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Release: Jul 30, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The calm erotic thriller by Francois Ozon was released theatrically in 2003 and grossed its budget easily. The movie is being carried by down-to-earth, typically English-elegant Charlotte Rampling and young and teasing Ludivine Sagnier. Conveniently, she walks around topless or optionally completely naked in the movie and has sex with several men. Rather nice for the audience who is being held onto the rather thrill-less, slow-going movie by this.

There were two versions released in the US. Aside the uncensored Unrated-version, there was a slightly cut R-rated version released on the market, which, fortunately, was not edited in all the scenes with sexual connection. Only one slightly more explicit oral sex-sequence (which isn't scandalous in its entire length, either) is missing.

The cut R-Rated version has been compared to the uncut Unrated version (both by Universal/Focus Features).

3 cuts = 24.12 seconds
1:11:50: The R-rated version only hints at how Julie pleasures Franck orally at the edge of the pool.
9,32 Sec.

The sideways view of the loveplay was also shortened.
4,8 Sec.

The third scene, in which the camera ascends across Julie and Franck during the oral play was not left unchanged in the R-rated version, but even completely removed instead.
10 Sec.