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Killing Birds

original title: Killing Birds - Uccelli Assassini


  • Italian TV Version
  • Export Version
Release: Jun 08, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut export version and the Italian TV broadcast. Both versions are taken from the German DVD from X-Rared.

Interestingly, the TV version was shortened in only two scenes, all the other cuts feature alternative footage. The TV version also has different colors, at times it seem like a blue filter has been used on the images.

Running time of the export version: 91:50 Min.
Running time of the Italian TV version: 87:29 Min.

The export version runs in NTSC speed and is therefore technically longer.
Top: Italian TV version, Bottom: export version

Except for the cuts in the 73th minute, the images of the export versions can always be found on the left side and those of the TV version on the right side.

00:04 min.
The title overlay in the Italian version is different. Below "Killing Birds", there is also the word "Raptors" in red letters.
No difference in time

03:37 min.
The slit throat of the man in the bed (8 sec) is missing and was replaced by two shots of birds.
No difference in time

03:59 min.
The woman next to the murdered man strokes his chest, the slit throat is visible (9 sec). This scene also was replaced by shots of birds.
No difference in time

05:52 min.
The cutting of the woman's throat was changed. Her face can be seen longer before he approaches her with the knife - cut. Usually, we see the face shorter but then the whole cutting and how the woman falls down sideways afterwards. Both versions are three seconds long.
No difference in time

06:36 min.
A shot of the man with the knife in his head is missing (1 sec). Once more this was replaced by a shot of birds.
No difference in time

06:38 min.
Instead of the man with the knife in the head one can see a leg of the killer here. (1 sec)
No difference in time

07:02 Min.
The slitting of the woman's throat was replaced by a shot of the forest. (2 sec)
0 Dif.

The TV version lacks the shot of the bird grabbing the killer's eye and shows a close-up of the bird's leg instead (0,5 sec.).
No difference in time

08:05 min.
Again, this time we see a shot of two birds instead (1 sec.).
No difference in time

08:06 min.
The third of the three similar scenes was also removed and replaced by a blurred view of the birds (1 sec.).
No difference in time

30:28 min.
The corpse can be seen longer, the cut version shows a view of the forest again. (1 sec.)
No difference in time

44:10 min.
Here, the three different zoom factors of the woman nailed to the wall with the slit throat are missing. SHe opens her eyes, looks to the man and smiles (10 sec.). This scene was replaced by two alternating views of a bird and the blind man.
No difference in time

44:21 min.
The two shots of the stakes through the arms were replaced by a shot of the bird. (2 Sec.).
No difference in time

44:25 min.
THe hanged woman can be seen shortly , the rest is hidden by a zoom to the tree top. (1 sec.).
No difference in time

50:32 min.
THe end of the cutting of the throat when there is blood dripping down the neck has, as almost always, been replaced by a shot of a bird. (2 sec.).
No difference in time

54:16 min.
After the woman's head was beaten against the wall once, the rest of the beating was replaced by the blind man.
No difference in time

54:19 min.
The head is being pulled back again and is being beaten against the wall twice more.(2 sec) The replacement is once more the blind man.
No difference in time

54:22 min.
THe blood-smeared head is being smashed against the wall last time (4 sec.). Viewers of the TV version only see an exterior shot of the porch and yet another shot of the blind man.
No difference in time

60:07 min.
The policeman is running burning outside. Upstairs in the house the three waiting hear something and look outside. There, they see the policeman. (18 sec.). The TV version shows the house from outside at first and then several shots of the blind man with his tape recorder (the policeman can still be heard screaming, though).
No difference in time

67:18 min.
The export version shows the neck of the woman slowly being torn apart, in the TV version it merely moves without tearing. (1 sec.).
No difference in time

67:20 min.
A shot of the accelerator pedal has been inserted as substitue for the continued tearing of the woman's neck. (2 sec.).
No difference in time

Ditto, but this tima a shot of the driver has been used (1 sec.).
No difference in time

67:30 min.
The woman's neck is tearing further - but not in the TV version, where the neck is only moving again. (1 sec.).
No difference in time

67:33 min.
Te zombie pulls his hand back - the woman is dead. (1 sec.). This was replaced by a shot of the woman being pulled down by her head.
No difference in time

73:25 min.
A part of the view in which Rob is pulled into the generator is missing.
This is the first real cut in the movie!
2 sec.

73:27 min.
Rob is beind pulled into the generator in another shot.
3 sec.

73:29 min.
Another shot from a different angle, then a close-up of the machine. Rob is being dragged further into the generator while his colleague is watching helplessly. Afterwards there is a close-up of the chain damaging his neck. Rob tries to grab the machine and loses two finger doing so. The chain cuts deeper into his neck in a close-up.
31 sec.

79:45 min.
The end of the scene in which the man is being grabbed by the head/neck and being pulled upwards by a zombie was replaced by a close-up of the woman. (2 sec.).
No difference in time

79:48 min.
The zombie tears a part of the neck out, blood splatters (1 sec.). The TV versio only shows the man being dragged upwards again.
No difference in time

79:51 min.
The zombie drags him further upwards, the same replacement as in the last cut was used. (1 sec.)
No difference in time

79:54 min.
Ditto. (1 sec.)
No difference in time

79:59 min.
And once more (2 sec.). The man is already halfway through the hole.
No difference in time