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Red Cliff

original title: Chi bi


  • International Version
  • Original Version Part 1 (2/2)
Release: Jan 19, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Movie
At the end of the Han dynasty, prime minister Cao Cao can convince the emperor to go to war against the kingdoms Xu (in the west) and Wu (in the south). His goal is to unite the empire.
His superior army invades the west and forces its king Liu Bei to flee. Bei’s counsellor, Zhu Ge Liang, suggests a coalition with the south in order to defend themselves against Cao Cao.
The south’s emperor, Sun Quan, hesitates at first but eventually agrees to this and the two kingdoms make their stand against Cao Cao.

International Version
The originally two movies were cut into a single one in order to create a John Woo action movie which seemed to be easier to sell to Western audiences. Producer Terence Chang comments:

“We wanted to make a Hollywood blockbuster in Chinese that would appeal to non-Asian audiences as well. We worked very hard to create a version of the film that maintains the integrity of the action and character development of the story, while excising some of the cultural details that could be considered unnecessary for Western audiences not intimately familiar with the historical mythology”(Red Cliff Final Notes)

Casualties of this policy were
  • Meng Men’s birth.
  • The complete hunting sequence before Sun Quan decides to join the alliance.
  • The celebration of the victory in San Jiang Kou, including Sun Quans idea to marry his sister with Liu Bei.
  • The two admirals Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, their capitulation and later their death.
  • With the admirals gone the story about the arrows changes completely. None of the two main protagonists’ life is in danger anymore, it is all about the arrows.
  • Logically, there is no meeting between Jiang Gan and Zhou Yu.
  • During the first encounter of Tony Leung with Takeshi Kaneshiro, the buffalo case is not solved.
  • The complete storyline concerning Pit (Sun Shu Cai) and Piggy (Sun Shang Xiang) is missing. In the International Version the princess basically just walks into the enemy’s camp and leaves again.
  • A rather long speech by Cao Cao to the sick and injured is missing as well as the winter solstice celebrations.

A lot of small cuts during the battles have also been made. The battle of San Jiang Kou alone features almost 200 cuts in twenty minutes.
The editors have done quite a good job when they joined different scenes together. For example, Zhou Yu’s sword dance was integrated into the Cuju game.
An explanatory introduction and name overlays at the first appearances of the main characters were added in order to help the western audience to understand the story.


Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character was renamed (HK: Zhu Ge Liang/ IV: Kongming).
The Soundtrack is the same but is used differently.

If you know and like the original version the new edit will seem like an unnecessary fast forward through the story. However, it will be suitable for most of the western viewers, because the average movie fan probably considers the break between the second and the final battle as too long or Meng Meng’s birth as unnecessary.

This Report
Comparison between the International Version, taken from the German DVD by Constantin Film and the Original Version, taken from the two HK DVDs by Mei Ah Entertainment.

In order to make the report easier to read, it was divided into parts and not every cut features illustrations. Sometimes cuts were combined (note the bordering). The missing of single frames will not be mentioned either.
The names of the actors and characters were taken from the HK DVD’s ending credits. The dialogs are from the Original Version as well.
Sometimes a few frames of the following scene were removed when cuts were made, this will not be mentioned either.
Time designations have been rounded up in most cases.

Running times:
IV = 02:23:00 (02:17:11 w/o ending credits)
HK Part 1 = 02:25:23 (02:18:18 w/o ending credits)
HK Part 2 = 02:21:23 (02:16:28 w/o ending credits)

Additional info:
Running time of the IV until the end of Part 1 = 00:59:54
Running time of the IV until the end of Part 2 = 01:17:17

Used Abbreviations:
HK = Hongkong Version
IV = International Version

IV: 00:34:34
HK: 01:18:31

Zhus return to Liu Bei's camp to finally seal the alliance has been shortened.

The IV starts with Shang Xiang reporting for duty and breathing the wish to take part in the war. Zhu asks if she had ever taken part in a war and she replies there was a first time for anything. Instead of furthr discussions, Zhu and Zhou ride away.

Change of scenary to Liu Bei's camp. Zhu delivers Zhou, General Zhao Yun. In the meantime shots of the General Zhang Fei and General Guan Yu.

Arrived at Liu Bei's, a short welcoming happens. The generals have an argument.
Zhou Yu goes to the shoes, grabs a single straw and tears it apart. He says a single one was to weak but they were strong together. He grabs a bunch of straws and is not able to tear those apart.

IV: 3 min 4 sec

Shot of the camp in the HKV. The groupmembers go to the each of three generals, one after another. First Zhao Yun, who does some training with the soldiers.

Zhu Ge Liang: "General Zhao."
Zhao Yun: "Chief Strategist, you are back!"
Zhu Ge Liang: "This is Wu's Viceroy in Chief, Zhou Yu."

ThenGuan Yu, who teaches a group of kids.

Guan Yu reads to them and the kids repeat: "Guan! Guan! The ospreys cried from the sandy river side Lovely maiden, modest and fair, makes a fine match for the gentleman."
Bub: "We have no food, what good is reading a book?"
Guan Yu: "When you grow up, you will find out that reading now will give you food later. Well, let us read one more time."

Finally Zhang Fei. Zhou wrenches the sheet from him. As a result of that, he gets to hear Zhang Fei's famous war scream.

