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  • German DVD
Release: Dec 17, 2009 - Author: Bravia - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored, British DVD (BBFC PG) by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the uncensored German DVD (FSK 6) by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Runtime of the German DVD: 97:07 Min (with credits)
Runtime of the British DVD: 96:46 Min (with credits)

2 alternate shots

Runtime differences caused by different logos are not listed
In order to achieve the PG-rating by the BBFC the usage of a spray can in combination with fire had to be removed. This concerns a scene in which the brothers Walter and Danny find their older sister Lisa in a frozen condition. In the original version, Walter tries to solve that problem with this combination. The British version uses shorter alternate material where Danny looks at his “frosty” sister a bit longer.
+ 3,76 sec
- 10,20 sec

Original version:British version:

The British viewers do not get to see how the astronaut pours flammable cleanser on the couch and sets it on fire. Again, alternate material was used in the PG-rated version. The kids are seen on the stairs shortly and the astronaut a bit longer while standing next to the burning couch.
+ 6,44 sec
- 28,80 sec

Original version:British version: