7 seconds)
Missing shots of the parade.

57.43 (5 seconds)
Additional sequences of the "dragon-dance".

57.59 (1 second)
The agent can be seen from a different angle.

58.05 (no cut)
In the original version you see another colleague of Tsui. In the international version, this sequence was inserted 2 secons later.

58.07 (no cut)
In the original version you now see the the tall guy pulling a gun out of his pocket; then, Anny is pulled out of the car. In the international version, these scenes follow after Tsui jumped out of the coffin.

58.22 (2 seconds)
The sequence of Tsui approaching the agent lasts slightly longer.

58.23 (1 second)
The agent says "Not bad".

58.36 (6 seconds)
After Tsui produced his weapon, you (in the international version) don't see the gunman aiming; then follows a cut to Tsui. After a cut to Jackie you see the agent recognizing Jackie.

58.46 (8 seconds)
The agent asks Tsui if he really thinks he's able to beat him. Jackie's standing behind Tsui and tells him to open the umbrellas. In the international version now follows the sequence of the agent recognizing Jackie (from minute 58.36).

59.31 (7 seconds)
Tsui and Jackie talk a little longer.

59.51 (2 seconds)
You see Anny running towards the crowd of people.

60.04 (no cut)
You see one of the tall guys appearing.

60.05 (no cut)
In the international version you now see Jackie walking over a bench with stilts.
In the original version, this happens after Tsui saw Anny again.

60.15 (no cut)
In the original version, Jackie now walks over the bench. Then follows a cut to some more stilting (in the original version, this can be seen at minute 60.21).

60.32 (no cut)
In the international version you now see the tall guy appearing (from minute 60.04).

60.38 (no cut)
Jackie goes to Anny and hits an agent with his stilts.

60.42 (1 second)
In the original version, the sequence of the man being shot is a little longer (this happens shortly before Tsui rolls under the car).

60.43 (no cut)
In the international version now follows the scene from minute 60.38

60.47 (8 seconds)
You can see the tall guy fighting with the others. The agent shoots some persons. Then, Tsui gets a gun from the hearse.

60.54 (12 seconds)
In the international version you don't see that the long-haired fighter is shot by the agent. Instead, the agent and the tall guy run away - a scene that normally takes place a little later.
In the original version, the agent shoots the long-haired fighter several times until he goes down. Then follow several sequences of the sharpshooters, the panicked crowd, and Tsui. Finally, the agent and the tall guy run away.

61.01 (+5 seconds) (no cut)
Tsui gets the gun out of the car and fires at the opponents in the parking garage.

61.09 (1 second)
Tsui fires at the guy with the bazooka a little sooner.

61.20 (2 seconds)
Missing shots of the policemen firing their guns.

61.25 (1 second)
A police rides his horse on the sidewalk.

61.54 (7 seconds)
Jackie kicks at his opponent with the stilts (it looks very painful!). Then follow some more shots of the policemen.

62.04 (1 second)
In the original version you see Jackie from a different perspective.

62.59 (1 second)
Before the agent comes out, some police officers pass him.

63.53 (3 seconds)
Jackie and Anny are in the first floor, while the agent is on the first floor.

64.25 (20 seconds)
A missing phone call; then, the agent and Jackie arrive at the Oceanium.

64.39 (3 seconds)
Jackie and Anny walk through a doorway before they arrive at the wardrobe.

64.46 (3 seconds)
Anny talks to the bikinied woman.

65.17 (10 seconds)
Jackie's phone call with Bill is longer.

66.50 (3 seconds)
Jackie leaves, the things are still attached to his leg.

67.46 (7 seconds)
Jackie swims out of the picture.
Then follows a cut to the bad guys putting on the diving equipment. Jackie takes a breath. Then, the international version continues.

67.50 (31 seconds)
The complete underwater fighting scene was cut out. Too bad, it looks great!

68.16 (1 second)
A missing cut to Jackie.