Zhou Yu: "Great Calligraphy!"
Zhang Fei: "Damn! What do you think you are doing!"
Zhou Yu: "I have always admired General Zhang's famous roar. To defeat Cao Cao, we need men with your temper."

All of them move to Liu Bei.

Zhu Ge Liang: "This is Viceroy Zhou Yu, Lieutenant Viceroy Cheng Pu, Consulting Commander Lu Su, and Veteran General Huang Gai."
Yu, Pu, Su & Gai: "Greetings, Lord Mayor Liu."
Liu Bei: "Gentlemen, the Duke has helped all of us by sending these troops. I am sincerely thankful."
Zhou Yu: "An alliance is a friendship. Friends, need not be so formal."
Liu Bei: "Dare I ask, Your Honour, how many soldiers do you have under your command?"
Zhou Yu: "Thirty-thousand."
Liu Bei: "Thirty-thousand...thirty-thousand men, are too few."

The last sentence causes a tiny dispute between Cheng Pu and Zhang Fei.

Cheng Pu: "Our men are too few? Your army was defeated by just one blow!"
Zhang Fei: "What battles have you won? Speak up. I only worry we might laugh ourselves to death."
Cheng Pu: "So what? What's worse than a defeated army?"
Zhang Fei: "What is wrong with defeat? Better to be a loser than a coward."
Cheng Pu: "What are you saying? I dare you."

The other seperate the squabblers and Zhou Yu comes up with the comparison with the straw.

Liu Bei: "Brother!"
Zhu Ge Liang: "We are not building an alliance. We are making enemies. Viceroy Zhou, what is your opinion?"
Zhou Yu: "At this time of crisis, you can still weave straw sandals?"
Liu Bei: "This has been a habit of mine for years. We have walked a long way wearing these shoes."
Guan Yu: "Whenever our shoes are worn out, Big Brother weaves new ones with his own hands."
Zhou Yu: "It really is strong. I am surprised that such weak strands of grass, can become so strong after you weaved them together. You have a noble Lord, and brave generals. Generals Guan, Zhang and Zhao are all invincible warriors on the battlefield. An army high in spirits can fight an enemy ten times its size. We sons of Wu, must protect our homeland. We will also do our best. I have only one dream. A dream for all; that is for all of us to unite! United, no one can pull us apart!"

Now the scene with the Princess, much longer in the HKV.

Shang Xiang: "I'm here!"
Zhou Yu: "Why are you here?"
Shang Xiang: "To go to war!"
Lu Su: "War? War is no joking matter!"
Shang Xiang: "You think that I'm here to joke around? A woman should share the responsibility for the rise and fall of the Kingdom."
Lu Su: "So should a horse!"
Die Gruppe möchte sich auf den Weg machen, doch Xiang stellt sich ihnen in den Weg.
Shang Xiang: "Don't go! Come back! Don't be like my brother! Talk to me!"
Zhu Ge Liang: "She is...?"
Zhou Yu: "Our Princess, Sun Shang Xiang."
Zhu Ge Liang: "Princess, have you ever been to war?"
Shang Xiang: "There is a first time for everything!"
Zhou Yu: "After I fought my first war, I never wished for a second."
Lu Su: "I think, if she encounters any Cao troops, her hands will tremble with fear, as if she were waving. Princess, I see you better off at home, making your flower weavings."
Zhu Ge Liang zu Zhou Yu: "She seems a very ambitious young lady."
Zhou Yu: "She is a tomboy. She likes fighting. Her maids are all fully armed. Who would dare marry her?"

The Princess doesn't seem to be amused about Lu Su's last comments. She goes to his horse, talks to him and hits the horse's neck. The horse and rider drop, Lu Su can't get his horse up again.

Lu Su: "What did you say to my horse!"
Shang Xiang: "I told him that his rider is a scoundrel!"

After another hit, the horse can get up and the Princess turns around to the other two, who take the opportunity and ride away.

From the alliance's camp to a festivity on Cao Cao's ship, where a dancer attracts the minister's attention.
Outside, Sun Quan's messenger arrives.

total length HK: 8 min

IV: 00:37:44
HK: 01:26:37

The messenger sets foot on Cao Cao's ship and goes to the dancer. Having arrived, he wants her to turn around to him. In profile, she looks like Xiao Qiao.
A soldier arrives and reports the messenger's arrival.

64.5 sec

IV: 00:38:09
HK: 01:28:09
Tracking shot ot Cao Cao's face while he's rolling out message from Sun.
5 sec

IV: 00:38:33
HK: 01:28:39

After the order to behead the messenger has been given, a conversation between the attendants follows.

Counselor: "Prime Minister, Liu Bei must have already formed an alliance with Wu, brazenly opposing the empire."
Cao Cao: "Who will command their alliance?"
Jiang Gan (Shi Xiao Hong): "Prime Minister, I guess it will be Zhou Yu."
Counselor: "Zhou Yu is known not for his military abiIities, but his musical talent. How can such a man lead an army?"
Admiral Cai: "Prime Minister, for years, Zhou Yu has remained our toughest opponent. Indeed, he is a skilled musician, but he is an even better naval commander. We have suffered considerable losses against him. Please do not underestimate him."
Cao Cao: "You sure do give him a lot of credit!"
General: "Prime Minister, there is one other man we cannot underestimate!"
Cao Cao: "Who is it?"
General: "That is Zhu-ge Liang."

Cao Cao seems to be amused at the end of conversation and turns away.

