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Release: Jun 05, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Unrated VHS by New Horizons and the R-Rated DVD by New Concorde.

Difference: 5 scenes with a total length of 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

Besides the uncensored R-Rated VHS/DVD by New Horizons and Shout Factory (Massacre Collection and Corman's Classics), New Horizons earlier released an Unrated Version of the second sequel of the trashy slasher series on VHS. Though the VHS is unrated, some plot elements are missing in this release. The same label also released an R-Rated VHS that supposedly lacks further nudity and violent scenes but that is unverified.
14 Min
The girls enter the living room.

Jackie: "So put your stuff down. What did you bring?"
Juliette: "I brought vannila ice cream and champaign for the more discriminating palate."
Susie: "I don't know if anyone who wears underwear in public could be called discriminating, Juliette."
Marie: "And I brought brownies with hot fugde sauce."
Jackie: "So, didn't anybody bring anything but desert? Come on in the kitchen, I got a BBQ going."

Jackie and Janine are entering the kitchen with a laugh:

Janine: "What are you making?"
Jackie: "Chocolate cookies. I saved some dough, it's on the counter."
Janine: "Oh, you are a friend."

Juliette enters the kitchen while Janine is being busy with the dough Jackie left for her on the counter.

Juliette: "You should have come to the "???". (Unfortunately, the noise of the kitchen door covers her last word but she must have mentioned a particular event.) It was great."
Juliette wants to know from Janine what exactly she was doing. She notices her eating dough and says: "God, Janine. You are disgusting."
Janine: "Excuse me if I don't beat the shit out of you. Hmm. I think I need more of this."

Now, Marie and Diane enter the kitchen as well.

Diane: "Am I missing something?"
Susie: "Oh, what are you eating?"
Jackie "So, Miss Harlow. Can we expect a call from your latest victim tonight?"
Juliette: "Oh, he'll call."

Cut to three of the girls, they agree.

Jackie: "I'm gonna put these out back. There's no room in the fridge."

While Jackie is leaving the kitchen to take the stuff to the back, there are indistinct chattering noises in the kitchen. Having arrived at the back door, Jackie has slight trouble with the door: "Damn it".
With the door finally being open, she steps outside to the BBQ and pokes the coals. She's still being busy poking when Maria steps outside as well:

Maria: "Hi."
Jackie: "Hi."
Maria: "You need some help?"
Jackie: "No, the coals are almost ready. There is nothing else to do until Sarah gets here with the food."
Maria: "Wow, this place is great. God, I wish my parents would go away for a while."

Both laugh.

Jackie: "I know what you mean. I love it when my parents are gone."
Maria: "Mine hardly ever go away. "
Jackie: "There must be something we can do to take advantage of this before they come home tomorrow."
Maria: "I don't know. You're parents are really nice though, Jackie. I mean, mine are so strict. They expect me to dress like a little girl. I have to change my clothes in the car every time I leave the house."
Jackie laughs.
Maria: "I think you're really lucky."
Jackie: "So, you like your new job?"
Maria: Yeah, it's okay. I like making money with the tips. It feels good and the people are nice.
Jackie: "So, did you meet anybody interesting?"
Maria: "Well, there's a guy that came in last weekend. I saw him looking at me and he started coming back every night. Even the nights I wasn't working. One of the other girls told me. This night, he comes at me and starts talking to me and we're going out tomorrow night."
Jackie: "Well, what's he like?"
Maria: "Well, he's really nice and really handsome. He has dark eyes. Oh God, I just love older men. They're such gentlemen."
Jackie: "Well, how old is he?"
Maria: "Oh, fifty."
Jackie: "Maria. It's cold out here. You think we should still eat out here?"
Maria: "God, no way. It's freezin'. I'm gonna go back in."

While Maria steps back inside, the door bell rings. Jackie calls "Maria" and she responds "I'll get it." Jackie takes a sip. Suddenly, she hears a noise. She starts walking in that direction and asks: "Who's there?". She takes anot her step, then she recognizes her cat: "Oh, puss. You silly puss. You off looking for mice again?" Jackie gives her "puss" some food, then she pets it. Cut to the inside of the house. Jackie steps back in and shuts the door. Then she hears a noise of a cat again: "I thought it was fixed." Cut to an exterior shot of the recently-shut door. The score implies something (or someone) is out there. The camera movement confirms the theory. It implies a shot from the killer's POV, known from several Italian movies (Gialli).
3 min 36 sec

