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  • US DVD
  • Australian DVD
Release: May 12, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US DVD by Image and the uncut Australian DVD by Avenue One.

Initially, producer George Weiss wanted to make a movie based on the Christine Jorgensen story, which was exploited heavily by the media then, but director Ed Wood transformed it to a semiautobiographical movie about transvestites. Glen loves wearing women's clothes and turns to Glenda when he does so, but his fiance Barbara does not know it yet.
The first "big" movie by Ed Wood and the only one he didn't produce himself is pretty special. Bela Lugosi as a narrator warning of green dragons, Ed Wood wearing dresses, surreal dream sequences and the massive use of stock footage make the movie a unique experience.

The censorship is a bit strange. Several times the word "sex" has been removed, but not just the audio. The scenes were cut completely, leading to jumps in the movie. Additionally, there are some dialog and plot cuts.
Image had the movie remastered again for their new release. It's possible that a cut TV version or something similar was used for this.
Every version based on the Image DVD is cut, this should also affect the US tapes by Rhino. The Australian DVD contains two longer film tears, which will be included here, too.

Both versions probably use the same material as a basis. During the pretitle there is an "25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL" overlay. On the Image DVD this overlay has been blurred. The DVD by Image is sharper than the one by Avenue One, on the other hand there are more stains in it.

Picture comparison:


Australian DVD:

Running times:

US DVD: 68:24 min (NTSC)
Aus. DVD: 70:42 min (PAL)

Both versions are running with the same speed.

The US DVD shows Lugosi a bit earlier.

3 Sek.


Dr Alton adds "I don't think so."

1 sec


Glen can be seen opening the wardrobe earlier.

4 sec


When Barbara gives glen the newspaper, the sentence "A man had his sex changed to a woman." is missing.

3 sec


A sentence by Barbara is missing.

Barbara: "I suppose so, but to change one’s sex."

3 sec


A scene in which a man is standing at a streetlight and smokes a cigarette is missing. Another man enters the scene and asks for a light. Then he pushes him away. The narrator says that some homosexuals use women's clothing and make-up to flirt with other men. This did not, however, apply to transvestites.

Then we see Glenda standing at a street light. A man approaches her to give her a light, but Glenda refuses him. The narrator explains that transvestites were not interested in the same sex.

43 sec


When the two workers talk, part of a sentence is missing:

"Say did you read about that guy, that had his sex changed to a girl."

The US DVD lacks "that had his sex"

1 sec


A bit later there is the sentence:

"Suppose there has been no way to change his sex."

"His sex" was removed here.

1 sec


Again a bit later on of the workers asks:

"Do you realise what would happen if every man in the country that wanted to wear womens cloth and felt like a woman went to their doctors and wanted a sex change?"

The end is missing: "a sex change?"

1 sec


During the storm we hear a female voice.

"Wake up, so long Joe. Until tomorrow."

6 sec


At the beginning of the dream sequence Glen and Barbara are walking around in a sort of trance, they hug and kiss each other. But suddenly, Glen disappears and Barbara is left alone confused.

1:07 min


Lugosi can be seen a bit earlier, then the whole room a bit earler.

4 sec


One can see Glenda tearing Barbara's shirt apart.

13 sec


The policeman asks whether Glen had homosexual tendencies, but Dr. Alton denies that.

6 sec


Dr. Alton says: "Continuing my own psychiatric treatment it is my duty now to explain to Ann the duty of a woman in her sex life."

The last two words are missing in the cut release.

3 sec