59.5 sec

IV: 00:38:52
HK: 01:29:58

After the shot of the leaving ship with the messenger's head, a shot of Zhou's face plus a dissolve to the faces of the other generals follows in the IV.
The HKV contains an extended shot of the face and the scenes come up one after another.

IV: 4 sec
HK: 10.5 sec

IF: 00:39:31
HK: 01:30:45

One sentence of Zhou Yu, after emptying the bowls in memory of the dead messenger, is missing.

Zhou Yu: "In the battle of Guandu, Cao Cao cut off the noses of a thousand prisoners of war. He boxed and returned those noses, instantly crushing his opponent's morale."

The Princess's arrival at Red Cliff in the background.
Shot of Zhou's face in the IV.

IV: 1.5 sec
HK: 18.5 sec

IV: 00:34:34
HK: 01:18:31

Dissolve to Cao Cao in the IV at the moment Zhou Yu says he had been waiting for that day a long time.

IV: 1 sec

During this comment, Shang Xiang comes up the stairs in the HKV.

Shang Xiang: "I'm here! What a commotion! I won't miss tomorrow's battle."

Afterwards, Liu Bei asks about the mutual training of the troops.

Liu Bei: "Zilong, have there been any problems with the allied training?"
Zhao Yun: "The two armies have different codes of conduct, so at the start, there were a few minor conflicts. But, rest assured, I am training them well."

HK: 37 sec

IV: 00:40:20
HK: 01:32:30
Extended shot of the turtles after Zhu Ge spilled some water on them.
1 sec

IV: 00:40:29
HK: 01:32:40
Earlier beginning of the shot of Cao Cao.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:40:34
HK: 01:32:46

Another devaluating comment by Xia Hou Jun after having given the escort order to the navy.

Xia Hou Jun: "If the navy is so powerful, why would they need us for cover?"

The IV closes the curtain with Cao Cao's final order.

IV: 2 sec
HK: 11 sec

IV: 00:40:57
HK: 01:33:18
Missing beginning when Zhu Ge Liang walks up to Zhou while having the turtles in the hand.
1 sec

IV: 00:41:07
HK: 01:33:30
Extended shot of Zhu Ge Liang touching the turtle's shell.
1 sec

IV: 00:41:14
HK: 01:33:38
Extended shot of the turtle.
1 sec

IV: 00:41:16
HK: 01:33:41
Earlier appearance of Zhu on the big screen.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:41:19
HK: 01:33:44

Zhang Fei doesn't like the proposal to make use of the Bagua formation.

Zhang Fei: "What are you all talking about? How can this Bagua formation be used on water? Once you drop, it sinks!"

while saying that, he grabs the turtle and drops it into a barrel full of water. First the turtle sinks, but then it surfaces. With the surfacing, Cao Cao thoughts are audible via voice over.

Cao Cao: "If they think I will use the navy, then Zhou Yu and Zhu-ge Liang really are stupid."

The last sentence is also in the IV. Then the turtle again and finally Cao Cao's camp.

IV: 7 sec

HK: 28,5 sec

IV: 00:41:49
HK: 01:34:37

The briefing in the IV ends with the comment that even the generals aren't aware of Cao Cao's true intentions. Then a shot of the protagonists looking at each other and finally the next day.

Liu Bei's comment and the shot of Shang Xiang picking up the turtle in the barrel are missing.

Liu Bei: "Truth and illusion are often disguised as each other. Cao Cao likes to play this game, both with friends and with foes."
Shang Xiang: "What are you doing? Putting that land tortoise in water?"

Zhou and Zhu looking at each other after the Princess' question. Now the briefing ends in the HKV as well. The following sunrise has also been removed in the IV.

IV: 7.5 sec

HK: 36.5 sec

IV: 00:42:08
HK: 01:35:26
Extended shot of Cao Cao's fleet.
1 sec

IV: 00:42:14
HK: 01:35:33
Cai Mao keeps on driving plus a missing shot of the marching bowmen.
3.5 sec

IV: 00:42:17
HK: 01:35:40
Another slightly extended shot of Cai Mao plus missing beginning of the shot of the marching soldiers.
1 sec

IV: 00:42:25
HK: 01:35:49

Further soldiers on their way to Red Cliff.

7.5 sec

IV: 00:42:28
HK: 01:35:59

Cut from Admiral Cai to the soldiers in the IV. The IV lacks the effect of the HKV.

4 sec

IV: 00:42:33
HK: 01:36:08
Again a shortened end, this time of the moving riders.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:42:40
HK: 01:36:16
Extended shot of the rider after being give the order to stop. The following shot lacks some footage of Xia Hou Jun at the beginning.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:42:41
HK: 01:36:19
Xia Hou Jun bends way more forward.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:42:43
HK: 01:36:22
Wei Ben looks to the turtle.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:42:46
HK: 01:36:26
Earlier appearance of the point man.
3 sec

IV: 00:42:53
HK: 01:36:36
The turtle is shown a little longer but the following shot of Xia Hou Jun is shorter.
1.5 sec

Princess Shang Xiang ambushes Cao Caos' horsemen which leads to the first battle between the alliance and the imperial troops. Durign the battle there are 192 differences in the two versions (from the following cut - the pursuit of Shang Xiangs - until the soldiers leave the battlefield). In other words, 20 minutes and 31.5 seconds (NTSC) were trimmed down to 10 minutes 24 seconds (PAL).

