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Release: Dec 21, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
I was anxious to see the third movie by Judd Apatow, whose first two comedy movies - The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up - were both very funny and successfull at the billboard charts. The exact plot of Funny People remained secret for a long time, only the cast of Apatow's regular actors Seth Rogen and Apatow's wife Leslie Mann complemented by an old friend of his, Adam Sandler, and the setting in the comical business were known to the public.

The end product is a more than two and a half hours long movie that somewhere in the middle loses it's path and becomes a relationship-thing. Two and a half hours are a lot of time, too, because there really isn't that much to tell in this movie.

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc with both the Theatrical Version (R-Rated for language and crude sexual humor throughout, and some sexuality) and an approx. 8 min. longer Unrated Version. The latter isn't really necessary though, because the new material consists mostly of more of the anyway rather boring stand-up scenes. The few redundant story scenes do not add anything of significant importance to the character. Anybody who thought the Theatrical Version was lengthy already surely doesn't need the additional 8 minutes.

Both versions have been taken from the DVD by Universal.

13 differences in total
2 extended scenes with alternative material
4 additional scenes
7 extended scenes

The Unrated Version is 484,72 sec. longer that the movie shown in the movies.
Extended scene including alternative material
KF/UR: 0:07:05: The dialogue between Chuck and Ira (after Chuck says Ira isn't funny) is different and longer in the Unrated Version.

Theatrical Version:
Chuck: "I mean, you look funny but you're not funny, man. That shit is sad!"

Ira: "I think I'm funny, I got new jokes, man, and they're good!"
Chuck: "Let me hear one of your new jokes."
Ira: "Okay, I got one like: 'I'm really good at Guitar Hero, you know, on PlayStation? And I was so good at it, I thought, maybe I should get a guitar and then I thought like, I'm really good at Grand Theft Auto, maybe I should start beating up hookers.'"
Chuck: "Okay, I gotta admit, that was humorous."
Ira: "I thought you'd like that!"
19,4 sec.

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Extended scene
KF: 0:10:01
UR: 0:10:17
: Ira and Leo discuss an idea for a joke.

Ira: "You know, so, like I have this joke about how like, you never see like a very attractive, blonde, big-breasted homeless woman, you know, like, like someone will take care of that person no matter what, that woman is gonna be fine."
Leo: "Alright, so here's the joke: You can be attractive and stupid and make it in the world. And you can be unattractive and smart and make it in the world. But it's the ugly dumb people who are really screwed cause they're ignorant and an eyesore."
Ira: "That's funny, man."
Leo: "That's pretty funny. I think that'll work."
29,04 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:15:26: The scene in the waiting room continues: A magician with a dove in his pocket talks to pocket about not taking too long because his dove might die in his pocket.

Magier: "Hey, did he just tell you you're going on next?"
Ira: "Yeah, I'm on next."
Magier: "Okay, well, I'm on after you and if you go long this is going to die in my pocket."
Ira laughs quietly.
Magier: "That wasn't a joke. I'm not a comic. Okay, when you get the light that means one minute."
Ira: "Okay."
19,88 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:16:57: Georges stand-up takes longer.
George: "You people are so unamusing you have to pay another person to come and amuse you. What do you do at home? Just sit, fucking antsy, all day long, 'When are we gonna get to that amusement place? Amuse me.' You should be thanking me for those movies. 'Oh! Finally, a movie. Let's watch it together.' That's the beauty of movies, by the way. You go in there and you don't have to talk to each other. And it's fun. You could stare at the screen. And, 'Maybe we don't hate each other 'cause we both like this movie. We are connecting on that. Hey, we're still together. All these years later, we still love each other, right? During the movie, yes. When the movie's over: You fucking bitch. Why am I still with you? We have nothing in common. Something's missing.'"
59,12 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:30:16: Ditto.

George: "I hate the new generation of coolness out there.You just never get any information out of people you talk to, the youngsters.
'Hey, what are you doing?'
- 'Just chilling.'
All right, I know you're chilling.
'What are you doing tonight?'
- 'Things.'
I like dumb people, you know. They like to talk to you.
'Hey, what's going on?'
- 'I like lollypops.'
- 'My favorite color is butterscotch.'
41,52 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 0:31:00: And again.

George: "Yeah, I don't like ... I don't like blowjobs very much. I don't like ... A lot of guys like the blowjobs, I don't love them. I never know what to do with my hands. You know? I'm always like ... You can either go hands on the hips or the salute is fun."
25,2 sec.

Extended scene including alternative material
KF: 0:30:01
UR: 0:32:45
: There's a difference after George asks Ira whether he would like to have fun with the two ladies in the background,

Theatrical Version: Ira says that he would like to. Cut to the next scene.
Ira: "Yeah, sure, I mean I'd love to bang them."

