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Blu-ray/DVD Ultimate Collector's Edition

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Needful Things

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  • Extended Cut
  • Alternate Cut
Release: Mar 23, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
After Warner already released an Extended Cut of Ben Affleck's second directing, based on the novel 'Princes of Thieves' written by Chuck Hogan, the release of the Ultimate Collector's Edition should satisfy the fans one more time.
In addition to the Extended Cut, the Collector's Edition also contains a cut with an alternate ending.

Running time:
Extended Cut: 144:19 min. NTSC (plus end credits)
Alternate Cut: 147:11 min. NTSC (plus end credits)

Difference: 2 minutes and 52 seconds
Alternate Ending:
On the way to his car, Doug is being surprised by Alex Colazzo, the guy he and James Coughlin sandbagged in his own apartment. Alex still suffers from his injuries inflicted by Doug and James. Encouraged by his friends, Alex shoots Doug several times. Doug goes down and dies while the clouds in the sky are passing by in fast motion.

2 min and 24 sec

Alex: "Looking for your car?"
Doug: "What's going on, fellas?"
Alex: "Where's your boy at?"
Doug: "He ain't here."
Alex: "Let's see that bag."
Doug: "If Fergie promised you a bunch of money to dump me you'll have to take that up with him."
Alex: "Where's the shit at, man?"
Doug: "It's gone. The money's gone, man. Look, look I got 10 grand, all right? Take this, I just wanna get in my car and you'll never see ma face again."
Alex: "No, fuck that. You should have thought about that shit before you ran in my crib."
1st guy: "Do it, man. Fuck him."
2nd guy: "Fuck him up."
Doug: "Just take it easy, all right?"
Alex: "Where's your hockey mask now, motherfucker?"
Doug: "How's your leg ...

Removed Scene (Alternate Cut):
The Extended Cut shows Doug in a train, thinking some things through.

- 9 sec

Alternate Ending:
The reports about the lethal assault of Doug have been added. Subsequently, a shot sad Claire looking out of the window and another shot Krista finding a sports bag full of money in her apartment.

39 sec

Reporter: "Three, two, and one. A shooting in Charlestown today leaves one man dead, the victim Douglas MacRay, an alleged suspect in that brazen Fenway Park robbery. Now, unconfirmed reports are that this was the result of a dispute over the spoils of that robbery."

Removed Scene (Alternative Cut):
Doug enjoys the sunset in his new home.

- 2 sec