Many of these differences are shorter beginnins/ends of scenes. For reasons of clarity, 82 of these points with a runtime of 40 seconds are not listed here.

IV: 00:43:15
HK: 01:37:01

Despite Wei Ben's (Ma Jing) warning that this could be an ambush, Xia Hou Jun takes up the chase of Shang Xiang. For the IV they cut out a side view of the women and the hunters' stuff.

8.5 sec

IV: 00:43:16
HK: 01:37:10
The horsemen appear earlier.
3 sec

IV: 00:43:22
HK: 01:37:19
The pursuer can be seen longer.
1 sec

IV: 00:43:28
HK: 01:37:27
Before Shang Xiang takes a look back, she makes her horse walk faster.
2 sec

IV: 00:43:30
HK: 01:37:30

Zhang Fei helps the soldiers to blow up dust to block the imperial troops' view.

7.5 sec

IV: 00:43:32
HK: 01:37:40
Before the movie cuts back to the princess, they blow up some more dust.
2 sec

IV: 00:43:36
HK: 01:37:46

There are some additional shots of the fleeing princess, the pursuers and the soldiers blowing up dust.

7 sec

IV: 00:43:40
HK: 01:37:57
Between the "dust soldiers" and the approaching soldiers (Cao Cao's troops) there's an additional shot of the princess' guard.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:43:43
HK: 01:38:03
When Shang Xiang approaches the "wall of dust", the beginning of the scene is shorter.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:43:46
HK: 01:38:08
Ditto, when they enter the dust cloud.
1 sec

IV: 00:43:53
HK: 01:38:16

Cao Cao's cavalry stroms into the dust cloud.

7.5 sec

IV: 00:43:54
HK: 01:38:25

Shang Xiang takes a look around and sees the horsemen in the background. In the IV, they at this time used a short fragment of the previous cut (second image).

IV: 1.5 sec
HK: 2.5 sec

IV: 00:44:02
HK: 01:38:34
Wei Ben and Xia Hou Jun ride a little further.
1 sec

IV: 00:44:05
HK: 01:38:39
The imperial army is welcomed by a salvo of arrows - at this time you in the IV don't see how one of the horses is hit by an arrow.
1 sec

IV: 00:44:10
HK: 01:38:45
In consequence of the bombardement there are some more horses falling to the ground. One of these falls was cut out here.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:44:14
HK: 01:38:50

Further horsemen fall to the ground.

3.5 sec

IV: 00:44:20
HK: 01:39:01

Again, soldiers fall to the ground; additionally there's a short sequence of the arrows in the air.

3.5 sec

IV: 00:44:22
HK: 01:39:06
Panning towards the shields, the IV cuts to the next scene a little earlier - additionally, the beggining of the next scene is slightly shorter.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:44:25
HK: 01:39:11
Again, a horse and his rider fall to the ground.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:44:27
HK: 01:39:14

Before Xia and Wei briefly look at each other, the IV does not show how several soldiers are shelled.

2.5 sec

IV: 00:44:28
HK: 01:39:17

After the two of them looked at each other, the exact same thing happens again. However, this time the camera is a little closer.

3.5 sec

IV: 00:44:28
HK: 01:39:17

The imperial soldiers continue storming the geared up trap.

4 sec

IV: 00:44:55
HK: 01:39:53
Ditto, the soldiers storm the interstices of the Bagua-formation.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:44:56
HK: 01:39:57

As soon as the last of Cao Cao's soldiers are within the formation, their allies begin closing the Bagua.

4 sec

IV: 00:44:58
HK: 01:40:03

Further scenes of the allies closing the formation.

2.5 sec
8.5 sec

IV: 00:45:03
HK: 01:40:14

Zhou Yu watches the ado on the battlefield. Subsequently, the movie cuts from the formation on the battlefield to the turtle. You're able to see the resemblance between the lines on the turtles shell and the formation on the battlefield.

27.5 sec

IV: 00:45:13
HK: 01:40:52
The enemy is trapped and Zhu Ge Liang watches the ado with a look of satisfaction. Huang Gai instructs the troops to form a little earlier.
2 sec

IV: 00:45:16
HK: 01:40:57
The soldiers accomplish and take another step back in the HK. Subsequently there's another missing beginning of a scene (Cao's horsemen).
2 sec

IV: 00:45:17
HK: 01:41:00
Cao Cao's horsemen ride a little further.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:45:19
HK: 01:41:03
The emperor's soldiers are surrounded a little earlier.
1 sec

IV: 00:45:21
HK: 01:41:07

Xia Hou Jun has to watch his soldiers getting trapped in the individual parts of the Bagua formation.

4.5 sec

IV: 00:45:29
HK: 01:41:21
Jun looks back again.
2 sec

IV: 00:45:32
HK: 01:41:26

The HK shows the shifting on the battlefield from above. After that you don't see the horsemen desperately looking around.

5.5 sec

IV: 00:45:35
HK: 01:41:35

After Xia and Wei notice that they are trapped, Xia in the IV only says „damn“. Therefore, a whole sentence from the HK is missing.

Xia Hou Jun: „Now the advantage is theirs.“

Subsequently the alliance soldiers begin to straiten the passageways.

7 sec

IV: 00:45:38
HK: 01:41:45

While attacking the legs is the first combat operation in the IV, the alliance in the HK begin with a spear attack.

