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Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection (The Big Boss / Fist of Fury / Way of the Dragon / Game of Death / Game of Death II)

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Game Of Death 2

original title: Si wang ta


  • HK Version
  • International Version
Release: Apr 03, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the HK Version (HKV), DVD released by Hong Kong Legends, and the International Version (IV), DVD released by Fortune Star.

The International Version's approx. 9 min. longer than the HK Version. Two different versions exist of the probably best Bruce Lee rip-off (except GOD1) called Game Of Death 2: the HK Version (Theatrical Version) and the International Version. The only missing scenes in the HKV are some flashbacks, but unfortenately the greenhouse fight is one of them. That makes the HKV kind of useless, but then again the IVL is dubbed in English which is a big disadvantage of this version.

00:00 min - 00:19 min

HKL: Media Asia logo

IVL: Golden Harvest logo

Running time: HKL 11 sec longer.

00:37 min - 00:41 min

Different GOD2 logo in each version.

Running time: no difference.

05:14 min - 09:23 min

Additional shot of Bruce Lee in the IV, shot of Koo's maniac laughter in the HKV (2 sec). Only the IV shows the fight in the greenhouse with the Korean, who threatened Bruce's family, as a flashback. This scenes is followed by a short discussion between Bruce and Koo, which makes them recognize that sth. dreadful will happen.

Running time: IV 247 sec longer.

15:27 min - 17:46 min

A further flashback in the IV. Instead, the HKV continues with the footage from "Enter The Dragon".

The abbot tells about Bruce at age of 6 and at age of 15. Some re-enacted scenes are shown in the meanwhile.

Running time: IV 139 sec longer.

37:15 min - 38:27 min

After Bruce Lee's (aka Billy Lo's) death, the IV shows footage of Bruce Lee's real funeral and the funeral scenes from GOD1.

Running time: IVL 72 sec longer.

63:24 min

When Billy Lo becomes aware of Lewis' true killer, the flashback in the HKV is presented in black images, in the IV in red and brown.

Running time: no difference

83:40 min - 34:51 min

Again the red brown flashbacks in the IV instead of pale colors in the HKV.

Running time: no difference

93:50 min - ending

The IV contains credits, the HKV only a "The End" logo and some images of the sudios.

Running time: IV 93 sec longer.

The International Version's 540 sec (9 min) longer than the Hong Kong Version.