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  • R-Rated VHS
  • German VHS
Release: May 27, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version by Monarch Home Video and the German Version (FSK 18) by Geiselgasteig.

Most of the cuts in the R-Rated Version concern plot scenes, in the German Version instead two violent scenes are cut.

The running times refer to the cut version. The remaining difference is due to NTSC/PAL.
Running time R-Rated Tape: 1:16:42 (1:15:42 credits excluded)
Running time German Tape: 1:20:36 (1:19:32 credits excluded)

5 Cuts = 3 Min 25 Sec
Attack on the weapon depot:

Parrish runs to the soldier, who got kicked down, hits and breakes his neck and almost kicks the head.
7 sec

Briefing with Thompson:

The R-Rated Version is completely different here:
One flashback follows the other one (Thompson shoots at Parrish; Thompson shoots at the Mayor) after Thompson sat down and the zoom to his face was shown.
In the German Version these flashbacks pop up in different parts of the conversation which is also cut in the R-Rated Version (parts of the dialog are missing).
The General asks Thompson if he was impatient and he agrees. The General also wants to know why he agreed to that assignment and Thompson explains he agreed for personal reasons.
Here the shot at Parrish is missing.
He also mentions he wanted to finish what he had started. The General looks to his consultants, one of them agrees. The General is fine with it, too and asks how familiar he was with mountains in the North. Thompsons replies he was very familiar with the mountains because he accomplished some combat patrol venture there with his unit. The General wants to know if he had had contacts with inhabitants. Thompsons thinks about it and says yes.
The Mayor's death is missing here.
35 sec

Thompson's arrival in South-East Asia:

This scene is much longer:
After Thompson and the Leader of the Vietnamese sat down at the table a short dialog follows.
The Leader asks Thompson why he was so interested in that AWOL. He also lets him know he was aware of the fact that they had been in the same unit. Thompson agrees to that but he denies any personal interest in Parrish. He explains he just wanted to accomplish his mission. Then he asks the Leader why he was asking him all those things and if that was an interrogation. The Leader reminds him they were an alliance. In the meantime the Leader's daughter serves some glasses and whiskey on a tablet. Thompson and the other US soldier smile at her and she smiles back. The Leader says that was his daughter Minh-Lee, the US soldier asks him why she was out there in this goddamn jungle. The Leader explains she was a nurse and she was removed there because he wanted her to move there from Hanoi. He goes on she obeyed his orders there and that was the best way to take care of her because she was his only child. Then he changes the subject and wants to talk about their "work".
They chink glasses.
48 sec

After the attack of the village:

Thompson's conversation with the other US soldiers continues:
The US soldier complaints he was going to do nothing and he wanted to leave asap. Furthermore he says Parrish should be completely ignored and they were done with it. Thompson explains he'd rather know fur sure that he had died. He also mentions he wanted to get a note or sth. from Col. Ming "for a good life in the future" (which he says sarcastically). The US soldier is POed and lies down on his pallet.
22.5 sec

Parrish kidnaps Minh-Lee:

This scene is also longer:
Parrish sneaks close to Minh-Lee and holds her mouth so that she can't scream.
Parrish tells her he wasn't going to harm her if she was quiet. Then he asks if she understood him and if she spoke his language. Then he sits in front of her and Minh-Lee nods. Parrish cocks his gun and tells her to be quiet and to get up. Minh-Lee gets out of the bath tub, Parrish grabs her jacket and throws it over. He tells her to put the clothes on, so she does. Parrish tells her to hurry and gives her the pants, she puts them on. Parrish tells her to hurry again because they had a long distance to pass. He yells at her to put on her shoes and not to fall asleep. He puts his gun away. When Minh-Lee is finally ready he binds her hands and pushes her to the door.
91.5 sec