15 sec

IV: 00:45:40
HK: 01:42:02
In the HK there are additional attacks on the soldiers shins.
3 sec

IV: 00:45:43
HK: 01:42:07

Before and after the moment where Xia and Wei command to break the formation, the IV shows scenes from the spear attack (that was previously cut out) and the attacks with the ropes that in the HK follow a little later. The allied troops throw ropes at the riders to pull them down from their horses.
In the HK, confederated soldiers appear behind the shields and kill those imperial soldiers that lie on the ground. Zhou and Zhu get up and watch the ado on the battlefield.

38 sec
41.5 sec

IV: 00:46:26
HK: 01:42:55
Additional shots of Gan Xing approaching.
2 sec

IV: 00:46:30
HK: 01:43:02
Imperial soldiers approach Gan.
2 sec

IV: 00:46:33
HK: 01:43:07
Before Gan Xing's opponent throws the spear, he can be seen in a short close up shot.
1 sec

IV: 00:46:37
HK: 01:43:13
The enemy soldier produces his sword.
2 sec

IV: 00:46:46
HK: 01:43:24
After the first soldier is defeated, the next one immediately rides towards them on his horse - a short sequence of his ride was cut out.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:46:47
HK: 01:43:28

Gan Xing gets two riders off their horses.

8.5 sec

IV: 00:46:58
HK: 01:43:49
Zhou and Zhu contentedly watch Gan Xing's efforts.
4 sec

IV: 00:47:02
HK: 01:43:58
Guan Yu appears on the battlefield and the enemy troop leader requests his soldiers to attack - he gesticulates a lot.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:47:04
HK: 01:44:02
Yu walks towards his enemies a little longer.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:47:06
HK: 01:44:05
Before Guan performs his first strike, he puts his weapon to the front.
1 sec

IV: 00:47:13
HK: 01:44:14

The soldiers attack Guan with their spears after the latter killed the troop leader with an aimed throw.

7.5 sec

IV: 00:47:19
HK: 01:44:29

Guan carves through the lines of imperial soldiers - since his weapon still sticks in the troop leader, he simply uses his opponent's spears.

13.5 sec

IV: 00:47:21
HK: 01:44:44
Another warrior is stabbed by Guan.
2.5 sec

IF: 00:47:28
HK: 01:44:53
Yu grabs his opponent's spears and starts pushing them back.
3 sec

IF: 00:47:35
HK: 01:45:03

The IV stays with Zhao Yun appearing, while the HK goes back to Guan Yu and shows the result of his effort.

5.5 sec

IF: 00:47:36
HK: 01:45:10

Additional shot of Zhao Yun and after that a little of the fighting.

3 sec

IF: 00:47:39
HK: 01:45:16

Zhao Yun and his opponents approach each other on their horses.

4.5 sec

IF: 00:47:43
HK: 01:45:25
After Zhao catches one of the spears thrown at him in the air he can be seen in a short profile shot.
2 sec

IF: 00:47:56
HK: 01:45:41
One of Cao Cao's soldiers falls off his horse.
1,5 sec

IF: 00:48:04
HK: 01:45:52

Zhang Fei gets involved and the HK shows a few more moments of his attack.

6.5 sec

IF: 00:48:05
HK: 01:46:00

One of the spears breaks on Zhang's torso.

2 sec

IF: 00:48:09
HK: 01:46:05
And once again, a piece of the running Zhang Fei has been removed.
2 sec

IF: 00:48:14
HK: 01:46:13

The two satisfied strategists keep looking at the battle field. Zhang Fei has just brought a rider down by jumping at his horse.
Back at the battlefield Zhang Fei gets rid of more enemies. Zhao joins the action and gets a rider off his horse after that he has to fight back the attacks of the foot soldiers. He can block the attack but gets into a hurtful position doing so. Zhang sees this and throws an enemy soldier into the attacking group. Zhao smirks for a moment and gets off his horse.

40.5 sec

IF: 00:48:19
HK: 01:46:59
Additional scene, Zhao is surrounded by imperial soldiers.
2 sec

IF: 00:48:25
HK: 01:47:09
Here, the IV reinserts some of the fighting. Zhang Fei clamps two spears and breaks them both. With the remaining head he stabs the former owners.
In the HK Zhao turns a little more.
IF: 3.5 sec
HKF: 0.5 sec

IF: 00:48:38
HK: 01:47:20
Zhao goes back and a shot of his feet is missing.
1 sec

IF: 00:48:40
HK: 01:47:23
Now, Zhao turns around and kills two soldiers.
2 sec

IF: 00:48:42
HK: 01:47:27

After Zhao's fight both versions contain a look at the pedestal with Zhou Yu and Zhu Ge Liang. The IV goes directly to Wei and Xia while the HK shows more fighting.
Here, the ropes are used which have already been seen in the IV.The riders are pulled behind the shields where they are killed. As a little joke one of the riders remains who looks around scared before he gets thrown off his horse.

86.5 sec

IF: 00:48:48
HK: 01:48:59

After Xia and Wei gave the order to build a formation and to break through the ring the following is missing: Zhou, Zhu, Guan and Zhang watch the ado.

12.5 sec

IF: 00:48:49
HK: 01:49:12
Now, Zhao Yun looks at the imperial army, as well.
3 sec

IF: 00:48:54
HK: 01:49:21
Additional shot of Cao Cao's forces closing their formation.
3 sec

IF: 00:48:58
HK: 01:49:28

The closed formation can be seen earlier.