68.21 (3 seconds)
Jackie watches the divers who swim away.

68.33 (6 seconds)
The shark passes the camera and emits a cry.

68.56 (4 seconds)
The agent reproaches his men a little longer.

69.02 (8 seconds)
Jackie and Anny communicate with their hands underwater.

69.04 (61 seconds)
Several scenes were cut out:
Jackie and Anny try to abscond from their pursuers. Then, the shark returns to send the opponents fleeing. They hide and decide to shoot Anny and Jackie with their harpoons. Cut back to Anny and Jackie. Some opponents appear but Jackie beats them senseless - one of them gets turned upside down to receive a kick in the face.

69.08 (2 seconds)
After Anny swam away, some opponents arrive and take care of the wounded man (who was kicked in the face).

69.10 (4 seconds)
Before the guy with the harpoon arrives, Jackie and Anny communicate with each other.

69.21 (1 second)
An alternative shot of Jackie and Anny.

69.43 (2 seconds)
Jacke stands back up underwater (every Wushu Fan should know what I'm talking about).

69.48 (no cut)
The order of the scenes was altered: Normally, the diver first takes Anny's bottle away and then swims off before Jackie swims towards Anny. In the international version the scene was split up and the scene where Jackie swims off was placed in between.

70.29 (2 seconds)
You don't see the shark appearing for the first time. It just misses jackie.

70.30 (1 second)
Jackie breathes air from an oxygen bottle.

70.48 (36 seconds)
The shark opens his mouth - it spits out blood, a shoe and a pair of diving goggles (poor harpoon-guy). Then, the other opponent grabs a sword out of a treasure chest and uses it to fight Jackie.

71.05 (3 seconds)
The agent shoots one of his own men because he refuses to go back underwater.

71.14 (13 seconds)
Jackie and Anny talk some more. Then, a guy with a knife appears.

71.17 (33 seconds)
In the original version, the shark appears and has a pair of legs in his mouth. The camera from time to time shows it chewing the legs. We aslo see Jackie and the guy with the knife. When the shark passed them, they continue to fight.

71.22 (+5 seconds) (no cut)
After the young people ask, if this is a new showelement, a short fighting sequence that we already saw was re-inserted in the international version.

71.31 (2 seconds)
A missing cut to Jackie.

71.34 (no cut)
In the international version you see a crowd of people that is (in the original version) shown a little later.

71.42 (3 seconds)
A missing shot of the opposing diver and a missing cut to Jackie.

71.47 (20 seconds)
Jackie kicks the diver away. Then, they realize that Anny's diver's suit is made of metal - therefore it is insensitive to the knife. In the following fight, Jackie uses Anny as a protective shield until she in the end gets kicked away.

72.13 (2 seconds)
Jackie and his opponent look at each other a little longer.

72.18 (13 seconds)
Anny gives Jackie some air and sticks his finger in her mouth (because of the blood). Then, Jackie swims towards the opponent again.

72.29 (3 seconds)
Two missing shots to Jackie and his opponent.

72.46 (16 seconds)
The shark comes around again - Jackie and his opponent stick their fingers in the counterpart's mouth.

74.02 (2 seconds)
Jackie hops over a wall.

74.33 (1 second)
Jackie can be seen from a different angle before he walks through the jets of water.

74.56 (7 seconds)
A missing cut to 2 agents.

76.24 (4 seconds)
The helicopter circles the boat a little longer.

76.35 (2 seconds)
Jackie (wearing a uniform) can be seen on the submarine before the captive is passed to the police.

76.40 (no cut)
A missing shot of Bill and Jackie.

76.55 (no cut)
The sequence from 76.40 was inserted here, Jackie's dialogue is missing a sentence.

77.04 (10 seconds)
The credits were also shortened - among other things there are some missing bloopers.

In the original version, the credits roll over the outtakes. In the international version, the credits follow after the outtakes. Of course, they were translated to English.