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  • International Version
  • Australian Version
Release: Jul 04, 2018 - Author: IamAlex - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the international version and the Australian version.

For the international releases, some parts of the movie had been cut out. Additionally, there is some censorship regarding the "f-word", which was taken out of the movie. This was apparently done to get a PG-rating, which can only be obtained if the word "fuck" turns up only once.

Even though more than six minutes were cut out, the Australian version does not come across as too long or boring, making the effort to cut footage out even more pointless. The sequels were not cut for international releases.

Australian version = AV
International version = IV

1 cut in the AV : 12 seconds
18 cuts in the IV : 6 minutes and 3 seconds
1 alternative dialog : no difference
1 scene with alternative audio
1 scene with censored audio in the IV

If not stated differently, all time codes refer to the AV.
AV 00:00:00
IV 00:00:00
The AV does not feature the Paramount logo.

12 Sec

AV 00:01:27
IV 00:01:39
The opening credits are different for both versions. Additionally, the AV includes a short sequence with Wally.



AV 14 Sec lšnger

Wally carries Sue's belongings into the hotel. The final credits are shown during this sequence.

Wally: "As a Matter of Fact, you couldn't have come at a better time, because this is the end of our cattlemuster there's gonna be a top time in the old town tonight. Ahh, I think you found, we're a bunch of pretty friendly people."

27 Sec

Sue and Wally at first stand around at the bar before they sit down at a table. Wally at first talks to Nugget about the City Cowboys (who later become poachers). When he goes back to Sue, the IV continues.

Wally: "Nugget have you seen Mick around here anywhere? "
Nugget: "Now, while he was in here earlier with Douggie Johnson, bought a flacket of red and took off somewhere."
Wally: "Who are the city cowboys over there? "
Nugget: "Big White Hunters by a lot of them. Probably Roo Shooters."

35 Sec

Mick hugs the waitress a little longer. Ida, who tells him to go back to the front, also gets a hug.

5 Sec

Mick, Nugget and Dong leave the pub and say goodbye to each other. They are all drunk. Then follow Wally and Sue who plan to meet again the next day. Wally drives off with Mick and a crocodile on the load bed. Then follows a cut to the outback. Just before the car drives up, the IV continues.

Nugget: "See you Mick."
Mick: "See you Nugget."
Sue: "I'll see you early in the morning then."
Wally: "Yes, well you can't miss this, because ... head on is, is just up the road a piece."
Sue: "Past that old iron shed."
Wally: "No, it's in the iron shed."
Sue: "Good Night, Walter."
Mick: "Good Night, Waaalter."

22 Sec

IV 00:11:54
Hier weichen beide Fassungen in Ton und Dialog ab.
After Mick in both versions answered Sue's questio ("Why crocodile?") with
"Wal's idea. He reckons it makes me more colorful for the tourist business."
, they in the AV continue to talk abozut it. In the IV, however, there is some music and Sue starts talking about Mick's age.

AV: Wally: "He's only being modest, Miss. He once wrestled a real life crocodile, almost tore it's head of.
Sue: "A real conservationist, ha."
Wally: "No, it was a matter of life or death."
Mick: "Yeah it certainly was, Wal bet me for 500 bucks, without any warning he shot me."

IV: Sue: "How old are you?"
Mick: "Dunno. What year is this?"
Sue: "You don't know?"
Wally: "Time doesn't mean much up here. The Aborigines don't have calendars.
Mick: "I was raised by the local tribe. I asked one of the tribal elders when i was born, and he said, in the summertime."

No difference in time.

The shot of the car driving off the screen goes on for a little longer. After that, the AV shows a new scene which now addresses Mick's age while he fills up the gas tank.
However, the conversation is a little different than the one in the IV.

Sue: "How old are you?"
Mick: "Dunno. What year is this?"
Sue: "You don't know?"
Wally: " Time doesn't mean much up here, the Aboriginees don't have calendars. Ahh..., they raised him, ... ahh, they called him 'Minjiruk' whick means, ahhh ..."
Mick: "Bullshit, Wally. Fact is, I was hanging around the relatives a lot as a kid, lost track of birthdays and stuff like that. I reckon I must be a 'bout 40, Walt."

58 Sec

The show of Wally is shown longer.

1 Sec

Mick and Sue walk off a little longer.

3 Sec

The two of them climb up a rock. Sue admires the view. Mick explains the area. After that there is a smooth transition to the next scene, which is also included in the IV - without any transition, of course.

Mike: "Cooee-Wonga. That's the 'Never-never-land', nothing like that were you come from, eh. Rapid River. Down there, that's were the croc got me."

1 Min 28 Sec

In the AV we see the tribe finishing its dance. (In the IV we can hear this from off-screen during a shot of Sue.) In the following shot, Sue is shown earlier.

5 Sec

Wally has his car filled up and in the process talks to the petrol attendant about Mick and Sue in the outback. After that follows another smooth transition to the next scene, which is included in the IV without a transition.

Attendant: "Mrs. fix you up Walt?"
Wally: "Yes she fixed me up, yah."
Attendant: "And, ah ... bloody Mick is stil out there with the American Woman, eh?"
Wally: "Yeah, Mick is still out there."
Attendant: "Half his bloody Luck, eh. Bloody good sorts, I bet the bloody old Mick gettin' real... ."
Wally: "Now we don't need any of this sort of talk, thank you Colin. Mrs. Charlton is a very experienced writer and her articles are gonna put us on the map."
Attendant (laughs): "The map?"
Wally: "Yes, the map, that means overseas press coverage ... . We're gonna have thousands of American tourists here."
The attendant laughs.
Wally: "What, now they haven't got anything like this over there ...
Tankwart: I suppose not ... (laughs)"

50 Sec

Mick goes along the street a little longer and says hello to a few people.

7 Sec


9 Sec

AV 00:55:44
IV 00:49:32
Now we hear Mick in the AV saying "Good Day" again. When the man does not greet back, he says "Strewth". In the
IV we don't hear anything.

No difference in time.

Again we see Mick walking through the crowd a little longer.

24 Sec

In the AV, the pimp's language is a little more harsh.

AV: "Are you gonna talk all night or are you gonna fuck one of them?"

IV: "Are you gonna talk all night or are you gonna screw one of them?"

(It is really noticeable, that the "screw" was dubbed, both from the different sound of the voice and the movement of the mouth.)

No difference in time.

The cocain-sniffer is shown again.

3 Sec

Before Sue, Richard and Mick enter the lounge, the scene starts a little earlier.

2 Sec

The tracking shot of the street begins a little earlier.

6 Sec

Sue waits on the phone a little longer, while her father comes walking down the stairs.

5 Sec

The still image of Sue and Mick is shown a little longer.

4 Sec