2 sec

IF: 00:49:03
HK: 01:49:35
Soldiers of the union reach Cao's men.
1 sec

IF: 00:49:07
HK: 01:49:40
Short additional shot of soldiers of the alliance being stabbed.
1 sec

IF: 00:49:10
HK: 01:49:45

More soldiers die at the newly built formation.

1.5 sec

IF: 00:49:13
HK: 01:49:49

Zhou Yu watches the opponent's formation and turns around.

11 sec

IF: 00:49:16
HK: 01:50:03
After Xia's order to turn around the soldiers' legs can be seen for a brief moment.
2 sec

IF: 00:49:21
HK: 01:50:10
Shortly after Cao Cao's soldiers started to move and the first soldiers of the alliance move back we see Zhu fanning himself and Wei Ben laughing.
3.5 sec

IF: 00:49:22
HK: 01:50:15

Again, the two main strategists watch the ado and Zhu Ge Liang gives the signal to the counter attack.

10.5 sec

IF: 00:49:25
HK: 01:50:28

Before Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun reach the enemy several of their soldiers die. They are already pulling the „special rope“ behind themselves.

10 sec

IF: 00:49:31
HK: 01:50:46

The soldiers are thrown back by the impact of the rope.

1.5 sec

IF: 00:49:34
HK: 01:50:51
The rope is held up by the soldiers of the alliance and they circle the imperial forces.
4 sec

IF: 00:49:36
HK: 01:50:58

The loop around the imperial soldiers tightens.

2.5 sec

IF: 00:49:37
HK: 01:51:02
The rope hits the shields longer.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:49:38
HK: 01:51:04
Additional shots of the confederate soldiers walking towards the shields with their ropes.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:49:39
HK: 01:51:07

Again, they use their rope to break through the defense.

11 sec

IV: 00:49:40
HK: 01:51:19
Wei and Xia watch their fellow soldiers falling a little longer.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:49:41
HK: 01:51:21
More soldiers go down.
2 sec

IV: 00:49:54
HK: 01:51:38
An enemy that is hit by Gan Xing goes down and the general looks for another opponent.
2 sec

IV: 00:49:56
HK: 01:51:42

Xia again tells the soldiers to stay in their formation - Zhao takes notice of him.

4.5 sec

IV: 00:49:57
HK: 01:51:48
Zhao Yun puts his sword away and points his spear forwards.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:50:03
HK: 01:51:55
Xia has to back off because of Zhao's attacks.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:50:14
HK: 01:52:08
Zhou Yu sets foot on the battlefield and just like in the scene with Gan or Guan a short sequence was deleted. You can see one of Yu's companions more obviously.
2 sec

IV: 00:50:21
HK: 01:52:18
Yu rides through the tumult of the battle.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:50:23
HK: 01:52:22
A short view of Zhou Yu's horse's legs.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:50:25
HK: 01:52:26

Zhao and Xia fight a little longer while Zhou Yu comes closer to them in the background.

4 sec

IV: 00:50:29
HK: 01:52:35

Subsequently the same happens again, at first you see the two fighters and then Zhou Yu approaching them.

4.5 sec

IV: 00:50:34
HK: 01:52:46
Wei Ben pulls the bowstring back a little further.
2 sec

IV: 00:50:35
HK: 01:52:50

While Wei targets Zhao, they replaced the shot of Wei with Material of Xia and Zhao that was previously cut out.

1 sec
1 sec

IV: 00:50:43
HK: 01:52:58
After being hit by an arrow, the shocked Huang Gai once shouts “viceroy”.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:50:50
HK: 01:53:07
Ben throws the bow away and rides towards Zhou.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:50:52
HK: 01:53:12

Wei comes closer and Zhou gets ready for the jump.

2.5 sec

IV: 00:51:41
HK: 01:54:09

Zhou Yu defends himself with the flag he just obtained.

3 sec

IV: 00:51:42
HK: 01:54:13
Before Zhou hits the soldier's head with the flag, he attacks his torso.
3 sec

IV: 00:51:52
HK: 01:54:27

Before Xia can get back on his horse, Zhou Yu's fight against the soldiers was shortened and the following battle of Zhao against Xia was completely taken out. Zhao just misses Xia's neck with his spear. Xia is able to flee with the help of other soldiers.

26 sec

IV: 00:51:57
HK: 01:54:58

Xia tries to cut his way through the enemies and Gan Xing gets ready for the jump.

8 sec

IV: 00:52:06
HK: 01:55:15
In the IV you only see the last few moments where Xia breaks through the line of shields. A few seconds of his way towards them were cut out.
2 sec

IV: 00:52:17
HK: 01:55:33
After Gan hit it's feet (resulting in a fall of horse and rider), Xia's horse gets back up.
3.5 sec

IV: 00:52:44
HK: 01:56:04

Before Huang Gai enthusiastically says that everything is great, the battlefield is shown from a bird's eye perspective.

5 sec

IV: 00:52:50
HK: 01:56:17

The victorious generals walk towards Zhou Yu.

7 sec

IV: 00:52:57
HK: 01:56:31
While the Xia sees the generals arriving, there's a missing close up shot of Zhou Yu's face.
2.5 sec

IV: 00:53:17
HK: 01:55:54

The IV shows less of Cao Cao's soldiers fleeing and already dissolves to the allied troops withdrawing.

