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Pokémon Diamond


EU Version
Rating: 0
Region: Europe

Japanese Version
Rating: CERO A
Region: Japan

Release: Sep 20, 2013 - Author: Jim - Translator: Mr Miau
One would think that the Pokemon series is an unlikely candidate for any censoring because it is made especially for children. And despite some previous rumours about parallels to satanism or racism, there had never been any censoring involved. Until Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. In this version, one of the pokémons was altered a little.
In every following release, the altered sprite was used worldwide, which is why one can only speak of censoring in these two games.
Pokémon: Registeel
The sprite for Registeel was changed. In the original, he lifted his arm in a way that some people obviously saw as dangerously close to a Nazi salute although it was the left arm instead of the right one.

Original SpriteAltered Sprite