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Release: Jun 28, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German Blu-ray released by MGM and the UK-DVD also released by MGM.

On their ride back from a cattle drive, a group of cowboys gets drunk in the city of Bannock. During a senseless shootout, an old man gets killed by a ricochet without the cowboys even noticing. A few days later, Marshal Jared Maddox appears in the city of Sabbath in order to imprison the cowboys. They, however, are being protected by landowner Vincent Bronson who leads the town. He is emotionally moved by the incident and suggests that he could give Maddox some money as a compensation. The Marshal refuses and simply wants to bring the cowboys to justice. In the meantime, Maddoxs runs into his former love-interest Laura who seeks to pretect her husband who was involved in the shooting. Maddoxs again does not change his mind and the situation gets more and more intense.

"Lawman" is a great western movie with Burt Lancaster playing the lead who puts justice ahead of everything else and thus provokes the incoming catastrophy. The movie makes the audience reflect on guilt and punishment and provokes the question, whether or not the rules always have to be followed. The movie shows that there is no clear line between good and evil. The old man's death happened by accident and it is Maddoxs who - reluctantly - puts up with the perpetrator's death. When Maddox finally starts to rethink, it is already too late and the man's death brings consequences.

There are two different cuts of "Lawman". The most famous is probably the US version that was already released on Blu-ray in numerous countries. There is a sex scene involving Maddox and Laura, during which the bedsheets constantly cover her breasts. On the UK DVD by MGM, this sequence uses alternative scenes. When Maddox and Laura kiss as well as when they are in bed and Laura puts on her nightgown, we see different footage. It is noticeable, that Laura's breasts are not covered here. Unfortunately, however, the UK-DVD lacks a scene where a horse falls to the ground due to the BBFC's restrictions.

The UK-DVD does not Addams falling from his horse after Maddox shot him.

US Blu-ray: 4 sec.


When Maddox and Laura share an intimate moment, the UK DVD uses alternative footage. When the two of them are lying in bed, the UK version shows Laura's breasts. In the US Version, she is constantly covered by the bedsheets. The dialog is similar.


US Blu-ray: 2:22 min.
UK DVD: 2:32 min.