3.5 sec
8.5 sec

IV: 00:53:39
HK: 01:57:22

During the envoy's message the IV cuts directly to Cao Cao's fleet, while in the HK you also see the troops setting off.

10 sec

IV: 00:55:16
HK: 01:59:13
When the Red Cliff's allies can be seen on Cao Cao's fleet, the camera pans a little further and you see Lu Su standing next to Zhou Yu.
3.5 sec

IV: 00:55:18
HK: 01:59:18
Subsequently, Lu is shown a little longer in the HK; also, the IV is missing out on a few images during the next scene.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:55:27
HK: 01:59:29
Zhang Fei appears on-screen a little earlier.
0.5 sec

IV: 00:55:47
HK: 01:59:52
Now Zhou Yu is shown earlier.
1 sec

IV: 00:55:50
HK: 01:59:55
Zhu Ge Liang turns his head a little before he answers Zhou's question („What do you think?“).
1.5 sec

IV: 00:55:58
HK: 02:00:05
During Zhu's answer he moves his head a little more.
1.5 sec

IV: 00:56:13
HK: 02:00:22

After the discovery that they don't know anythign about Cao Cao's troops and have to wait for the next attack, the IV shortly shows the princess and Guan. Subsequently you see how Xiao Qiao bandages her husband.

IV: 3 sec

In the HK Zhao Yun asks about Zhou Yu's condition.

Zhao Yun: „How is your arrow wound?“
Zhou Yu: „Fine. It's only a slight wound.“
Zhao Yun: „I owe you this one.“
Zhou Yu: „Take it easy.“

The group turns around and looks down on the troops from the balcony. Euphoric because of the last battle all the soldiers shout ”Victory”.
Lu Su thinks that it is too early to celebrate. Guan replies that this mood is necessary to win in the end.

Lu Su: „They are cheering for victory too early.“
Guan Yu: „With such a good morale, what is there to fear? We need good spirits to win this war.“

Then follows a black screen, followed by a cut to Zhou Yu's rooms. Xiao puts the damaged armor away and sits down next do her husband. A doctor puts pressure on the wound.

Arzt: „Your Honor! This medicine will cure the wound very quickly. Please bear with the pain.“

Xiao holds her husbands hand while the doctor applies the medicine. Zhou shortly grimaces but then directly tries to cheer up his wife with a smile.
The doctor then wants to bandage Zhou but Xiao says that she wants to do this.

Xiao Qiao: „Let me do this.“

Runtime of these scenes HK: 95.5 sec

IV: 00:56:26
HK: 02:02:07

Xiao bandages her husband and twice squeezes the wound with a lot of pressure. Zhou Yu shortly groans.

30.5 sec

IV: 00:57:09
HK: 02:03:23

After the conversation between Xiao and Zhou they in the IV used the scene with Cao Cao and the dancer. He takes a few steps towards her and asks her to turn her face (so that her face looks just like Xiao's picture).
Then they inserted the footage of the bandaging-scene (that was previously cut out). Then the IV cuts to Zhou and Zhu, who look at the enemy camp on the next morning.

IV: 58.5 sec

The HK at first shows the married couple a little longer before cutting to the victory celebration of the alliance.

Zhao Yun: „This toast is for Viceroy Zhou!“
Alle: „To Viceroy Zhou!.“
Shang Xiang: „Me too! For Viceroy Zhou! I hope he can recover soon.“

Liu Bei asks Sun Quan to (in case of victory) get a place to settle with all his people. The southerners are not really amused about this.

Sun Quan: „We joined forces under pressure but were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Our brilliant victory shocked Cao Cao!“
Liu Bei: „Duke, I have a difficult favor to ask for you. One hundred thousand refugees followed us from Xinye City. I have no land on which to settle them. After defeating Cao Cao, I would like you to let me use Jingzhou to settle the people.“
General: „Jingzhou is the heartland of the Yangtze and a most valuable strategic location. How could you?“
Sun Quan: „Only a righteous leader owns his land.“
Liu Bei: „Indeed, a righteous leader may only need a small piece of land.“
General: „The Kingdom is vast, vast enough to shelter all refugees. But I am only afraid that once soldiers settle in, they will never leave.“
Sun Quan: „Those in arms are all our own men.“
Guan Yu: „IV a Lord is righteous, then all the Kingdom's men are his to lead.“

Sun Quan tries to lift the spirits and drinks a toast to everyone. He recognizes Liu Bei's glances at his sister and comes up with the great idea to marry the two of them.

Sun Quan: „Come, let's drink up! Toast!“
Liu Bei: „The princess is a true heroine!“
Sun Quan: „Lord Liu, my younger sister, has always admired great gentlemen. But since she is so fierce, I have always worried about her marriage, as it is difficult to seek a suitable gentleman for her.“
Shang Xiang: „Brother, what are you talking about?“
Sun Quan: „IV the Liu and Sun families become relatives, then it wouldn't matter how we divided the land and men, would it?“
Liu Bei: „The war has just begun. I...have never thought of re-marrying, but...“

Shang Xiang is not really enthusiastic about this and she asks her brother what it is all about. Lu Su and Zhu Ge Liang augur ill when the princess is standing in front of Liu Bei and threatens him. But they can't prevent that Shang Xiang and Liu Bei go to sleep.

