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Release: Apr 03, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the cut German DVD by MCP and the uncut US DVD by Anchor Bay. For the initial video release the movie had been cut by around 15 minutes of storyline. The uncut version was released the first time in the year 2001 by Anchor Bay on DVD.

As already said, (almost) only storyline has been cut. None of these removed scenes is really necessary to follow the plot, nevertheless they "upgrade" it by giving a much more deep insight into the prisoners' lifes. Some optically beautiful scenes like J.C.'s walk through the train station have been cut as well.

Running time of the cut version: 104:32 Min (PAL)
Running time of the uncut version: 123:14 Min. (NTSC)

14 cuts = 863 sec. / 13`56 min. (NTSC)
The missing logos aren't included in these figures.
00:00 min.
The Thorn Emi logo is missing.
9 sec.

07:04 min.
Paco's mother longer shakes her head when Paco leaves.

O`Brien sits in his room and plays the guitar while listening to some music. His mother is standing in front of his door and asks him to turn the volume down. He provocatively turns it up instead and his mother leaves disappointed.

Paco and his gang are going down a street. His dad, who is sitting in a bar, sees them and goes outside to catch him. A short argument (in their mother tongue) about him doing nothing and not getting a job follows. Paco answers that his dad doesn't have a job as well, his dad talks back by saying that he was looking for a job every day. Paco finishes the conversation with the words "Look. I donīt wanna have a job, I wanna business." and goes away.
73 sec.

19:54 min.
The sign can be seen a bit longer after the prisoner transport has stopped.

The gate to juvenile hall slowly closes while the transport is driving on in the background.

O`Brien is getting off the transport. He is chained.

O'Brien and another prisoner sit in a recreation room holding their laundry. Daniels opens the door and asks the two to come get into his office. They comply.
64 sec.

32:38 min.
The black prisoner who had been imprisoned together with Mick is lying on his bed and reads a book. Vicking and Warren stand at the door. Vicking is pretending to kiss Warren, who says "Very sweet." Then the two go away and the black guy goes on with his reading.

The prisoners are out jogginh. During this, O'Brien talks with the black guy who says that he knows they will get him. From behind Vicking and Warren are approaching and push the black guy aside. Vicking flips O'Brien off.

A car stops in front of a supermarket and honks twice. J.C. (O'Briens girlsfriend) opens the door and shouts that she would be ready in a minute.
7 sec.

49:12 Min.
The camera pan after O'Brien enters his room is a little longer.

Some of the prisoners are in Herrera's lesson. He asks one of them to read from the blackboard (The dominant primal dial beast was strong in Bach, and under the fierce conditions of trail life it grew and grew. Yet it was a secret growth. His newborn cunning gave him.), but the "student" only stutters. Herrera notices is being made fun of and asks Vicking to read the text. Again he only hears the stuttering. Then the same stuff again with O'Brien and Johnson. After no one read it out loud there is an angry speech of Herrera. At the end he takes out comics and distributes them so the prisoners can read them. While does this Horowitz is mocking Vicking by saying that he won't be able to do that.
132 sec.

Some more frames of Herrera and his colleague going down a corridor.

J.C. is standing at a trainstation when a train passes him. Cut into the train. A black guy is going down the corridor, holding a ghetto blaster. J.C. is sitting at the window and looks outside. At the end of the train three men are sitting and watching J.C.

29 sec.

51:31 min.
Stupid Cut. J.C. descends the stairs in the train station and passes a cleaner on the way outside.
42 sec.

56:44 min.
O`Brien passes Herrea and stops at the door. He turns around, looks at Herrera and then leaves the room.

J.C. has to identify the criminal. Every one of the five suspects turns around and has to say his name, address and age. The third one is Paco. J.C. instantly recognizes him and says that it was him. Probably out of legal reasons the detective continues with the other suspects.
87 sec.

59:06 min.
O`Brien takes his protection glasses off and continues to saw.

Warren is being released. Carrying a cardboard box, he passes several barriers on the way to frredom. Outside a red Billie with some friends is waiting, he gets on it and drives away. When the car drives away he flips his former coprisoners off (they are jogging outside). They are happy and stand both waving and shouting at the fece. Eventually they continue the jogging and the car drives on, honking.
74 sec.

73:36 min.
A longer shot of Paco gazing after O'Brien.

O`Brien reads out loud who has to do which work. As expected, Paco is getting the "best" work, the toilet. Paco is angry, goes down the stair to O'Brien and and spits out in front of him. Mick is staying completely calm and continues the reading. Lopez receives the order to clean the room and to start right now with the spit. Paco seems to be disappointed. The reading goes on.
58 sec.

79:25 min.
Two shots of Paco exercising and O'Brien smoking a cigarette. Out of the off we hear the boss of the prison saying that he will do everything to have Paco moved to another prison and that one has to watch these two.

Some prisoners watch a movie (Kiss of Death), among them Mick and Horowitz. Vicking and Paco sit in the last row. Vicking provokes Horowitz by throwing small balls at him and calling him "Lipchitz" (or something similar). He turns around and says his name was Horowitz. Now Paco also calls him Lipchitz and insults him. Horowitz turns around again and insults back. After Paco says "What you wanna do?", O'Brien also turns around. Paco provokes him, too, so there is a brawl, but Horowitz can hold O'Brien back. Both go away while Paco continues to insult them. When Paco looks at his side he sees Herrera watching him. Both he and VIcking sit down again and continue to watch "Kiss of Death". When in the movie a woman in a wheelchair is thrown down a staircase every starts to clap.
116 sec.

79:51 min.
When Horowitz turns the light off the long version shows a black screen for two seconds whereas we can see it only for a few frames in the original release.
2 sec.

80:27 min.
Paco walks through the cell block with the cigarettes dealer. The dealer tells him that he would give him half his profits when he could beat Mick. Paco says he will think about it and goes up a staircase. The dealer stops near O'Brien's cell and sees him standing at his cell door. O`Brien goes into the room and closes the door. Horowitz is repairing a radio and asks O'Brien to hold a screw for him. Afterwards O'Brien sits down and smokes a cigarette. Horowitz is testing something. The wire on the circuit board starts glowing and strains after a few seconds. Of course he isn't exactly delighted by this and starts swearing. When O'Brien asks him what he was doing there he answers "What the fuck? Shitting you?".
80 sec.

96:53 min.
After the tussle on the floor a shot is missing.
2 sec.

100:53 min.
A short part of the ending credits in which two names for the "Kiss of Death" scene can be seen is missing.
7 sec.

104:32 min.
The long version additionally shows the logos of Paramount and the authoring company.
11 sec.