16 Min
Morgan is sitting in his chair, skimming over some documents. Cut. Frank, Michael and Duncan arrive at Jackie's. They remain in the car and discuss about what to do next.
Duncan: "Hey, what do you think you're doing? Hmm?"
Frank: "Listen."
Michael: "Wow. Sounds like the party is in the full throttle."
Duncan: "What did you expect?"
Frank makes a comment about the girls.
Michael: "This is even better than I hoped. We crash it."
Frank: "Damn right."
Duncan: "Hey hey hey. Hold on fellas. I said I would drive by and that's it. Not crash."
Frank: "Come on Frank. You don't expect me to drive all the over here just to turn around and go home."
Duncan: "Yeah. And take it like a man, why don't you?"
Frank: "I'm s stud, not a man."
Michael: "In your wildest dreams."
Frank: "And a stud would never let an opportunity like this passing by."
Michael: "Without making at least an ass of himself."
They all laugh.
Frank: "Yeah, and... ehm... remember who's driving, stud."
Duncan: "Oh Frank. Now you're sinking low."
Michael: "Hey, wow wow wow. I got the perfect solution. We can all get an iphone, they wouldn't even know who we are. Remember Halloween?"
Duncan: "Come on. Gimme the keys"
Frank: "There's no way."
Duncan: "Frank. Gimme the keys. I wanna get into the trunk."
Frank: "I said 'No'. Besides, they're not even in there anymore. All right?
Ducan: "Frank!"
But Frank still doesn't want to.
Duncan: "Michael."
Duncan looks at Michael. Michael signalizes Duncan he's in. Duncan grabs Frank fro mthe backseat and doesn't let go of him. Frank says "Guys, come on. Come on." Having snatched the car keys, Michael and Duncan leap out of the car and go the trunk. They open it. Then Frank again, he's still behind the wheel. Duncan is jerking his chain, Frank responds with a "Yeah. You're a real pro.". A distance shot follows. Michael is also standing next to the car.
Duncan: "Come on, Frank. Do you really think that I'm expecting us to Duncan this party all week?"
A little pause.
Duncan: "All right. You got two choices, you hear me? You come with us or you can stay here and miss all the fun."
Frank: "Fine. I'll stay."
Duncan: "Cool."
Michael: "We'll let you know when we are ready to go."
Michael and Duncan laugh and high-five. Apparently, Frank has finally made up his mind. While getting out of the car, he says "All right, all right, all right. Gimme the keys."
Duncan holds them out but draws back and laughs when Frank makes the attempt to get his keys.
Frank repeats: "Gimme the keys. And I'll take you to the back door because God knows you guys couldn't find a gateway otherwise."
Duncan returns the keys to Frank. On the way to the back door, Frank slightly pushes Duncan (as payback, so to speak).
2 min 11 sec

17 Min
Duncan: "We haven't had a photo opportunity like this since Juliette's sweet sixteenth."
Frank: "Photo opportunity? "
Duncan: "I don't have a camera, all right?
Frank: "But if you find it, we can get some great pictures."
Everyone laughs.
Michael: "Hey, how do you know about this place, Frank?"
Duncan: "He's been here before, dumbass."
Frank: "Yeah, he's been here before, dumbass."
Duncan: "There is more than one stud in this group."
Frank: "Oh yeah? Let me know how the encouragement goes. Obviously, your imagination doesn't need any encouragement, now does it?"
Duncan: "Oh, Frank. You wanna say 'Hi' to your little girlfriend?"
Frank: "Why am I doing this, hmm?"

32 sec

46 Min
Detective Davis: "What's going on?"
Officer O'Reilly: "Ah, the same one stupid kid."
Detective Davis: "Do you ever feel you may be wrong? You know, ignore a call from someone who might really need help?"
Officer O'Reilly: "You wanna answer this fuckin' phone? 'cause I don't need this shit."
Detective Davis: "I didn't mean anything bad, it's just that it occured to me. That's all."
Officer O'Reilly: "You tryin' to ruin my day?"
Dann murmelt Officer O'Reilly noch "Oh shit" vor sich hin.
Detective Davis: "Tell you what I'll do. I'll swing by in about an hour when I get of my shift and that way, neither one if us has to worry about it. Got the address?"
Officer O'Reilly reicht Detective Davis einen Zettel mit der Anschrift.
Detective Davis: "Thanks.
34 sec

51 Min
The entire group is in the living room.
Jackie's friend: "How long has it been?"
Jackie's friend: "Ten minutes at least. The rug looks like shit."
Jackie's friend: "God, I feel like I'm at a concentration camp, waiting for the Gestapo to come in and say you die next."
Jackie's friend: "All the doors and windows are locked. Nobody should be able to get in."
Jackie's friend: "What about through the basement?"
Jackie: "Oh my God, the basement. I forgot there's a window in there. Gimme that poker."
Jackie's friend: "Jackie, you're not going down there."
Jackie tries to whip the poker out of his friend's hand. But he wouldn't let go, so she yells at him.
Frank: " Come on, Jackie. Sit down."
Jackie (screams): "Don't tell me what to do."
Frank: "All right, all right, all right. Let me... let me get a knife and come with you, okay?"
Jackie: "Okay."
17 sec