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  • VM14
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 22, 2016 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The Green Inferno, Eli Roth's hommage to the cannibal genre, did not have it easy. It took quite some time until the movie was officially released. Even though it was screened on a few festivals, the regular theatrical release was postponed due to issues with the distributor. As a result, the release for home theaters needed to postponed as well. Meanwhile, it has been released on Blu-ray and DVD in several countries resp. it will be within the next few weeks. Naturally, it is or will be uncut.

When released in the US, the movie was labelled "Director's Cut" which caused some confusion. It was assumed to be a longer version but the fact of the matter is that this the Uncut Theatrical Version which was rated R by the MPAA. However, Roth insisted on calling it Director's Cut even though a longer version The Green Inferno does not exist.

Curiously enough, a cut version has been released in Italy. While the Uncut Version is rated VM18 in Italy (not suitable for children under 18), the shorter version is rated VM14 (not suitable for children under 14). This cut version lacks approx. 3 minutes of violent and offensive scenes. A lot of bloody scenes are still in it though.

Compared are the cut Italian VM14 Version and the Uncut Version, both released by Midnight Factory.

There are 18 missing scenes with a total length of182.93 seconds (~ 3:03 minutes).
39:47 Minutes
Close-up of the dead activist.
0.88 sec

43:43 Minutes
Justine looks at the impaled skeleton.
2.64 sec

48:40 Minutes
The village elder cuts out Jonah's eye and shows it to the cheering villagers before he eats it with relish. The second eye follows, then the tongue. The group of activists is terrified, they cannot believe what they just witnessed.
65.64 sec

49:47 Minutes
Jonah's arm gets chopped off.
4.12 sec

49:52 Minutes
The arm is chopped off.
1.32 sec

49:59 Minutes
Now, one of Jonah's legs gets chopped off. The headhunter grabs it and holds it aloft.
5.68 sec

50:11 Minutes
The second leg gets chopped off.
2.16 sec

50:14 Minutes
The headhunter grabs the leg and tosses it on the ground. Jonah twitches.
4.16 sec

50:21 Minutes
Of course, the second arm is presented to the cheering crowd as well.
4.92 sec

50:33 Minutes
Last but not least: The head.
11.56 sec

50:46 Minutes
Justine weeps. The village elder fills a bowl with blood from Jonah's neck stump and drinks it.
15.96 sec

1:07:27 Minutes
Amy cuts her throat.
0.68 sec

1:08:13 Minutes
The entire part that shows Alejandro masturbating is missing. The others are not exactly thrilled about it. Some of the children make sure Alejandro does not get choked to deat by Daniel.
48.56 sec

1:12:59 Minutes
The cannibal takes a bite out of Lars.
1.92 sec

1:13:26 Minutes
Lars becomes the main menu.
5.64 sec

1:13:36 Minuten
Lars gets disembowelled.
0.96 sec

1:13:41 Minutes
The arm gets passed around.
1.68 sec

1:13:44 Minutes
The little girl runs off with the leg.
4.48 sec