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The Last of Us


Scream 6


To Live and Die in L.A

The Popeís Exorcist

Horror Show, The


  • R-Rated
  • BBFC 18
Release: Aug 17, 2009 - Author: Scat - Translator: CREEPER - external link: IMDB
To get an R-Rating, the movie had to be cut in some scenes.
The British BBFC 18- Version is totaly uncut.

The US-Video was compared with the British DVD from Hollywood DVD.
Lucas is hearing some noise and comes back. He is looking back slowly into the room and he is seeing two legs rotating in a meatgrinder. He runs to the machine fastly and turns it off.
16 Sec

Lucas can be seen earlier.
2,5 Sec

Some blood splatters out of an eyehole of the separated head.
0,5 Sec

The Focus of Lucas and his partner with separated arms begins earlier.
2 Sec

Lucas can be seen earlier with an axe in his breast.
0,5 Sec

Close-up from Killer Max. Then Lucas again.
2 Sec

Max is still getting electrified on the chair. Meanwhile one of the "Viewers" can be seen.
2 Sec

The prison director is walking backwards. Max`s face is pumping itself up further.
4 Sec

Max`s veins threaten to burst. His face can be seen again.
3 Sec

More Viewers who get disgusted slowly. Lucas`s bursted face and his left hand can be seen. The fingers are slowly bursting, too.
5 Sec

In a retrospective of the axe scene a short focus got heavily darkened so that you nearly canít see anything in the R-rated version.
- Sec

Lucas remembers himself looking back at the scene, in which he found his partner with severed arms hanging in chains.
In the R-rated Version you get to see the scene instead, in which Lucasís partner is already dead and he is screaming.
- Sec

Max is hitting Lucas`s head against the iron rail one more time.
3 Sec

Max is catching Lucas. And Lucas is catching Max and both are falling down some stairs.
12 Sec

Max gives Lucas an uppercut. Lucas spits blood.
2 Sec

Lucas keeps on shooting on Max. He can be seen with his bloody Shooting holes.
2,5 Sec