Unrated: The musician from just before joins them and after a bit of small talk an assistant arranges the "company" for George and Ira.
George: "Hey, the JT."
JT: "George."
George: "That was the best. You killed them."
JT: "Ira."
Ira: "Hello. Yes, Mr. Taylor. Yes, hello."
George: "You wanna fuck these two girls?"
JT: "I filled my quota in 1982, I believe."
George: "All right, I'll have to figure this shit out."
Assistent: "I know those girls."
George: "You do?"
Assistent: "Do you want to meet those girls?"
George: "Will you fucking settle down? Yeah, talk to them. Be gentle. You're twitching like a fucking madman. That guy in porno?"
Ira: "No."
George: "No?"
Ira: "I would know."
34,44 sec.

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Additional scene
Unrated: 0:44:07: Ira seems to be in Georges garage with a lot of cars. One of George's employees accompanies him.

Ira: "So, which, specifically, of the cars belong to George Simmons?"
Typ: "Which one?"
Ira: "Yeah."
Typ: "All of them."
Ira: "All of them?"
Typ: "Yeah."
Ira: "Well ... How would I go about selling?"
Typ: "Selling them?"
Ira: "Yeah."
Typ: "Well, I don't know about selling them but I can make a few disappear. You know what I'm saying?"
Ira: "I don't want to do that."
Typ: "I don't want to do that, either. Just kidding."
41,48 sec.

Additional scene
Unrated: 0:50:34: An additional standup by Ira.

Ira: "I miss the dry hump as a concept in my life. It just doesn't ... I miss the dry hump 'cause you don't need a big dick to be a good dry humper. You just need a big thigh, that's all you need. Be able to get your thigh in there real good. I can thigh the hell out of a girl. Sexually, I'm completely terrible, but I could do this all day."

Afterwards another stand-up by George.
George: "I'm very rich, by the way. I know that makes you feel good about your life. I got so much. 'You have so much. Why not me?' I have people stop me on the streets sometimes, just go,
'You have so much!'
- 'Yes, yes.'
'Why not me?'
Like, 'I don't know.'
'Why you? I came out here to do what you do.'
- 'Well, you're not doing it.'
'No, I'm not! Fuck you! I want all your money and all your whores.'
63,88 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 1:15:12: Leo und Ira unterhalten sich noch kurz.
Leo: "Can I sit next to George at dinner?"
Ira: "Sit wherever the hell you want to sit, man, why?"
Leo: "I feel like if I can just make George crack up once, it'll do huge things for me, like ..."
Ira: "What, you wrote jokes for Thanksgiving?"
Leo: "I didn't write jokes. I just wrote down my funniest anecdotes and punched them up here and there."
21,52 sec.

Additional scene
Unrated: 1:24:21: Ira and Ray Romano (known for his part in Everybody Loves Raymond) talk a bit. Ray is concerned about Georges sickness and if it is infective.
Ray: "How did he ... Like, how did he know he had it?"
Ira: "He was saying ... He said that he was, like, dizzy and tired and he went to the doctor, and then he just got ... It was in his blood work."
Ray: "That sucks 'cause I get dizzy and tired."
Ira: "Really?"
Ray: "Anybody ... Anybody gets sick, I think I'm going to get it. Now, is it contagious? It's not contagious?"
Ira: "No."
Ray: "Can you get it, like ..."
Ira: "I hope not. I don't think so. I've been around him a lot. I feel ... I feel ..."
Ray: "I hope not, too, because when you were talking, a little bit of your spit hit my lip, so ..."
Ira: "It did?"
Ray: "Yeah. Not that you got it, but he spits on your lip, you spit on mine, next thing you know I'm dead and my wife's fucking George Lopez."
42,16 sec.

Additional scene
Unrated: 1:30:11: And again there is more stand-up comedy to be seen. Sarah Silverman, who only appears in a small dialogue scene in the Theatrical Version, appears on stage.
Sarah: "I was invited to a ... Or I was able to go to a fundraiser for Barack Obama when he was running for president. And you could walk right up to him and I did. And I prepared a smart question and I was like, 'Senator Obama, when you were a student in Boston, did you encounter any racism?' And he said something really, really interesting. He said ... He said, 'I'm Kanye West.'"
42,56 sec.

Extended scene
Unrated: 1:35:32: One of George's stand-up was extended again.
George: "So, yeah, I'm fucking famous and rich, and it's crazy. It's ... You know why? 'Cause I hate rich people. Fucking I'm rich and I hate rich people. I hate everything I fucking do now. I go to Hawaii, I'm like, 'You fucking snotty cocksucker, going to Hawaii.' Buy a new car, 'La-di-da, look who's got a new car.' You know, I thought about giving all my money, just giving it away, but then I was like, 'What a rich-guy thing to do. Mr. Charitable.'"
44,52 sec.