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Violence Jack - Evil Town

original title: Violence Jack bangaihen: Harlem bomber hen


  • BBFC 18
  • Italian DVD
Release: Oct 02, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Violence Jack is a pretty rough end time themed anime that is full of sex and violence. The story about a loner who gets in between 3 parties who are at enmity does have some potential, but it is squandered with all the sex and violence. Yet still, the movie can be entertaining to some extent.

This is a comparison of the BBFC 18 version released on VHS as well as DVD by Manga Video and the uncut (but not uncensored - as usual for Japan, all the genitalia are pixelated) Italian DVD.

Not only sex scenes but also heavily violent scenes fell victim to the censors. Even though the BBFC version is heavily cut, it still includes some rough sequences.

Run time:

Italian DVD: 55:17 min (without credits)
BBFC 18: 51:49 min (without credits)

18 scenes were shortened. All in all, 3:28 minutes of footage were taken out.

There are more explicit scenes of the rape.

5 sec.


When Kawamori rips Aila's (=sector C's leader) shirt, her breasts can be seen in a close up shot.

1 sec.


Kawamori touches Aila's breasts and fumbles her.

5 sec.


The pistol is shown in Aila's mouth a little longer.

1 sec.


Kawamori performs oral sex on Aila.

6 sec.


They can be seen having sexual intercourse. Aila is deflowered --> blood runs down her leg.

9 sec.


Another woman is raped by three men. Then you see a real orgy. The scenes are pretty explicit.

16 sec.


A child is decapitated during the raid. The woman also kills some other kids.

26 sec.


When Saulus' girlfriend is choked, she pees her pants.

1 sec.


Jack finds a battered woman and wonders what kind of a beast would be able to do such a terrible thing.

24 sec.


A woman is raped by two men. After that there are some more explicit rape scenes.

35 sec.


Aila is raped. You can see how the man inserts his penis.

4 sec.


Saulus' girlfriend rapes Aila - among other things she licks her breasts and touches her private parts. The scenes are pretty explicit.

21 sec.


Some more detailed lesbian sex scenes.

6 sec.


Saulus' girlfiend's decapitation is slightly shortened.

2 sec.


Jack slaughters two rapists.

5 sec.


The dissected corpse can be seen again, as well as the blood-smeared woman. Jack pulls the red-haired woman (who also killed some children) towards him and rips her apart.

20 sec.


There are some more detailed scenes of Saulus eating his girlfriend (litterally, not in a sexual way!).

21 sec.