Shang Xiang: „Brother, you must be drunk. What do you take me for?“
Sun Quan: „I have found you a fine match. What's wrong with that?“
Shang Xiang: „Fine. Then, I will have a hundred of my armed maids guarding my door, and I dare you to step in...and...“

The princess leaves the hall where she has another argument with her brother (who does not at all understand what he might have done wrong).

Sun Quan: „How rude!“
Shang Xiang: „You have never learned to respect me!“
Sun Quan: „That's strange. What did I do wrong?“

Meanwhile, the generals come to Bei and Guan to release the blocking.

Guan Yu: „Big Brother's acupuncture points are locked.“

Zhu Ge Liang follows the princess and the two of them have a conversation in front of the pigeons. Here you get to know that Shang Xiang plans to sneak in the enemy camp.

Zhu Ge Liang: „Whatever you do, don't kill my pigeons. Their acupuncture points are different from those of men.“
Shang Xiang: „I hope I didn't hurt your Lord.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „He wouldn't blame you, even IV you hurt him.“
Shang Xiang: „Was I outrageously rude?“
Zhu Ge Liang: „I think you are unique. It is the unique ones who are the most misunderstood.“
Shang Xiang: „I hate those arranged marriages. Women are pushed around like chess pieces.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „You are feeding them too much. They won't be able to fly anymore.“
Shang Xiang: „IV only I was like them.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „You want to... fly?“
Shang Xiang: „I have been living in the palace all my life. It is such a bore.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „Your talents exceed those of others, yet you hide them.“
Shang Xiang: „Only you can see them. I used to go hunting with my brother across the shore. Back then, the field was full of people dancing and praying. Now, it has all become dark and mysterious.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „Everything has changed now that Cao Cao has come.“
Shang Xiang: „Before they come here, I will go over there to take a peek and stir up some trouble.“

The scene changes from night to day and Zhu takes a look at the enemy camp. There, Cao Cao looks at the image of Xiao. After the dancer already spent 3 days with him, she finally wants to tell him her name but Cao Cao doesn't react to that.

Cao Cao: „Take care. The weather has turned cold.“
Tänzerin: „I have served the Prime Minister for three days already. Yet, Your Highness still does not know my name. My name is...“
Cao Cao: „Can you serve tea?“
Tänzerin: „I can.“
Cao Cao: „Do so.“

Hua Tuo enters and wants to start with a therapy („Prime Minister, we can start the therapy today.“) but Cao Cao doesn't even recognize him. Cao Hong asks what is wrong. Both watch the dancer preparing Cao Cao's tea. When she serves the tea correctly, you again can see Cao Cao's infatuation for Xiao Qiao.

Cao Cao: „That's the way. Xiao Qiao, I have always admired the way you serve tea.“

Cao Hong is shocked over this sentence („He started this war all because of a woman?“) and the dancer sadly looks at Xiao's picture.

Back in Red Cliff, Zhu tries to dry his pigeons. Zhou Yu arrives there and the two of them talk about Cao Cao's dependence on the generals Cai Mao and Zhang Yun.
Since they in the IV cut out the surrender, they in that version do not play a major role.

Zhou Yu: „What are you doing?“
Zhu Ge Liang: „I just gave them a bath and am drying them off.“
Zhou Yu: „What IV they catch a cold?“
Zhu Ge Liang: „How is your wound?“
Zhou Yu: „It's fine. I heard last night was quite entertaining.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „Last night's celebration made me realize that we may becomes enemies tomorrow.“
Zhou Yu: „When that day comes, you and I will each serve our own sides.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „I cannot stand the thought of a stand-off with you. I hope it never will happen.“
Zhou Yu: „You are a brilliant commander. Fortunately, you are not on Cao Cao's side. Otherwise, you will be a big trouble. You've been looking across the shore for two days now. What do you see?“
Zhu Ge Liang: „I must remain calm. How about you?“
Zhou Yu: „I also need to remain calm.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „Cao Cao has no experience in naval affairs. To cross the river, he must rely on Cai Mao and Zhang Yun.“
Zhou Yu: „They are both Southerners. They know all the rocks and currents in the river. If we can eliminate them, half of the Cao navy will be paralysed.“
Zhu Ge Liang: „That... would be rather dIVficult.“
Zhou Yu: „Cao Cao is aIways very wary of assassins, just as his followers are wary of his deadly temper.“

The IV continues as soon as the conversation switches to the topic of fleet formations.

Runtime of these scenes HK: 11 min. 24.5 sec

IF: 00:59:41
HK: 02:16:25

During the transition to the imperial camp you don't see one of the Cuju players trying to keep the ball up. While he does so, one of the opponents sandbags him.

6 sec

IF: 00:59:52
HK: 02:16:41
The shof of the soldiers walking to the court starts minimally earlier.
1.5 sec

IF: 00:59:54
HK: 02:16:45

Additional soldiers come to the court and delight in the events of the game. The executive staff is excited as well. After one of the teams scored, Cao Cao ends the first part of the HK Version with the following sentence:

„Over all these years we've been on the battlefields, we were never once defeated. But like a game of Cuju, it cannot be exciting when one side always wins! For the battIe of Red Cliff, we are ready. I want to see how those rebels react once we throw out the ball!“

79,5 sec

IF: 00:59:54
HK: 02:18:04

At the end of the movie you get a short preview of the events of the second part; then, the credits roll.

440 sec (Preview: 14 sec/Credits: 426 sec)